1972/73- Aussie Titles - Middle Harbour YC, Sydney.

Omega V138 - Allan Williams, Rolly Newman and Dad.
Good Ship Venus V139 - Russell Rushby, Michael O'Reilly and me.

This brings back memories.

My crew was Russell Rushby (forwardhand) and Michael O'Reilly (Horace) mainhand.

Russell Rushby and I packed the boat and it was towed by my Torana GTR (photo with Reido's Purple XU-1). When ready to leave Russ and I drove around to Dorro's unit in Black Rock for a pre drive to Sydney get together. Dorro did a house swap with one of his sailor mates in Sydney. His mate stayed in Dorro's unit and we stayed at "Shorty' McKay's (memory??) house in Cremorne. I can remember Russ slept on the floor near the stereo and every morning, we would play Caryl Simon - You're so vain LP. I think Russ grew to hate that LP. I don't know why.

My Torana was stolen from out the front of our house and found in Redfern, which isn't the greatest suburb. The thieves took the 4 wheels, put a dint in the left front guard. So I got off easy. As it had no wheels when found, we used the wheels from our yacht trailer. Through Barry Bennett's car dealer contacts we bought 4 new wheels. After the championships finished, Dad's crew Willo towed our boat back to Melbourne just in case I had any unseen dramas, which I didn't. Thank God.

The sailing was good as it turned out it was to be Dad's last championships and he went out with a bang.

Mark Peelgrane won his 3rd consecutive title with 5 wins out of 7 heats and Dad won the other 2 heats and finished 2nd overall, while I won the Junior title.

I can't remember much more, probably because I wasn't pissed enough.

19th January 1973 issue of Australian Sea Spray Weekly newspaper.

Before being stolen with Reido's XU-1.

My Torana was found and towed back to our house.
I was checking it while Dorro and his dog Sheba looked on.
Notice the Dorro sticker on the front guard.

Dad blazing across Dobroyd Head with a flattie.

Another shot with a flattie.
Notice the Dorro sticker on the bow.

Dad being covered by Mark.

Good Ship Venus - We are serious sometimes.

A Southerly buster - that is Jimmy Sly in the drink.

Not always serious, well me anyway.

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