This map covers our trip from
Home to NT to Rocky to Dicky Beach to GC to home.
9th April to 25th September 2016.

We were on the road for 170 days in total.
Towed the fiver 8,417 kms and drove another 5,527 kms sightseeing, making a total of 13,944 kms.
Used 1,473 litres of diesel and averaged 17.49 litres per 100 kms when towing the fiver.
Used 582 litres of diesel and averaged 10.53 litres per 100 kms when NOT towing the fiver.
The price of diesel varied from a low of $1.069 per litre in BP Tailem Bend to a high of $1.999 at Caltex Aileron.
The total cost for diesel was $2,650.38 at an average price of $1.29 per litre.

Stayed in Caravan Parks: 170 nights.
Free camped: zero, zilch.
Total cost was $6,151.39 at an average of $36.18 per night.
Cheapest CP (in price) was $21.00 per night at Erldunda,NT.
Dearest CP was $44.49 per night for our 28 night stay at Dicky Beach.

Photo highlights of our 2016 trip.

Maccas on Western Ring Rd, just before Western hwy.

Various views inside the Horsham Riverside CP.

Lunch and Fuel stop at Tailem Bend.

Out the front of Mt Lofty Summit.

Marg reading one of the displays.

Mt Lofty viewing deck.

A panoranic view of Adelaide.

Site 31 - Hahndorf Resort. A very nice BUT hilly CP.
Marg's naughty room or smoking room at the front.

Rest Stop just south of Lake View.

The Island Lagoon is in the background.

Spuds Roadhouse - Pimba.

Site 20 - Woomera Travellers Village.

Our sightseeing day has started.

Beautiful scenic view.

We are on top of the mullock heaps.

What Woomera used to do.

Another unoccupied building near the Caravan Park.

Lake Hart - just beautiful.

Site 45 - Oasis CP, Coober Pedy.

The Breakaways - Magnificent.

Salt n Pepper.

I am a trend setter, but Marg is catching up.


My iPhone panoramic.

Cadney Roadhouse.

Marg making my coffee.

See, would I lie? No other people.

Agnes Ck Rest Area.

SA/NT Border.

SA/NT Border.

SA/NT Border.

Sunset at Desert Oaks.

1994 Cannonball Run memorial.

1994 Cannonball Run memorial.

My bike Route.

The bike path is on the left.

Simpsons Gap in the background.

More scenery.

Nearly home. Thank God, I was knackered.

This roo just sat there and watched me.

Just laying in the middle of the dry riverbed.

I photographed him.

An obstacle I had to dodge.

Get used to it, there are heaps of scenery shots. It is so STUNNING.

The Standley's Chasm cafe.

Walking to the Chasm.

Walking to the Chasm.

In Standley's Chasm.

Beautiful Ghost gum (I think).

At Simpsons Gap.

Simpsons Gap - No swimming.

Who is this young lady?

The Sunday morning Todd Mall market.

The Sunday morning Todd Mall market.

The Sunday morning Todd Mall market.

Marg coming back with MORE Asian dumplings. They were VERY YUMMA.

At the Tropic of Capricorn.

At the start of the Plenty Hwy.

It must be dry. All roads are open.

Plenty Hwy distances.

Plenty Hwy distances.

Gemtree Caravan Park.

Marg in action.

I did actually do some digging.

Marg, Mick and Ann.

Marg, Mick and Ann in action.

The closed mine 50 meters from our fossicking area.

That shade beside the fiver was used everyday, with a cool breeze.

Our Camp Oven dinner setting.

The Bar.

Dishing up the food.

Marg with friends.

I am jealous. Marg's new toy boy.

Aileron Man - 17m and 8 tonnes.

Downtown Aileron.

Taken 12th May 2009.

Looks familair.

Barrow Creek roadhouse.

Barrow Creek roadhouse.

Which way to go? Left.

Barkly Homestead RH Bar.

A sign at the entrance to the shop.

Barkly Homestead Roadhouse was surprisingly empty. Apart from the Road Train.

Crossed from the Northern Territory.

Camooweal Billabong - Just magnificent.

Camooweal Post Office Hotel and Caravan Park.

It's only 2,008kms to Melbourne.


Mount Isa Mines.

A stunning view and the stacks are nice too.

The Acid plant stack.

The copper smelter stack.

The Lead smelter stack.

For some strange reason, we had to stop and give way to these guys.

Lake Moondarra

Another stunning view.

Opposite Dajarra Roadhouse.

Only 525kms to go.

Did I say the road had straight sections.

Rest Stop.

Boulia CP.

The road is Open.

Are we there yet? Only 196kms to go.

The road itself was very good.

Plenty of Open spaces.

What you do for a photo.

I took my life in my hands and waded in....

I wore thongs and it covered my big toe.. Just.

