The Saga of Dad's Accident - Thursday 8th April 2010.

Fri 9th April 8:30am, we left Kingston-on-Murray and planned to stay at Big 4 Port Augusta CP that night. As we were waiting for the ferry at Cadell, SA at 9:30am, Mum rang to tell us that Dad had fallen and broken his hip and arm. We drove into Morgan, SA and rang the family, then we turned around and headed for home. We stayed the night at Sea Lake, Vic and arrived home on Saturday - all safe and sound.

Dad was admitted to Cambini Hospital in Malvern Vic, he had a left hip replacement, broke his left leg and wrist, had a deep cut above his left eye and bruised his left shoulder.

After 2 weeks and 6 days in hospital and Rehab, I picked him up (Wed 28th Apr) and took him home to Mum. He walked to the mighty Nissan Navara with just a single crutch, unbelieveable recovery.

Thurs 20th May, Dad is now driving unassisted, he can now walk without a limp or with the aid of a stick. Which is great.

Dad has recovered enough for Marg and I to start planning our next trip, which will be to the gem fossicking areas of Glen Innes, Inverell, Springsure and Sapphire. We are still booked into Dicky Beach and Southport in August - September and we plan to be there.

Wed 2nd June, I drove Dad to his appointment with his surgeon for the first time since his operation. Harry the surgeon was very pleased with his progress. His cast on his arm was removed and Harry wants him to wear a temporary cast until his wrist gets stronger.

I did forget to tell you before, that when Dad had his accident, Mum and Dad were in the process of moving house and had just submitted plans to construct a couple of townshouses (Mum and Dad are builders), so I took over the organising of both. This was very stressful to me.

Anyway, Dad is now back to running the show and consequently, Marg and I have booked various Caravan Parks for our trip, now commencing on Sat 26th June.

This year's 2010 trip to WA has been postponed until next year.