This map covers our trip from
Home to Sapphire to Gold Coast to Home
26th June to 25th September 2010.

Staying at the highlighted towns.
Total distance travelled towing our fiver: 5,575 kms.

Photo highlights of our 2010 trip.
Gem Fossicking (Glen Innes, Inverell, Sapphire)

Lunch at Jerilderie.

Narrandera CP - We woke to this.

Coming into Grong Grong.

Leighton's Peak Hill.

Nice Sunset.

Our Satellite TV Dish.

Lunch at Narrabri.

Us at Gwydir CP, Moree.

Steam from the Thermal Pools.

Our fossicking area about 30kms from Glen Innes.

Marg at work.

Our fauna crossing a bridge.

Boundary Falls.

Fossicking at Tingha Sands.

Not our biggest.

Nice legs.
Our water tank came loose.

Hard at work.

Move over. Road Hog!!

Us at Moura CP.

Heading from Moura to Springsure.

Marg the fossil or it is the fossicker.

One of the many, treacherous river crossings. But we made it.

Birdman of Sapphire.

Rainbow Lorikeets galore!

Our coffee cost $1,000 but you got a free sapphire ring.

Fantasy Island: Da Plane! Da Plane!

Blue skies smilin' at me, nothin' but blue skies do I see.

This is what we are after. A Sapphire.

In one of the tunnels.

Air Vent.

Sunday Market Day in Sapphire.

Farewell to Sapphire.

Us at Southside Holiday Village, Rockhampton.

7.5m wideload coming towards us.

coming closer.

Gee, that's big. Not the biggest that we have seen.

Marg is happy again. She does like her Bundy.

A happy camper.

Good Ship Whalesong.

1st Whale we spotted.

This whale splashed us.

A whale.

A whale.

Wave surfing.

Arriving at Wanggoolba Creek, Fraser Island.

Crystal clear streams.

Ghost gums.

Purest breed of dingo in Oz.

The happy couple at Happy Valley.

Marg standing in the middle of the road.

At the Whale watching Centre, Hervey Bay.

At Hervey Bay park.

The Urangan Pier.

Site 325, Fraser Lodge Holiday Park, Hervey Bay.

Eumundi Markets.


He's braver than me but only just.

A tad bigger than our Cyril.

Mother and Son (A good name for a TV show).

A sleeping Koala. How rare is that?

Lizards everywhere.

Ahh. That's better. Nice shirt.

Site 40 - Dicky Beach CP.

Luke coming to see us.

A magic day.

Just a magic day.

Nice waves.

Sun rays. well, not really.

The Broadwater Dredge.

Mum and Dad osprey.

The Osprey.

Surfers in this morning's sunlight taken during my ride.

Australia Fair from the bikepath.

Sights that I see while cycling - An Awesome '64 Vette. It sounded absolutely magic. A BIG V8 Rumble.

Today's weather, it did fine up and then clouded over later.

Life returns to normal, after 2 days of wind and rain.

That bike certainly gets around.

He is bloody mad... but also very good.

A rough, but beautiful day at the seaway.

The Bombora.

A bit of spray.

Rough and Tumble.

A tranquil view of the Southport YC.

Momma Osprey or is it Daddy?

A nice small set.

The surfers are out in force.

Give me a gentle breeze.

Small surf with an offshore breeze.

Marg and her Black Chariot.

Seaworld in the background.

Soldier crabs by the hundreds.

Georges and Ian.

George and Marg.

Yes. It does rain in Paradise.

Just a little.

Fish, fish.... I am sick of fish. Did baby osprey throw it out of the nest or...Did Momma or Dadda Osprey just drop it?

Hukuna Matata - A large Catamaran moored in the inlet.

The weather is back to normal in Paradise.

The surfers are back. Did they ever leave?

View towards Marina Mirage.

View towards Main Beach.

George just about to take off, so close, yet so far.

1971 LT1 Vette convertible.

1969 Vette modified.

1969 Vette modified.

1970 Vette and others.

1969 Vette interior.

1969 Vette rear.

1969 Vette Blue convertible.

1964 Vette, I saw this one last weekend.

1964 Vette Cost US$90k plus spent another $20k on it.

The sights that I see while riding.

The rain is coming.

The rain is coming.

George and his mates.

My name is George and so is my brothers.

Yellowfin tuna.


The Police's new Chariot.

Tiny is on the left.

Marg out the front of the Gift shop. Sorry it's blurry.

Another great day.

Jet skis galore.

Tiny on guard duty.

The Good Ship Seaworld.



A common view.

2 whales.

The Gold Coast.

View from Mount Tamborine.

View from Mount Tamborine.

View from Mount Tamborine.


You can charter this for US$165k per week.

Another view of Perseus.

Waiting at the Paradise Jet Boating.

Fashion trendsetters. maybe not!

Our family (me,Marg,Jay,Bec,Luke and Jodi)

The parasailor.

Ian being a smart arse.

Going nowhere.

Q1 - that's where we were later in the morning.

Q1 - bloody high.

My rounding beacon on the seaway.

Fassifern Rest Area.

Lunch at BP Goondiwindi.

Lunch at Gilgandra.