1960/61 - Aussie Titles - Hobart.

Omega V4 - Jimmy Kinder, Rolly Newman and Dad.

Update (27th July 2019): Just spoke to Dad on the phone. He said that during the 1950s and 60s being a house builder and rather successful at that, he used to drink at the Beaumaris Hotel with his subcontractors. One of his drinking mates was Keith MacDonald who was building the first Lightweight Sharpie in Victoria, hence why he got V1. He said "Frosty, you have a few pounds, why don't you buy a new Lightweight Sharpie to help start the new class". say, the rest is history. Dad ordered one from Ron and Stan. Dad also said that the hull was very heavy, it weighed in around the 240lbs mark, when the minimum was around 180lbs.

When I see Dad in August 2019, I hope to get some info from him for this championship.

This is Dad's first Lightweight Sharpie V4 Omega. It was built by Ron Allatt and Stan LeNepheu (who formed the company Ronstan) in their factory in Advantage Rd, Highett.

(Today - 19th July 2019 - Noel Sutcliffe from BRYC texted me to say that Ron Allatt passed away this morning). RIP Ron.

Dad finished 9th in the championships.

In our backyard at 8 Anita St, Beaumaris
Dad's setup photos - taken in 1960. Notice no sail number.. yet.
I just Googled (19th July 2019) the address and the house and shed are still there.

Dad's setup photos - taken in 1960.
In front of the carport.

Dad's setup photos - taken in 1960.
In front of the carport.

Now Dad is at the 1960/61 - Aussie Titles - Hobart.

I think Dad was behind this guy.

Heavyweights and Lightweights starting together.
Can't remember who V9 was. Anyone??

Rolly Left.

Notice, how their crap is everywhere.

Rolly (2nd left) and Jimmy (right).

Jimmy and Rolly
That white Ford Falcon is their rental.
A bit different to Rolly's Porsche 930 Turbo, years later.

Heavyweights on their STRONG trollies.

John Cuneo's 1st Lightweight Q8 - Daring 11.

John Cuneo's 1st Lightweight Q8 - Daring 11.



Starboard... Dad.

Rolly the jib... Bugger.

Jimmy bail...

The social side at the 1960/61 - Aussie Titles - Hobart.

Some of the spectators.

Rest Day - Boat trip.

Rest Day - Boat trip.
Rolly and Jimmy at the stern.

Rest Day - Boat trip.
Dad wearing sunnies.

Rest Day - Boat trip.

Rest Day - Boat trip.
Since when do Sharpie sailors do ads for Corn Flakes.

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