Summary of this trip:

  • Left home on 20th May 2012 and arrived home on 2nd October 2012.
  • We were on the road for 136 days in total.
  • Towed the fiver 7,375 kms and drove another 5,308 kms sightseeing, making a total of 12,683 kms.
  • Used 1,334 litres of diesel and averaged 18.08 litres per 100 kms when towing the fiver.
  • Used 531 litres of diesel and averaged 10 litres per 100 kms when NOT towing the fiver.
  • The price of diesel varied from a low of $1.429 per litre in Dicky Beach to a high of $1.846 at Belyando Crossing, Qld.
  • The total cost for diesel was $2,919.02 at an average price of $1.55 per litre.

  • Stayed in Caravan Parks: 136 nights.
  • Free camped: zero, zilch.
  • Total cost was $4,368.95 at an average of $32.12 per night.
  • Cheapest CP (in price) was $22.50 per night at Hillston,NSW and Richmond,Qld.
  • Dearest CP was $39.87 per night at Dicky Beach, Qld.

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    2.Finley 3.Hillston 4.Cobar 5.Bourke 6.Lightning Ridge 7.StGeorge 8.Mitchell 9.Tambo 10.Winton 11.Cloncurry 12.Richmond 13.Hughenden 14.Charters Towers 15.Townsville 16.Clermont 17.Sapphire 18.Rockhampton 19.Bundaberg 20.Dicky Beach 21.Broadwater 22.Casino 23.Glen Innes 24.Moree 25.Peak Hill 26.Shepparton