This map covers our trip from
Home to Gold Coast, Townsville, Quilpie,
Sunshine Coast, Southport to home.
16th March to 25th September 2014.

Staying at the highlighted towns.
Total distance travelled towing our fiver: 8,253kms.

Photo highlights of our 2014 trip.

Maccas at Wallan for Brekky.

The 'child bride' at Wunghnu.

Marg reading her iPad.

Lakeside CP, Finley - site 34 and others.

The mighty Navara amongst the BIG Boys.

Nice Trike.

'Bugger all' traffic.

Lunch time.

Marg at the Peak Hill 'RSL'.

Lunchtime at Yarraman RA.

Gwydir Carapark - The Thermal Pools.

A 'thorn' among the roses.

Top of Cunningham's Gap - a drop or two of rain..

Stardust Circus - our neighbours at Broadwater Tourist Park..

Our setup.

A view across the Broadwater.

Our new vinyl wall end.

My view while sitting out the front having a chilled refresher or two.

Can we fit some more up here.

He is welcoming me back to Southport.

That's hysterical. hehehehehe.

One of our views - it looks nice when the suns out.

Superyacht Encore at the Marina Mirage.

Zooming closer.

Zoomed right in.

Liz's Funeral - We drove Lukey's car and were first there.


Marg read a prayer.

Taking Liz to her final resting place.

Liz wanted colour and she got it.

Looking towards Labrador, Southport and Surfers.

A flock of Georges.

Taken just south of our Caravan Park.

Surfers - Looking North.

The real old fart, Dad.

Surfers viewed from the end of The Spit.

Looking to the shore from the end of The Spit.

My view while having coffee at Cafe Rockpool.

The Red Dog Triathlon group, with a ring in at the back.

The Narrows looking towards Surfers.

The Narrows looking towards The Spit.

The Narrows looking straight out to sea.

Ian and his mates are very jealous of Georges' attention.

Views from the shared path heading towards Surfers.

The countdown clock until the start of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

At Cavill Mall in Surfers.

At our club - CSi Southport - My Mixed Grill and Marg's garlic prawns.

Uni the Unicorn is Mont's sleeping bag.

Marg is showing great interest.

On our way to Brissy International Airport.

Mont walking around the CP.

Michelle Tapper, Happy Winner, Cash Cow and cameraman.

Hervey Bay - The view from the front of our fiver.

The entrance to our Caravan Park.

A great photo of George catching a fish.

Hervey Bay Boat Club.

Hervey Bay marina.

This is what Marg does, while I ride. - Site 12.

Hervey Bay sunrise.

Scarness Beachfront CP.

Agnes Water - The beach out the front of our park.

1770 - Marg - admiring Mother Nature at its best.

Round Hill Head.

Tannum Sands CP - I did tickled this one.

Marlborough - Morning mist.

The rain didn't catch us.

Marlborough Van Park - Our site - We were told to take up a couple of sites.

Mackay - Lamberts Lookout looking South.

Mackay marina.

Big4 Adventure Whitsunday - The resident ducks came to say "hi".

The Mighty Ducks of the Mist this morning.

Airlie Beach - Big4 Adventure Whitsubday - Our site 77 in the morning mist.

Whitehaven Beach - A beautiful place.

Lenny at Marg's foot, while she was eating lunch.

Lenny is so photogenic.

Our 'Speedboat' at rest. It was lunchtime.

Dave the old salt and me.

Abel Point marina in Airlie Beach.




Bridge works on Burdekin River Bridge.

The Sugar Shaker aka The Holiday Inn.

Townsville - 8:05am Peak hour traffic - I can live with that.

I managed a few hundred meters around the track.

I didn't see any 'Snapping Lizards'. Thank god.

My coffee shop in Douglas.

Townsville - Our Park entrance.

Our site in the middle. Nice view of Mt Stuart.

Ross River Townsville - No wind. Is this photo upside down?

The view from Juliette's Gelateria. (That's Maggy Island on the left)

Marg with all her friends.

Townsville's BIG snake. It was pretty harmless.

The view while I had my coffee at Mocha Mecca.

My trusted treadley at Townsville marina.

