1969 Easter spent at Paynesville, Gippsland Lakes.

Where to start. We were 16............

The Gippsland Lakes YC held a regatta each Easter and it was magic.

I went to the Easter regattas for a number of years.

Some memories were:
  • Wildman (Greg Chisholm) met Michelle and Windows (Peter Dore) met Jelly Beans during the 1971 Easter regatta. Confirmed by Windows.
  • I remember sailing Richo's moth and the moth boys sailed our Sharpie in one race.
  • Windows 'talking to' Bad Barry (Bennett) about a car deal during a picnic at Sperm Whale Head.
  • One of the highlights was racing around Raymond Island each Easter. It provided a change from sailing around the 'sticks'.
  • Back to 1969 Easter.
    Mum, Dad, Leeann and I towed our Sharpie to Paynesville. Chic and Horace got a lift there. The 3 of us camped in the Foreshore camping area, while Mum and Dad and Leeann stayed in a motel.
    Looking at those photos, ohh to be young and innocent, again.
    Check out the tent, it was my Pappy's. Notice the Icicle Regatta poster advertising the race on Sunday 15th June 1969. We used Dad's sails V123 as they were in better condition that our V97.

    I think that during these Easter regattas, we met a lot of the Moths boys: Windows, Wildman, Dorro, Whitey, Richo etc.

    Me, Leeann, Horace and Chic.
    Top tent.

    Setting up camp.

    Setting up camp.

    1970 Easter setting up camp.

    taken from the YC.

    The other Sharpie is Bad Barry.

    Off the wind finish. Taking it easy.

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