This map covers our trip from
Home to Darwin to Daintree to Home
7th April to 27th August 2009.

Staying at the highlighted towns.
Total distance travelled towing our fiver: 13,194 kms.

Photo highlights of our 2009 trip.

Ready to leave.

Oz Parks - Narrandera CP.

West Wyalong Rest Area in town.

Pat, Cec and me. Cec is 90+.

At Peak Hill CP with Pat and Cheryl.
Our Feast... Yumma.

The King has eaten. I love my Uggies at Peak Hill CP.

At Dubbo Zoo with pat and Cheryl - The adventure starts.

Cheryl, Marg and me.

Let me out.

Nice looking Elk.

Where are we? Cobar - great bank!!

Our site at Cobar CP.

On the way to Broken Hill.

Where are we?

We have made it.

Broken Hill Mine.

Main street of Silverton - watch out for the cars.

Mundi Mundi lookout - 5kms North of Silverton.

The wild life.

Only 145kms to go.

Giant Red Gum (I seen bigger).

Flinders Ranges - Beautiful scenery.

More beautiful scenery.

Our Port Augusta camp.

Just North of Port Augusta.

Lake Gardiner.

Glendambo welcomes you. ( and they didn't lie about the flies.)

Glendambo CP.

Glendambo Pub.

Marg in heaven.

Coming into Coober Pedy.

Welcome sign.

Our Coober Pedy camp at Stuart Range Caravan Park.

Coober Pedy Golf Club - 1st hole green.

One of many mine shafts.

Magnificent coloured hills.

The 5,300kms long Dog Fence.

The Oonnadatta Track.

In the Old Timer's Mine.

Cadney Homestead.

Marla CP.

Here we come.

The horse.

SA/NT Border.

75kms to go.


In the Erldunda Roadhouse Tavern.

Our camp at Erldunda.

273kms to go.

Can you believe this?

This is where QANTAS made their ad with the choir on the cliff edge.

Kings Canyon.

Mac Donnell ranges in the background.

Our van in the middle of the photo.

Kings Canyon - Our helicopter - Marg and the girl who came with us.

Only 136kms to go.

Is this Ayres Rock? Nope, Mt Connor.

A nice tree at Curtain Springs.

Curtin Springs signs.

Curtin Springs - $63.50 for a slab of VB.

Marg and the Rock.

Me and the Rock.

The Rock.

Marg is on her way up.

Not far to go.

Bloody 'flat' camera batteries.

On our way down.

A big wave.

Bye, bye Rock.

The Olgas from the west.

This is what turned Marg on.

The Olgas.

Marg's drawing.

1992 Cannonball Run Memorial.

Stuart Wells - The home of Dinky - The singing Dingo.

At Alice Springs - our Neighbour's Fiver (Alan and Robyn).

Todd Mall on Saturday - nearly empty.

What a difference a day makes. Sunday Market in the Mall.

The Gap - Alice Springs.

Anzac Hill - Alice Springs.

Our camp. - MacDonnell Range CP

This is where we are going.

Marg entering the Standley Chasm.

John Flynn's Grave.

School of the air - Alice Springs.


Kenworth - Hall of Fame.

Alice Springs Reptile Centre.

Marg isn't showing any fear.

I am.

Our camel safari.

Lawrence of Alice and his trusty sidekick 'Poncho'.

The Ghan at Alice Springs Station.

Here it comes. My waiting is over.

There it is.

And it's over. Bye, bye....

This is where we are off too.

Our camp - Gemtree CP.

Garnet fossicking tour is about to start.

Gemtree - Nice T shirt, where did she get it!

Gemtree - Good Moon setting.

Another awful sunrise.

Gemtree - Marg is checking for zircon.

Marg still in action.

Where are we?

Ti Tree CP.

The long and straight road.

Look, who I met at Wycliffe Well, I don't think he is an alien or is he?

One of the many painted walls, they do look good.

Welcome to Devil's Marbles.

More marbles.

More marbles.

Banka Banka entry.

Banka Banka - Soft green lawn.

Daly Waters Pub - We met ICEBERG, the guy lives fulltime on the road.

Daly Waters Pub.

Daly Waters Pub.

Our camp at Katherine Big4 Low level CP.

Darwin - A resting Croc.

One mean dude.

Crocs galore.

Alligator River - Marg waiting to see the jumping crocs.

Hannibal approaches. He is big.

A big leap over 2.5m out of the water.

Alligator River - a nice river for a swim. I think NOT!

How close.

Darwin - Home of the B52.


After it landed in Darwin.

Darwin's wharf.

Tourist part of the wharf.

Our Customs Boats.

WW11 Oil Storage Tunnels.

These tunnels are large.