The Maggie Island ferry approaching the Townsville wharf at 8:15am.

Reef HQ.

Even Marg is doing it for the team. She is trying to be relaxed.

Wallaman Falls - We had to slow to a near halt, before these guys parted.

Wallaman falls - The 268 meter waterfall.

Kitty and Marg.

Can you see our site? It is there.

Does this help? It's a bit closer.

I see us. Marg has scared another lot of neighbours away.

Townsville - Can you see my riding route, it's there, just look harder.

There's the V8 track.

The Hornets are still 'playing' at Townsville.

The Hornets are still 'playing' at Townsville.

Our rig at Cape River Rest Area.

Hangin' with the real big boys.

This guy passed us twice on the Gregory Dev Rd.

Gregory Development Rd.

Rubyvale - Marg looking for sapphires at Willys Wash.

Rubyvale - Gunter the owner of Muggachinnos in action.

Rubyvale - Our strudels and my coffee.

Sapphire - Our site 49 - Blue Gems CP.

Marlborough Chrysoprase - Left - 1,190gm - Right - 759gm.

Sapphire - Willy Wash - Some of the better gems from 3 buckets.

Sapphire - Willy Wash - The remainder of our 3 buckets.

This is Glen's (on the right) Willys Wash. Marg in the middle. It was cold this morning.

This is the end result of Marg's skin polishing course at the Gemfields Lapidary Club.

Bogantungan - Beautiful scenery.


Main street of Jericho.

Our site at Blackall CP.

Rest Area just north of Tambo.

Not much traffic.

Morning tea at Augathella.

More lovely scenery between Charleville and Quilpie.

Welcome to Quilpie.

St Finbar's Catholic Church - Boulder Opal everywhere.

The Altar encrusted in Boulder Opals.

Beautiful scenery on the way Pinkilla Station..

Taken from the top of the mullock heap.

Site 25 is on the left - Channel Country CP.

Quilpie is in the middle - taken from the top of Baldy Top Lookout.

Table Top Hill - Beautiful scenery.

Baldy Top Lookout looking towards Toompine.

Baldy Top Lookout is steeper than it looks.

Eddy came over to say "Hi".

George also came over to say "Hi".

George meets Eddy, a very rare event.

Sunrise at CP.

Dave the postie in action.

Alaric Station War Vets retreat.

Alaric Station War Vets retreat.

Seated Tony (War Vet), Allan (Manager) and Marg.

Mail Run Scenery.

Our Crew.

The locals came to see us.

Us and Milly.

Mail Run Scenery.

Thylungra Station.

Our last rest stop and afternoon drinks.

Free Powered sites.

There we are.

Eddy was just walking past, about 50 meters away.

The Toompine Pub with camping area.

On our way to Sheep Station creek.

Are we there yet?

Marg the Gatekeeper.

Entering Sheep Station creek fossicking area.

Yowah - View from The Bluff.

Opal that we found at Sheep Station Creek.

Opal that we found at Yowah.

I did that with just a pick. Shit, I'm good.

Artesian Waters CP, Yowah - That's our dish.

One of Peter's claims.

Peter's claim.

Colin and Georgina's Underground opal mine.

An Opal seam in the middle.

Cunnamulla Shops.

Lake Coolmunda CP.

Our break at the Cunningham Rest Area.

Just your typical sunny morning.

Georges were there to welcome me.

At Point Cartwright looking towards Caloundra.

My trusty treadley at the mouth of the Mooloolah river.

Our camp (site 40) at Dicky Beach.

Coffee at Coco'c Beach cafe.

Looking South from the Mt Beerburrum Fire tower.

Looking West from the Mt Beerburrum Fire tower.

Looking North from the Mt Beerburrum Fire tower.

Looking East from the Mt Beerburrum Fire tower.

The path leading from the Fire Tower.

The path is very steep.

Steep Walk - they didn't bloody lie.

Calboorture Gem show.

A typical morning at Dicky Beach.

Our little shopping strip at Dicky Beach.

On my ride today, the surfers were at Point Cartwright.

Yes, it did rain today.

This surprised me. Check its belly.

