This map covers our trip from
Home to Cloncurry, Townsville, Southport to home.
20th May to 2nd October 2012.

Staying at the highlighted towns.
Total distance travelled towing our fiver: 7,375 kms.

Photo highlights of our 2012 trip.

Kalkallo Road House

Main Street of Nagambie.

Our campsite at Finley.

Hillston CP.

Views of the road taken by Marg.

Mount Hope - Rock crystal fossicking area.

The UFOs are watching us.

Are we there yet? Nope, only 159kms to go.

No traffic.

Bourke - The Majestic Darling river.

Whistling Kite - Beautiful.

Bourke - Me at Fred Hollows' grave.

Mt Oxley - The spewed up sandsone.

Mt Oxley in the background.

Bourke - Our camp at Kidman's camp.

Bourke - The local kids.

Marg on the Old North Bourke bridge.

Hotel Brewarrina in the rear.

Are we there yet? Nearly.

Opal CP, Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge - Marg fossicking in our park's fossicking area.

Lightning Ridge - Dave our tour guide and Marg.

Lightning Ridge - Amigo's Castle.

Lightning Ridge - Alex's Astronomer's Monument.

Lightning Ridge - What is below the ground, this is their showroom.

Lightning Ridge - King Tut.

King Tut.

Buddha and Marg - she is in front.

Lightning Ridge - Old mine shafts.

Marg's opal nobbie with a hint of green.

Lightning Ridge - Scenery from the 1st Shaft Lookout.

NSW-Qld border.

Heaps of traffic, maybe not.

St George, Qld - The spillway.

Another light traffic day.

Mitchell - The uprights were ruined by the floodwaters.

On the way to Tambo - See, it really did piss down.

Matilda Hwy - The Outback way.

Tambo - We did have a drop or two of rain.

Tambo - our foggy campsite.

Tambo - Stranded due to floods.

Tambo - Just some of our fellow Strandees.

Tambo - At least, the cattle trucks were empty.

60kms North of Tambo - This was the culprit, the sidetrack.

Winton - Great scenery.

Winton - Sunset.

Winton - Magnificent moon.

Winton - Marg and the man in the moon.

Winton - Taking in the sunset. Just Beautiuful.

Winton - Banjo the Dinosaur is on the right, if you couldn't tell.

Winton - Beautiful views from the top of the 'Jump Up'.

Winton - Beautiful views from the top of the 'Jump Up'.

Winton - The 10km driveway to Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

Winton is on the left horizon about 14kms away.

Only 110kms to Lark Quarry.

Lark Quarry - The local was watching us drive by.

Lark Quarry - Marg was engrossed.

Lark Quarry - The big footprints belonged to the aggressor.

The crow waits his turn.

How beautiful is this.

Lark Quarry - This is the Dinosaur Stampede complex.

Cloncurry - This is one bloody huge truck. We're on the right.

Cloncurry - The old dude and his bull.

Quamby - Marg finding zig zag amethyst.

Quamby - Some of our zig zag amethyst.

Quamby - Marg surrounded by Tourmaline, we think.

Fullarton River Garnets - Thanks God, the road had dried out.

Fullarton River Garnets - Just resting.

Fullarton River Garnets - Lunch in the shade.

Heading towards Kuridale

Fullarton River Garnets - Stunning views.

Kuridala - Heading towards the Amethyst gully.

Kuridala - Still at it.

Kuridala - We are very happy with this.

Kuridala - We drive into the wild, blue yonder.

Kuridala Amethyst Fields - some of our find.

This is normal traffic. Bugger all.

At Maxwelton Rest Area.

Richmond - Fred Tritton lake.

Richmond - This is a replica of a 12.5 meter Kronorosaur.

Richmond Pilosaur.

Richmond - An old fossil.

Richmond - Marg the young fossil.

Richmond - Sunset - another ripper.

Hughenden in the middle.

Mt Walker - Hughenden - Sunset will happen.

Mt Walker - Hughenden - Waiting.

Mt Walker - Hughenden - getting redder.

Moonstone Hill - Our parking spot surrounded by long grass.

Moonstone Hill - Old diggings that we worked.

Moonstones - These are our non cutters.

Moonstones - These are our cutters.

Sign on the Kennedy Development Road aka 'main' road.

Chudleigh Park - Nice views.

Hughenden - Jim and Lesley Blue bus.

Hughenden - What a lovely couple.

Hughenden - Muttaburrasuras

Hughenden - Our camp at Allen Terry CP.

Charters Towers from the Tower Hill lookout.

Charters Towers - Sunday arvo, everything except the Pubs are shut.

Charters Towers - I am stressed to the max, I see clouds.

