Mum and Dad's house burnt down on Sat 9th Aug 2014.
ABC News article.

Their garage took most of the heat.That's their current XR6 on the left. A tad 2nd rate.

It is looking a bit sick.

Mum and Dad's bedroom, opposite the garage.

Their walk in robe going to the En suite.

Their walk in robe (left).

Their walk in robe (right).

Their En-suite.

Their shower looks suss.

The Laundry right opposite the door into the Garage.

The Familyroom, the TV couldn't be restored.

The RHS was the garage wall.

The Diningroom.

More of the Diningroom.

The Kitchen.

The Kitcchen.

Upstairs had most of the damage.

Upstairs landing. There is plenty of light.

Upstairs landing.

Upstairs landing.

Upstairs landing.

Upstairs landing.

Mum's sewing room is directly over the garage.

Upstairs landing.

Upstairs landing.

Upstairs landing.

Mum's sewing room.

Mum's sewing room.

Upstairs landing.

Photo as at 1st Dec.

1st Dec 2014 - Reconstruction has officially started today with the arrival of the demolition team.

Photo as at 22nd Dec.

22nd Dec 2014 - Dad is happy and raring to rebuild their shack.

Dad's grass looks sick.

Phil has already replaced some of the frame.

The familyroom is very light and airy.

Dad is trying to protect the kitchen cupboards with tarps.

Currently, it is very 'open'.

Extremely open.

Upstairs landing.

Upstairs landing.

The Bathroom still has to cleaned and cleared.

Mum's sewing room appears to be missing.

Upstairs Landing minus Mum's sewing room.

Upstairs Landing.

A bit of crap that Dad and I will remove.

Some of the new frame.

Looking down on the new light and airy Kitchen.

There appears to be a roof missing.

The roof truss remains have to be removed.

I do like the 'new' light and airy Familyroom.
Maybe a tad chilly in winter.

Dad and I loaded that pile of crap into the skip.

The main bedroom looks better.

Looking through the walk in robe to the En Suite.

The En Suite still needs to cleaned and cleared.

Looking from the main bedroom to the garage.

We filled the skip.

7th Oct 2015 - Mum and Dad moved back into their shack on 22nd May 2015.