This map covers our trip from
Home to Broken Hill, Yowah, Normanton,
Cairns, Sapphire, Dicky Beach to home.
24th April to 4th October 2013.

Staying at the highlighted towns.
Total distance travelled towing our fiver: 8,594 kms.

Photo highlights of our 2013 trip.

Site 119 - Riverside CP, Swan Hill.

A houseboat just passes by.

Marg 'caught' in her new room.

Site 164 Apex River Beach CP, Mildura.

How calm was the Murray. Very glassy.

Mungo NP - Following our leader.


Heading back to the carpark.

Tikalina Station - Me The fossicker.

our carpark.

Marg the fossicking trendsetter. What a team we are!

Tikalina Station - fossicking for Kyanite - Ahhh, the scenery.

Road Conditions sign. We met here at 8am.

Stations in the area.

Corona Road, only 53kms of gravel.

Netallie Rest Area - magic view and more humans.

Emus are very common and not that afraid.

White Cliffs - Marg in action.

White Cliffs - Historic Solar Power Station.

What a magic sunrise at White Cliffs.

Little traffic, but we did see a truck.

Our last rest stop, just 60kms west of Cobar.

The NewGold Cobar Open Cut mine.

The Lock and the Weir on Darling River at Bourke.

Still no traffic.

Only 1,728kms until we turn right and head for Cairns.

We had to stop for this dude to cross the road.

Sunrise at Warrego Riverside.

1st rest stop - 58kms north of Bourke.

Marg's $11 opal ($1 cost of rock $10 to cut and polish).

1st rest stop - 58kms north of Bourke.

Yowah - Part of my chunk of gypsum.

Yowah CP - Our 'silver service' dinner.

Dave who played with Jethro Tull and Deep Purple.

Yowah - Our fossicking area.

Billy's camp had the odd cow in the morning.

Yowah - Sunset at the Bluff.

The kangaroo invasion.

As usual, not much traffic.

We are so small.

Opalton Road - Different road surfaces.

Winton - Milly (our neighbour) is beautiful.

My best photo of our rig taken 9th Jul 2008.

Same spot today, but overcast.

A panoranic view of McKinlay. Bugger all trees.

Beautiful views to Amethyst Castle..

Lucky that we were authorised.

A Triple Road Train.

Burke and Wills Roadhouse.

Burke Dev Road - Part of the single bitumen.

Normanton Tourist Park - The Pool was so refreshing.

Normanton - Kris the Croc.

Normanton - Albion Hotel - $4.50 stubby.

Normanton - Central Hotel - $4.60 stubby.

Normanton - The Purple Pub - $5.00 stubby.

Karumba - The Sunset Tavern.

Karumba - Our 'blurry' lunch. It was still yumma.

Karumba - The Sunset Tavern beer garden.

We will be either staying or visiting each of those places.

It can't be.

It's the 'world famous' Gulflander in all its glory.

Views of Lake Belmore, Croydon, Qld.

Views from the Gilbert River bridge.

Agate Creek - Only 79 more kms to go.

Move your bums.

We made it.

Agate Creek - View from the summit of Crystal Hill.

Part of Ted Elliott Mineral collection held at Georgetown, Qld.

Part of Ted Elliott Mineral collection held at Georgetown, Qld.

Part of Ted Elliott Mineral collection held at Georgetown, Qld.

Crossing Elizabeth Creek - Mt Surprise.

O'Briens Creek - Marg in action.

Shift your bum.

Bedrock Village - site 20.

Foggy morning at Innot Hot Springs.

Us on the Internet at Mount Garnet.

The Windy Hill wind farm.

Atherton - Views from the Halloran's Hill Lookout.

Crystal Caves, Atherton - Marg and the Empress.

The Crystal caves hotrod.

Lake Placid CP - Kooky the Kookaburra.

Cairn's Marina - Paul Allen's MY Octopus - co founder of Microsoft.

Marg at Lake Placid.

Barron Falls - Their big rock catcher.

Lake Placid - The Oracle.

Cardwell - This tree was nearly blown over by Cyclone Yasi.

Marg out the front of the Cardwell bakery.

The rain clouds on Hinchinbrook Is.

We carry our own High Voltage power. :)

Townsville - Parts of the Ross River path.

One of the nice 'shacks' along the Ross river.

Townsville - Beware of the 'snapping lizards'.

Townsville - The Sugar shaker.

Townsville - The Strand water fun park.

Townsville - Maggie Island across the water.

Townsville - Part of The Strand.

Townsville - Part of The Strand.

Townsville - Marg at Juliette's Gelateria eating her ice-cream.

Approaching Maggie Island.

Marg on the ferry.

Maggie Island tour - Marg getting ready.

One of the fish.

Low tide at Picnic Bay.

The Pink Barbi on Maggie Island.

The Marlin Bar at Horseshoe Bay.

The view from Juliette's.

Billabong Sanctuary - Tonka, the star of the Wombat show.

Marg in her element feeding the roos.(notice the joey in the pouch)

Me with Cyril's bigger brother.

I think this is a Lily, they are everywhere in the Ross River.

Townsville and Maggie Island.

Marg at Willy Wash.

Sapphire - Our life style is pretty tough, but we are managing. Just!

Mount Hay Fossicking area.

Sugar Cane train near Childers.

It was foggy from Bundy to Gympie, then it lifted.

Dicky Beach - Sunrise from the foot bridge.

Dicky Beach is in the distance.

Dicky Beach - It's raining.

Looking back at the Cape Cartwright Lighthouse.

Mooloolaba - The weekday surfer.

I nearly rode over this guy.

Isn't George beautiful?

Welcome to Southport. Our 1st morning. How nice is it?

View from Broadwater Parklands southward.

View from The Narrows southward.

Surfers sign.

Surfers beach.

Friendly cops on patrol.

Broadwater - This was late afternoon at our camp. Beautiful.

Cafe Rockpool - My coffee.

Southport Workers Club - My mixed grill and Marg's garlic prawwns.

Broadwater Tourist Park - Today's magnificent sunrise.

Aquaduck leaving the water.

Look straight ahead.

A whale off the Spit.

The Light Rail bridge over the Nerang river has now met.

The dolphins off the Spit.

Neil and Annabel and their boat. Thanks for the ride. We loved it.

This humpback was about 300 meters off the Spit.

The Jet Boat is still operating. We rode this one 3 years ago.

The big sandcastle near the Spit.

The crane ready to built the Shared path over the Nerang river.

The wind surfers having a ball out the front of our site.

The Commonwealth Games countdown timer.

Southport YC - Eclipse in the background.

Clive Palmer's shack (in the middle) on Sovreign Island.

Broadwater Tourist Park - Our neighbours have left us.

The Cops are on Patrol. It's good to see their presence.

It does rain in Paradise.

The sign just over Nerang river, where I turn left.

This sign reminds me of our beloved "Lazza the Lab".

Constructing the Shared path over the Nerang river.

The Mother's club in action.

Cavill Mall looking towards the beach.

Looking South - Main St of GI.

Glen Innes Town hall.

3 beautiful calves, they did move. Eventually.

Emmaville Mining Museum.

A 3 tonne rock of Calcite, Not Marg, the rock.

Some of the collections.

These guys were being walked.


Gowan Rest Area with Lindsay Bros truck.

Parked at the rear of the Jerilderie Bakery.

Jerilderie - The mighty Navara is with the BIG Boys.

We were surrounded by trucks. Welcoming us back to Melbourne.

The END.
Until 2014's trip back to Queensland.