Townsville - Marg with her Granny Trolley.

Townsville - Castletown is about 1km from camp.

Townsville - The V8 track is nearly ready.

Townsville - Our camp is in the middle.

Townsville - Beautiful views.

3 F18s ready to take off. Taken from Castle Hill.

Townsville - I still can see our camp.

Townsville - Beautiful view with Maggie Is across the water.

Maggy Island - Our stretched Jeep Limo.

Maggy Island - John our driver and tour guide was bloody great.

Maggy Island - Marg feeding the Allied Rock Wallabies.

Sapphire - Our camp.

Sapphire - The rainbow lorikeets are extremely friendly.

Sapphire - Marg (middle) fossicking at Armfest.

Rubyvale - Gunter the man who makes great Strudel.

Sapphire - Our probable cutters, maybe not the bottom one.

Sapphire - These maybe cutters, I hope so.

Rubyvale - Willy's wash - Marg in action.

Mount Hay Thunder Egg Park - Marg, hard at work.

While in the traffic jam, I snapped this.

Dicky Beach - On the Mooloolaba seawall looking towards
the Point Cartwright Lighthouse.

That's Dicky Beach in the distance.

Dicky Beach - Just a small sample of the bike paths.

Another small sample of the bike path.

Guess what I found on the way home. Rum and Raisin. YUMMA!

Dicky Beach - Another water view, I can't get enough of them.

My Bike route - Dicky Beach to Point Cartwright Lighthouse and return - 34kms.

It also rains on the Sunshine coast.

Not the best weather.

Dicky Beach is a beautiful place when sunny.

Dicky Beach - Ian and his brothers having a wash.

SS Dicky wreck.

SS Dicky crab.

Glasshouse Mountains taken across the road from the Mary Cairnscross Park kiosk in Maleny.

Dicky Beach shopping strip.

Dicky Beach shopping strip.

Site 40 - Dicky Beach Family Holiday park.

Over the Gateway Bridge and heading to the Gold Coast.

Broadwaater TP - Our site - view through Marg's bedroom window.

My usual resting spot at the end of the Gold Coast seaway.

Broadwater Tourist Park - Site 88 - Our camp.

Saturday night - Stairway to the moon.

The view from our site.

Sitting on the beach overlooking the Broadway. It was magic.

Marg doing it really tough!!

Some of the views from our chairs. Just beautiful.

This is what we woke up too this morning.

I aassume that it is very similair in Melbourne.

This is why we love staying at Broadwater Tourist Park.

Shared park through the Broadwater Parklands away from the crowds.

I crossed the Nerang River bridge on the shared path.

Heading along the shared path towards the Southport Yacht Club.

The Gold Coast Seaway Tower.

At the end of the spit looking back towards the shore.

Looking form the spit across the Broadwater to our camp site. Just to the right of the cabins.

Another beautiful morning in Paradise - Monday 13th August at 7:15am.

Soul Surfers Paradise.

The Esplanade shared path.

My bike leaning against the sign.

Bluey, my new best friend.

Check the sky. I think it is Cirrus.

My Fierce Snake.
Ok, it may be a legless lizard but it certainly looks fierce.

This was found on the bike path.

It is a Coastal Carpet Python.

And away Monty goes, into the scrub.

The osprey family. Baby is in the nest.

The soldier crabs were out in force.

Water jet rocket man.

Another great view from our beach.

The metermaid still exist.

Monty is back again and just chillin' in the sun.

I got George in flight. Not a bad photo.

Georges, all in a row.

After I passed them, I stopped and took this.

A beautiful morning with great views.

looking towards Surfers from the seawall. Just magic.

I finally spotted "Turt".

Dad and his new 'Black Beast'.

Sunday traffic as far as the eye can see.

Gold Coast Show views.

Spotted about 200 meters off the Spit.

George and his brother George, just doing a fly by.

I'm getting closer, just missed his feet down landing, maybe next time.

George flying overhead.

The grandstand are already being constructed for the V8s on Oct 19.

Yes, it does rain in Paradise.

My trusty treadly is all packed away for the long trip back to
balmy Melbourne.

Site 52 at Casino Resort.

Glen Innes fossicking tour - We are here at last.

Glen Innes fossicking tour - The pupil (me) and the Master.

Glen Innes - I am a dick! At least, I am not totally drenched.

Inverell - 7 Oaks - Marg the fossicker in action.

Inverell - Views from Long Plains Lane.

Glen Innes - View from Sinclair's Lookout.

Moree - Gwydir CP - Drive thru Site 8.

Big4 Park Lane Shepp - site 38.

Homeward Bound.

The END.
Until 2013's trip back to Queensland.