1959 - Dad's Heavyweight Sharpie - Patience V79.

Patience V79 - Jimmy Kinder, John Jenkins and Dad.

Below is what Noel Sutcliffe from Black Rock Yacht Club wrote about Dad and his heavyweight days.

In 1959 Keith made a decision after a few drinks (lots) at the Beaumaris Hotel that was to impact on his life for nearly four decades. At the ripe old age of 29 he decided to buy a yacht, a Heavyweight Sharpie, which he purchased from local yachtsman Keith McDonald. While it probably appeared a good idea at the time, he had just acquired a yacht and had no idea how to sail. While he may have started off knowing very little about sailing it wasn't going to be long before that changed.

In 1959 the Heavyweight Sharpies at Black Rock were dominated by Impala, sailed by Porky Newman. In most club races in that season the crew of Impala were in the clubhouse having a beer by the time Frosty finished the race. Frosty and his crew provided entertainment for all by frequently capsizing coming past the Cerberus into the harbour. For his efforts, his first sailing trophy was the 'Submarine Trophy'.

Frosty only sailed the Heavyweight for one season as it was the time of transition to Lightweight Sharpies.

Just an aside: Keith MacDonald built the first Victorian Lightweight Sharpie and consequently had the sail number V 1.

Dad 60 years ago, looks young.
I thought that the traillers would be stronger looking bearing in mind that the Heavyweight weighs over 500lbs.

Dad and Jimmy.

Typical Sharpie sailors. Beer in hand.
Dad, Jimmy and John.

Starting box at Black Rock YC
Remember we used real guns. Things have changed.

Start at BRYC.

And they are racing.

Towards the wrong end of the field.

Not sure where this is.

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