This map covers our 2011 Lap of Oz
1st April to 28th September 2011.

Staying at the highlighted towns.
Total distance travelled towing our fiver: 15,817 kms.

Photo highlights of our 2011 trip.

The mighty Murray.

Vic/SA check point.

Heading towards the South Flinders Ranges.

The Halfway across Oz sign at Kimba.

The first stroke of my Nullarbor Links quest. It was a fresh air shot. Damn..

A beautiful sunset in Ceduna.

This is what our trip was all about Eating, Drinking and Gambling.

Marg's beef parma. I had to help her eat it.

My chilled refresher. Very nice.

Marg in action.

Starting the Nullarbor.

The Bunda Cliffs.

Not a curve to be seen.

I was being watched. They were georgeous.

Our free loader... Grasshopper, Jose!!

Marg at the Super Pit lookout.

Kalgoorlie - The real prospectors - what an odd couple.

kalgoorlie - How big is a 793C?

Kalgoorlie Brothel - Small door.

Yellowdine - Like a kid in a candy shop.

The Whispering rock at Cape Le Grand NP.

Ravensthorpe - the fire trail is ace.

Wave Rock. I can surf.

I love this photo. It looks like a painting. Hyden, WA.

Pemberton - The forests were beautiful.

Southern and Indian oceans.

Marg at Jewel cave.

Bussellton Jetty - Marg about to be run down by Casey Jones.

Beautiful surf at Margaret River.

New Norcia - The Abbey Church.

Cervantes - The Pinnacles Track.

Denham - What we have to put up with. Eat your hearts out.

Monkey Mia - My best dolphin photo.

Karijini - The Adventurers.

Tom Price's Mt Nameless - The view was magic.

Robe River rest area - Just before sunset.

Port Hedland - Tides out. Unreal photo. Gee, I'm good.

Port Hedland - 3 ships being loaded.

Eighty Mile Beach CP - This was made by some Vietnam Vets. Very nice.

Eighty Mile Beach CP - This walked past us, as we were sitting around.

Eighty Mile Beach CP - Magic view.

Eighty Mile Beach CP.

Eighty Mile Beach - Sunny over the ocean. Mid afternoon.

Eighty Mile Beach - Beautiful sunsets.

Eighty Mile Beach is just beautiful.

Broome - My bike at Gantheaume Point.

Broome - Waiting for the Camels and sunset.

Broome - The sun is getting lower.

Broome - Magic.

Broome - It's rather busy with Camels and spectators.

Broome - I think that I have seen this image before.

Broome - Cyril's 'live' brother.

Nillibubbica Rest Area - How beautiful is this photo? I like it anyway.

Derby - Turn left and away we go up the Gibb River Road. Maybe not.

Fitzroy Crossing - This is the monstrously large Boab tree.

Geikie Gorge - Beautiful view.

Geigie Gorge - I am pretty laid back in my tree.

Fitzroy Crossing - Geikie Gorge.

The China Wall just outside Halls Creek. Very weird.

Marg at the Bungle Bungles.

Bungles - Our lunch spot. It was beautiful.

The Bungles.

Bungles - View from the Lookout.

Somewhere in NT - The Amethyst ground.

Marg and Jimmy - The Rock Doctor.

These young calves had fun for about 100 meters.

Stairway to the sunset in Kununurra.

Coolibah Station, NT
The front of Milton Jones' property. (Ch7 'Keeping up with the Joneses').

Renner Springs,NT - Desert Inn Pub.

NT/Qld Border.

A bit foggy between Kynuna to Winton about 160kms.

Discovery CP Longreach - The Brolgas.

Rockhampton to Bundaberg
First wideload that we had to stop for.

Rockhampton to Bundaberg
Second wideload that we had to stop for.

Rockhampton to Bundaberg
Third wideload that we had to stop for.

Dicky Beach Family Holiday park.

Looking from the end of the spit towards Surfers.

Looking from the end of the spit back to shore.

Looking towards Southport Marina.

Super yacht 'Family Day'

Ipswich Gem Show.

The crowd along the beached baby whale.

The dredge at the entrance to the seaway.

Marg on board.

Marg at the helm. She looks quite comfy there.

Heaps of Vettes.

Ocean Spirit 11 - A dive boat from Cairns.

Lady Jocelyn (prawn boat) coming back to dock.

Southport marina.

Lukey heading towards Tweed Heads along the Freeway.

I got him coming out of the Service Centre.

The Beasts - Karl and the mighty Navara.

It does rain in paradise - taken from our bed.

Inside the fiver - during the rain. Marg is hiding at the left.

Strolling along our beach at low tide.

The Ticket Office is setup first.

The Big Top is up.

The lazy, hazy crazy days of Spring... Smoke Haze.

Big George.

Just landed.

Look, I can fly.

George and his brother George.

Watch me, I can perch on a street light.

That's nothing, I can sleep on a pole. Beat that. I win!!

The local beach bunnies. aka Father and Son.

The END.
Until 2012's trip to Queensland.