Beautiful scenery.

We didn't go past this sign.

We can't go South.

We can't go North. We trapped.

Where I took yesterday's photos. Today, it had receded a bit.

Views from the Rest Stop.

Nice tower.

Nothing behind us.

Nothing in front. In 195kms, 2 cars approached us and one car passed.

our Bridge at 9:54am.


Down river.

The bridge over the Burke River heading to downtown Boulia.

More of the mural.

More of the mural.

The mural on the water tower.

Our Bridge at 3:10pm yesterday.

Our Bridge at 7:19am this morning.

The river has stopped flowing this morning and dropped 3 feet overnight. Unreal.

I think that my Dentist still uses this chair.

Things have changed with children.

Out of the blue, this dude landed.

At the Tropic of Capricorn.

View from The Vaughan Johnson Lookout.

The view from The Sand Hill.

The Cacoory Ruins. I even photoed a fly. I am such a great photographer.

Some of the cyclists we met.

We made it.
I didn't really push the sign over.

We were very happy.

Birdsville CP office.

The main entrance of the CP.

Barnesy's MAN truck that starred in last week's OUTBACK TRUCKERS.

Barnesy's Birdsville Roadhouse. (and another fly. What can I say!!)

Inside the Birdsville Hotel.

Inside the Birdsville Hotel.

The Birdsville Hotel's Dining room.

The Birdsville Hotel with Airport. the Airport is across the road, there is a gate in the fence.

Brekky time at Birdsville Bakery.

The view from the top of the Sand Hill at the rear of the Racecourse.

I am 1st in the queue.

Big Red - here we come.

I let our tyres down.

I was in 4WD High.

This is our windscreen as we went through a puddle.

I'm at it again. Stunning scenery.

That is Little Red in the distance.

The track to Big Red was wet.

There were DRY sections.

We are at the top of Big Red - What a view.

Georges on Lake Koolivoo on the Eyre Creek. And away they fly.


The trucks out the front of the Longreach Roadhouse, where we had coffee.

Us at Barcaldine Tourist Park.

At Bogantungan rest stop.

Emerald Caravan Village.

Site 37 at Gracemere CP.

Lunch at Childers Van Park area.

Site 35 at Scarness Tourist Park.

At 4:42pm, he is bogged.

Tonight's sunset while

watching the bogged Ute removal.

Tonight's sunset. Rather nice.

6:31am - Beautiful sunrise.

6:40am - Nerang river.

7:24am - At Burleigh Heads - Looking North.

A picture is worth a thousand YUMMA..

8:23am - Today's weather photo at Surfers.

8:52am - The damaged Oskars.

8:58am - At Burleigh looking towards Surfers.

10:08am - My obstacles on the Federation Walk.

10:08am - My obstacles on the Federation Walk.

10:27am - I wasn't going any closer to the end.

8;24am - At Lands End turnaround point.

9:38am - The Bush turkeys from Dicky Beach are here.

10:48am - Where would I be without a George.

9:30am - #10 Hachimi(2:10:35) #12 Takada(2:10:43)

9:31am - #13 Tegegne (2:11:39)

9:36am - Some of the runners in the GC Marathon.

Mont and Marg heading to the beach.

Sandcastle builders.

We needed drier sand.

This is what I do at our Club while Marg is playing the pokies.

This can be today's weather photo. It was an absolute 'pearler' of a day.

2:55pm - Today's weather photo from the Lighthouse.

2:55pm - Today's weather photo from the Lighthouse.

2:58pm - Mooloolaba in the background.(you can see it today).

9:58am - A great view from the Lighthouse.

Strawberry Fileds shop and cafe areas.

12:51pm - Having coffee at Rose's Bakery watching the world go bye. Life is tough.

2:07pm - This dude was sailing solo. I couldn't find anything about him.

Bevin and Laurel's beautiful Trike.

1:05pm - Jake the Jetman.

12:44pm - near Lands End.

2:17pm - Coffee at Robbies' Cafe.

12:09pm - George and his mates - just mixing with some locals. They weren't fazed at all.

Mase was rapt to see the cockatoos.

8:16am - At Burleigh Heads Bluff - Surfers everywhere.

8:35am - Out the front of Robbie Mc Ewen's cafe at Miami Beach.

9:02am - Daily weather panoramic photo at Surfers.

9:40am - At the end of The Spit.

10:44am - At the Lands End Bridge - my riding turnaround point.

10:46am - Near Lands End - magic views today.

1:28pm - Our view from outside our fiver - rather nice.

The BIG Prawn at Bunnings Ballina.

Looking at the park from the park's small jetty.

Similar to above but from the water's edge.

At Wallan Service Centre - only 107kms from home.

At Wallan Service Centre - only 107kms from home.

The END.
Until 2017's trip back to Queensland.