My cycling page.

I love my recreational cycling, nothing too strenuous, just riding around and checking out various places that we visit. The bike will get me into places that I normally wouldn't go.
While home, I usually have 5 different routes (Zoo Loop-93kms, Jells Park Loop-104kms, Station Pier-53kms, SouthBank-63kms and the Mac Robbo Bridge-73kms) that I ride and all of them follow the Beach Rd shared path. Nothing beats the various views overlooking Port Phillip Bay.
In my previous life, I sailed for 30 odd years and absolutely loved it, so I love the various conditions of the Bay.

In Oct 2018, our home is now in Labrador, Qld.
My normal route now is riding along the Shared Path that surrounds the Broadwater.
Labrador to MacIntosh Island to Surfers to the Spit back to MacIntosh Island to home.

I had included various photos plus some of my cycling routes and also tabled my summarised cycling details.


The following are details of my cycling.

1. A link to My Gold Coast cycling adventures.

2. Snakes, I have met while cycling.

** Cycling at Dicky Beach, Qld. **

** Cycling at Hervey Bay, Qld. **

** Cycling at Townsvile, Qld. **

** Cycling at Alice Springs, NT. **

** Cycling at Beechworth, Vic. **

** Cycling at Birdsville, Qld. **

** Cycling at Broome, WA. **

** Cycling at Coober Pedy, SA. **

** Cycling at Katherine, NT. **

** Cycling at Mount Isa, Qld. **

** Cycling at Normanton, Qld. **

1. Pictorial of the 2019 GC600 Supercars weekend.

2. My Cyclone Oma (Feb 2019) photos while cycling.

3. Tassie Boat damaged - 13th Jan 2016.

4. I saw a Queen today, well sort of - Mar 2012.

21st May 2015 - My new Best Friend, Robbie. Ok, I am 24cm taller
and 50kgs heavier, but we are mates.

24th April 2020 - My new daily ride - another Giant 29er.

My treadley that I connect the Tagalong hitch too, so I can tow Mase (grandson) when he gets buggered.

RIP - My EX trusted treadley. You served me so well. (Photo taken looking towards Southport).

RIP - My Giant 29er was my daily ride - but it cost too much to fix up, so I bought a new 29er.



Here is my cycling summary.
(since I started recording each of my rides back to August 1999).

2015 was my most successful year with 10,122kms ridden.

In 2016, due to my health dramas in March,September, October and November.
I will not have a target but will ride whenever I can.

My monthly record is 1,413kms ridden in March 2015.
My yearly record is 10,122kms ridden in 2015

Year Kms Cycled. Kms Cycled since 1999.
2021 - Full Year. 5,059 106,679
2020 - Full Year. 4,729 101,620
2019 - Full Year. 5,366 96,823
2018 - Full Year. 3,925 91,457
2017 - Full Year. 3,831 87,532
2016 - Full Year. 5,159 83,700
2015 - Full Year. 10,122 78,541
2014 - Full Year. 8,546 68,419
2013 - Full Year. 6,072 59,873
2012 - Full Year. 6,371 53,800
2011 - Full Year. 3,459 47,429
2010 - Full Year. 4,341 43,970
2009 - Full Year. 3,179 39,628
2008 - Full Year. 2,618 36,449
2007 - Resumed riding 22nd Feb. 3,550 33,830
2006 - Bike Crash 10th July. 3,848 30,279
2005 - Full Year. 5,000 26,431
2004 - Full Year. 4,128 21,431
2003 - Full Year. 4,242 17,302
2002 - Full Year. 3,699 13,060
2001 - Full Year. 4,058 9,360
2000 - Full Year. 2,843 5,302
1999 - Aug to Dec. 2,458 2,458



My Strava Achievement Awards.

I have joined Strava website. This allows me to upload my ride details and keep track of my distances and compare against my mates. It is very addictive and brings out the competetive streak in me.

Below is my link to my Strava riding details and my 'achievement awards' that I have obtained since joining Strava in July 2014.


My 2018 long route around the Gold Coast.
This route is 65.5kms.

Gold Coast 2018 cycling photos

Home to Station Pier and return.
This route is 53kms.

Home to Mac Robertson Bridge on the Yarra and return.
This route is 73kms.

Home to The Melbourne Zoo and return.
This route is 93kms.

Melbourne Zoo loop cycling photos

Home to SouthBank on the Yarra and return.
This route is 63kms.

My Jells Park loop ridden 3rd Nov 2014.
This route is 104kms.

Jells Park loop cycling photos

My usual route around the Gold Coast.
This route is 35kms.

Gold Coast cycling photos

My favourite route on the Sunshine Coast
Dicky Beach to Mooloolaba and return.
This route is 47kms.

Dicky Beach cycling photos.

This is a breakdown of my normal bike route from Dicky Beach to Point Cartwright Lighthouse/The Spit and return.

  • Sector 1 - 8.7kms - Dicky Beach to Oceanside
  • Sector 2 - 7.0kms - Oceanside to Lighthouse carpark
  • Sector 3 - 7.0kms - Lighthouse carpark back to Oceanside
  • Sector 4 - 7.1kms - Oceanside back to Lighthouse
  • Sector 5 - 8.3kms - Lighthouse back to Oceanside via The Spit/Mouth of the Mooloolaba river.
  • Sector 6 - 8.7kms - Oceanside to Dicky Beach
  • A total of 46.8kms.

    Sightseeing around Hervey Bay.
    This route is 31kms.

    Hervey Bay cycling photos

    Sightseeing around Townsville.
    This route is 45kms.

    Townsville cycling photos