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Welcome to our little piece of the WWW.
Here you can follow our trips around Australia,
view our many photos and send us a comment via our Facebook site.

Each year's sojourn was to visit our boys and their families on the Gold Coast, which we have done yearly since 2008. We spent most of our time at Broadwater Tourist Park, so we visited our grandkids frequently. That will change.

Update Jan 2018: it has changed, we have sold our family house of 40 years and bought an Apartment in Labrador, Qld. This will allow us to watch our Grandkids grow up and be close to our 2 'little' boys and their families.
Even though our 2 boys are over 30, they are always my 'little' boys.

All of our Adventures.
1. List of ALL of our Adventures.
2. Our 2011 lap of Oz with all details.

3. Frosty's Fossicking Frolics.

Our Fossicking Adventures.
1. Frosty's Fossicking Frolics.

Our Family Adventures.

1. Our new Apartment as at 13th Feb 2018.
2. A pictorial of Mum's life.
3. Our first Grandson - Mase.
4. Mum and Dad's house burnt down - 9th Aug 2014.
5. Jodi and Lukey's wedding - 6th April 2014.

Our 2017 Adventures.
1. Living at Lukey and Jo's home.
2. Some highlights of living at Lukeys.
3. Our 2017 trip Summary.
4. 2017 Trip Weather details.

Our 2016 Adventures.
1. Our 2016 trip Summary.
2. 2016 Trip Weather details.
3. Bevin and Laurel's beautiful Harley Trike.
4. Tassie Boat damaged - 13th Jan 2016.

Our 2015 Adventures.
1. Our 2015 trip Summary.
2. 2015 Trip Weather details.
3. 2015. My S.S. Dicky page.
4. 2015 Gold Coast Xcat Power boats.
5. 2015 Bullrush Rally.
6. 2015 Qld Corvettes.

My cycling Section.

I rode 10,122kms in 2015. A record for me.
I plan to ride whenever I can.

My cycling adventures.

Snakes, I have met while riding.

Year Kms Cycled. Kms Cycled since 1999.
2018 - 1st to 17th January. 180 87,712
2018 - Year to Date. 180 87,712
2017 - Full Year. 3,832 87,532
2016 - Full Year. 5,159 83,700
2015 - Full Year. 10,122 78,541

Georges wanted to make my front page. Can you pick out the smartarse.
There is always one in every group.
I think this is my best photo of George and his mates.


If you have any questions regarding this website,
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