This surprised me. Check its belly.

The 'new' Marg (haircut).

This surfer was riding the point break at the Lighthouse.

I met Bluey today.

The artist.

The magnificent view of the Glasshouse Mountains from Mary Cairncross Cafe.

Point Cartwright - The birdman in action.

Val and Bob at Currimundi Lake.

I was stopped by an 'Attack Lizard'.

Dicky Beach - How nice is the view. Bloody nice.

I am thinking of buying this suit. Maybe not.

Dicky Beach is very nice.

Section of Strawberry Fields.

Where are Bob and Marg going? Maybe to the Cafe.

They finish at midday.

Strawberries everywhere.

The new Gold Coast tram.

The new shared path over the Nerang river.

Tandem parasailing.

I spotted the Google Maps vehicle just near our caravan park.

Channel 7 videoing the Jet pack man -

The Jet pack man.

The swell is still large, due to the breeze.

Very cloudy today.

The 112ft Sassafras.

Today's weather photo - looking towards Surfers.

The beach at Surfers.

At Surfers looking North.

Some of Surfers' highrises.

The countdown clock to the 2018 Commonwealth games.

The view at The Narrows looking towards Surfers.

My view while relaxing at the end of The Spit.

The heliport at the Marina.

Superduck driving along The Esplanade, Surfers.

The pod of dolphins off The Spit.

The Ospreys are back on their nest. Great to see.

Some of the ONE million soldier crabs that we counted.

Our camp is on the left. Not too far to walk to the beach.

Our fiver with David and Di's in the background.

Our twin - David and Di's fiver.

We are in the background.

Our view of the Pan Pacs.

Me at Cafe Rockpool.

The greatest swimmer ever - Michael Phelps lane 6.

Men's 100m Freestyle - Heat 5 results.

The Qld premier's motorcade passing Australia Fair in Southport.

Mont and Grandma waiting for the tram.

Here comes our tram.

Our carpark was chockers. Ok, we were the only one.

Mont gave Grandma a leaf.

This dude just cruised past our site.

Action at Jump on it.

Mont and her 2 girlfriends.

Kids being kids.

Shit, this place is hard to take.

The Griffith Uni whale counting members.

Georges waiting for lunch at Charis Seafoods.

A feeding frenzy.

Check out David and Di's new awning walls and porch, they are great.

Our Family - Bec, Jay, Luke and Jodi.

Stefan's little fishing boat at Southport YC.

Stefan's little fishing boat at Southport YC.

David and Di heading homewards.

Today was the 1st time that I saw the Seaworld Monorail this trip.

A rain squall hit me as I was riding over the Nerang River bridge.

A rain squall hit me as I was riding over the Nerang River bridge.

Georges relaxing after having lunch at Charis Seafoods, Labrador.

Even 'great cyclists like me' need food.

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre is back to normal.

A nice ride.

The Grass tuskfish was over 70cms long. It was huge.

The cops were being taught Beach driving in their Quads.

The cops were being taught Beach driving in their Quads.

The cops were being taught Beach driving in their Quads.

GC V8 Supercars - Grandstand at The Narrows is coming along.

Mum and Dad osprey, I haven't seen any babies yet.

At Surfers, it is the Kids Week Marquee.

The Esplanade at Surfers is setting up for Kids Week.

Big Brother's throne.

It is all happening. There will be kids everywhere soon.

A pod of dolphins about 100 meters of The Spit.

Lazza?? Nope. It is Travis who I met today.

That maybe the baby osprey in the nest.

The miniature ponies next door at the Webers Circus.

At Surfers - This grandstand is nearing completion.

It looked threatening but blew over without raining.

BP Goondiwindi - The mighty Navara hanging out with the 'Big Boys'.

Gwydir CP - site 2 - The park is slowly filling up.

Caltex Gilgandra - We knew one of the Lindsay Brothers.

Site 20 at Leighton's Peak Hill CP.

The first train that actually stopped us on this whole trip.

Bundaburrah Rest Area.

Caltex Narrandera - The mighty Navara is always trying to play with the Big Boys.

The END.
Until 2015's trip back to Queensland.