1961/62 - Aussie Titles - Black Rock YC, Melbourne.

Omega II V50 - Jimmy Kinder, Rolly Newman and Dad.

BRYC taken from the Starting/Finishing box.
V37 - Checkers - Pierre (Dicky) Laugier.

Blue boat Jimmy and Rolly.

V8 Futura George White.

V8 Futura George White and V50 Dad.

Dad on the right, Jimmy front left, Rolly front right.

Dad V50.

Dad V50.

Lewd end start.

Dad V50 off like a bullet.

The start.

V40 Crusader Ron (Sport) McCrindle
V50 Omega 11 Dad, V33 Donna Barry Bennett
V8 Futura George White.
from memory.

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