1978/79 - Aussie Titles - Middle Harbour YC, Sydney.

Willieverwin? V138 - Russell Rushby, John Higgins and me.

Marg and I stayed at Marg's Aunty Claire's house in Northbridge. Aunty Claire was visiting rels in Melbourne. Staying with us was my forwardhand Russell Rushby & Michelle and my mainhand John Higgins and his girlfriend (I can't remember her name), also dad arrived sometime during the championships as a spectator. The titles were sailed out of Middle Harbour YC. It was 40+years ago and my memory has lost a few details of this trip.

I do remember that we traded my XB GT Coupe in on a brand new 1978 Toyota Corona wagon and towing our Sharpie to Sydney, we definitely missed the power going up the hills.

A highlight of the titles was getting the photos below. A very nice one under spinnaker and 'absolutely creaming' Wildo (Greg Chisholm V143) at the start of race 7. I am sure that I 'lee bowed' him. A picture never lies.

Crew was Russell Rushby and John Higgins.

A brilliant start. Beating Wildo (V143).

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