See how big they are.

Mindil Beach Markets - The start of the market stalls.

People everywhere.

There is even entertainment.

Cyril the croc.

Yellow River cruise - Picture perfect.

Yellow River cruise - Dancing Brolgas.

Yellow River cruise - A Great Egret.

Yellow River cruise - I'm waiting for you.

Yellow River cruise - Magic views.

Yellow River cruise - Magic views.

Batchelor Resort Caravillage.

Entering Litchfield NP.

This termite mound is called "The Cathedral".

Buley Rockhole and a lady in red.

These signs are everywhere.

View from Tolmer Falls' lookout.

Wangi Falls.

Daly Waters Hi-way inn CP.

creating fire breaks.

On our way to Banka Banka.

Us at Banka Banka.

Are we there yet?

Barkly Homestead - We didn't expect an Army escort.

Barkly Homestead.

NT/Qld border.

Are those clouds? I don't believe it.

Camooweal - Fill her up!

Mt Isa - Copper City CP - our camp.

A wide load.

Marg the fossicker.

Keith, Lucy, Marg and me at Terry Smith's Lookout.

Nice bull.

Lunch - 70kms south of Normanton.

Gulflander at Normanton Station.

Tracks are a little wavy.

Fire, fire All off. Nah, just a photo shoot.

Normanton - The Purple Pub at night.

The Purple Pub in daylight.

Looking towards the mouth of the Norman river at Kurumba.

My dinner - one mean prawn cocktail.

Croydon CP.

Gilbert River Bridge.

Fording the O'Briens creek.

O'Briens Topaz fossicking area.

Me - the champion topaz digger.

View on the way back to Mt Surprise.

Beautiful mum and calf.

2 bulls fighting.

Our Topaz.

Marg has trouble leaving any Pub.

Innot Hot Springs - The just right spa (37-39c).

Innot Hot Springs CP.

Marg at the Hot Springs Hotel.

Parking in Ravenshoe - behind the main street.

Wonga Beach is down there somewhere.

Waiting for the cane train crossing Mossman's main street.

Wonga Beach CP beach.

Mossman markets - Gemstones.

Crocs of the Daintree river.

Daintree River ferry.

Daintree river in all its beauty.

Marg on the beach at Cafe on Sea.

Me at Cape Trib beach - can't swim because of the Crocs.

Cyril's rels have been here - Wonga Beach.

The mighty Navara in the rainforest.

Good bye Pinnacles CP.

Roadworks between Mossman and Cairns.

Life is tough, just ask Marg.

Sunrise at Cardwell.

Sunlander at Home Hill.

Red Ford Bucket - Car Show and Shine on the Strand.

Memories - I had a XB GT Coupe in a previous life.

Cobra replica - Beautiful.

I checked out the V8 Townsville track.

Start/Finish - Boundary St.

Flinders St, Townsville.

View of the Strand.

That's Castle Hill.

Marg at Castle Hill.

Wideload - Caterpillar 789C.

Wideload - Caterpillar 789C.

Wideload - Caterpillar 789C.

Sapphire hunting at Armfest - Marg in full flight.

The Brag board, we are on it.

The camp's pesky Rainbow Lorikeets.

Blue Gem CP, Sapphire - Our camp.

Sunday Sapphire Markets - Marg at our polishers stall.

Who's a pretty boy?

Marg looking for sapphires.

Our fellow sapphire hunters.

Bingo in Sapphire.

Springsure - The 'big' Labradorite hunter.

Springsure - Marg is looking for Labradorite.

Springsure - Marg is looking for Opalised Wood.

The Opalised Wood area.

Bundaberg - Our camp at Glenlodge Caravan Village.

Dicky Beach - Our Camp - nice bike.

Dicky Beach - A view from the main street.

Dicky Beach - SS Dicky.

Dicky Beach - Looking south towards Caloundra.

Dicky Beach - A beautiful beach.

Dicky Beach - USS Essex after leaving Brisbane.

Dicky Beach - Marg on the rocks.

Broadwater Tourist Park - George and his mates.

Broadwater Tourist Park - A battle of wits.

Southport Yacht Club.

Fisherman's Wharf tavern.

Typical canal view.

Runaway Bay Marina entrance.

Broadwater Tourist Park - Our camp.

George flying in to see me. Nice one George.

Broadwater Tourist Park - George flys away.

Gold Coast Seaway - My Mighty Treadley.

The rest of the prawning fleet are coming home.

the boys arriving at Seaway Koisk (end of Spit Rd)

Damo, Jason and Lukey.

Our last day - packing up at Southport. Beautiful weather.

Lunch stop at Inglewood Rest Area.

Peak Hill CP - Leighton hung out the Full House sign.