1964/65 - Aussie Titles - Glenelg Yacht Club, Adelaide.

Omega V50 - Allan Williams, Rolly Newman and Dad.

Can't remember much..... I was only 12 and a spectator and Dad's #1 supporter.

Mum, Dad, Leeann and I towed the Sharpie to Adelaide and we stayed in a motel.

I had 2 memories of these championships.
  • We drove and towed our yacht from Melbourne to Adelaide and back. When Mum relieved Dad and drove a part of the way towing the boat, I can remember looking over her shoulder at the speedo.
    101MPH NOT this wimpy kph. She didn't realise how fast she was going.
  • During the Largs Bay invitation race, a front came through and annihilated the fleet. Dad with Rolly and Willo on board were lost for a while. Race control couldn't find them, consequently, Mum was worried. Eventually, they were washed ashore all safe and well near New Haven Beach but the yacht was unsailable, SO Donny Shields and I got in Dad's Jag and with trailer connected we sped along the beach and rescued them. A Jaguar mk2 makes a good beach buggy.

  • Check out the fashions. I used to wear a suit to the Yacht Club. Yeah right!!

    John Cuneo (middle) and his crew.
    John Shaw of John Shaw Boat Building and Wallace Bishop of Wallace Bishop Jewellery fame.
    The lady has been identified as John Shaw's wife (Jan) - John and Jan are Cameron Shaw's parents who is on our Sharpie forums.

    Cruncher V60 - John Bertrand.
    That looks like Geoff Augustine behind the centreplate.
    The old Glenelg YC.

    The Yacht Club is no longer located there. It has moved up the creek.

    All aboard, ready to head back to Melbourne.
    That's mum and I am in the back seat.
    Notice: the 2 wooden masts on Dad's boat.
    This was the car that Donny and I drove along the beach at Largs Bay.
    Your typical 4WD.
    I think that is Lex Bertrand beside us.

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