Frosty Senior and Junior's sailing adventures.
This section is mostly a pictorial of our sailing days.

My dad (Keith) started sailing in the late 50s at the Black Rock Yacht Club (BRYC), and I used to go and watch dad sail. Eventually, in the early 60s, I started sailing the club training yachts which were International Cadets.

In 1968 at age 16, Charlie Robinson (forwardhand) aka Chic, Michael O'Reilly (mainhand) aka Horace and I (fearless skipper) bought Dad's Sharpie V97 and while Dad bought a new one V123, that was the start of my Sharpie adventures which continued to about 1982.

Below I have found some of our sailing photos and posted them for all to see and something that I can look back on and relive some magic memories of our lives.

It is unreal how Facebook allows me to re-establish our yachting friendships.
I created these webpages because it replaces the old photo albums,
and is a lot easier to view instead of hunting for the albums.

Dad is coming to visit us in August 2019. While he is here, I will ask him about his earlier sailing history, so I can include it in here.
So stay tuned.