Luke and Jodi's wedding photos - 6th April 2014.

My favourite photo of the newly weds.

This is the storm cell that caused us a few concerns.

Jay, Mum, Luke, Dad and Me.

Jay, Luke, Dad and me.

Bec and Jay.

The ceremony decking (with Tarzan's house in the background).

The Newmans arriving.

Britt followed by Jodi's family.

Phil the M.C.

The Bridal Party is arriving.

Amongst the rainforest.

I see you, Jodi.

Mont looks beautiful.

The Chevy looked great, also.

The Bride.

Mont, Jodi and Ally.

The most gorgeous couple there, Mont and Joel.

Mont, Joel and Jodi.

Mother of the Bride.

The first kiss of many.

The singers.

The Wedding Party.

Marg in action.

About to sign the register.

Now married.

The Celebrant, Jodi and Luke.

How romantic.

Stu, Jodi, Luke, Joel,Mont, Jay and Ally.

Dad, my sister, Mum and others.

Mum, Dad, Marg, Luke, Jodi, Me, Jay and Bec.

Dad, Marg, Luke, Jodi, Me and Mum.

Marg, Luke, Jodi and me.

The crowd scene.

More of the crowd scene.

This wasn't staged, check Dean (left) and Matty (right) - the drunks.

More crowd scene.

Terry, Stu, Jay, Dean, Luke, Anton, Tim and Damo.

Phil and Dad.

Stu's daughter Sofie.

The Boy's mates with partners.

Playing the lawn games.

The Singers.

The Mate's table.

Our Table.

Crowd scene.

Mont's table.

More crowd scene.

Jodi's family table.

Our Table.

A beautiful family.


Dad not bad for 83yo.

Ally and Jodi.

Jay, Bec and Kat.

The Bridal waltz - Luke, Jodi, Marg and Me.

Marg, Anton and Dean.

Anna and Laura.

Katie and Britt.

Laura, Marion and Kat.

Lisa, Leah and Jake.

May their life be a fairy tale
and may they live happily ever after.

The majority of these photos were taken by Marg's brother, Paul. Thanks Paul. The remainder by Marg and I.