Before Friday 1st April 2011 - Packing the fiver.

Our fiver usually lives on our front lawn, see photo below. On our last trip, one of the straps holding the fresh water tank broke and also the 'flange' on the black water tank developed a small crack, but big enough for the liquid to drip onto the ground. Not a good look. So Phil fixed the fresh water tank and replaced the black water tank with a new one. While the van was at Phil's, I also got the bearings and brakes serviced. This was all completed and I picked up our van on Tuesday (yesterday) and thoroughly cleaned it inside, well Marg did anyway.

The only addition that I have added to the van since our last trip was the new Digital Satellite system (VAST). I bought the STB from Phil at SatPlus Edithvale about a month ago. I emailed the warranty to UEC and yesterday connected the STB as instructed by Phil and then I activated the STB via the website. By the time that I walked from inside the house to the van, I was activated. Now, that's quick service.

Yesterday and over the next couple of days, Marg and I have been and will be slowly packing the fiver.

Tuesday 29th March

I picked up the van from Phil and pumped up all the tyres above their towing pressure, so I can let then down to their correct towing pressure on Friday. The Evacool Fridge/Freezer is full of frozen food and is working as a full freezer.

Wednesday 30th March

All external gear (chairs, flippers and snorkels for Ningaloo Reef, and the normal gear we need were packed into the van. The tote tank, ladder, sat dish, swag were packed in the tray of the mighty Navara. All our clothes are hanging in the van, Marg has stocked the pantry with food and our cans of food were stored in their cupboard. The fresh water tank is now chockers.

Thursday 31st March

Today was busy, Mum and Dad came around this morning and we said our goodbyes. Dad better behave himself this time.

The mighty Navara is filled to the brim with diesel, I will lower the tyres in the morning to my normal towing pressures 45psi rear and 40psi front.. Tom the TomTom and Harry Hema are attached to the windscreen ready to tell us where we are. Tom will tell me where we are and Harry will record our trip and also let Marg see the speed, Lat and Long while using OziExplorer.
We will sleep in the fiver tonight, just to check that everything is working correctly, then tomorrow morning (Friday), I only have to load my bike and check tyres and wheel nuts and put away the water hose and power cord as usual. We will give the house a quick clean, before Bel arrives to housesit.

Our excitement has reached fever pitch and we want to leave.

Then we are off heading West to the warmth.

We plan to do overnighters at the following places:
  • Friday - Swan Hill Riverside CP - 7 to 23 sunny.
  • Saturday - Morgan,SA - 10 to 23 fine.
  • Sunday - Port Augusta - 11 to 24 fine.
  • Monday - Ceduna - 12 to 24 fine.

This is home base.

And we are a GOER. YIPPEE....