Monday 5th March 2012

I saw a Queen today, well sort of..

Today I met Matty and Cliff, my cycling mates, at 6:45am at North Rd kiosk. While riding to meet the boys, I first spotted the Queen Mary 2 off Black Rock, lit up like a Christmas tree, so I had to stop and take a photo. Next stop for a photo was at the Brighton Baths, it was getting closer to dawn. I arrived at my meeting spot and the boys were already there, so I took a few more photos, then we continued our ride along the beach bike path. Stopped again along Beaconfield Pde just past Kerferd Rd and took more photos. Got to Station Pier and there were hundreds of spectators watching the Queen do some reverse parking. We went over to Spuntino cafe, which is our normal cafe that we visit each Monday and Friday morning for breakfast, and ordered toasted bacon and eggs sangas. They were yumma
After brekky, the Queen was finally docked, so I took a few more photos. Radio 3AW was broadcasting from an adjacent pier, I saw Ross Stevenson and John Brynes Melbourne's top rating DJs.

Photo highlights of today's ride.

Off Black Rock about 6:10am.

off Point Ormond near Elwood about 6:50am.

Off Beaconfield Pde near Kerferd Rd about 7:10am.

Cliff and Matty waiting for me to stop taking photos.

Off Station Pier about to reverse in.

She is beautiful.

Station Pier from Spuntino cafe. Our brekky place.

Another view of Station Pier.

Matty and Cliff.

What's at the end of the street? Queen Mary 2.

Princes and Beach Sts, Port Melbourne.

3AW in full voice.

My trusted Treadley that doesn't go on trips. My stay at home bike.

Ross Stevenson - Melbourne's top rating DJ.

Is my bum big? Yep.

HMAS Yarra protecting the Queen.

The Tassie Boat is dwarfed by the Queen.

Zamaria is the fuel boat, filling up the Queen.

Another comparison photo.

Another comparison photo.

Another comparison photo.

View from Beaconfield Pde near Kerferd Rd.

St Kilda marina.

Zoomed in from St Kilda marina.

Tassie boat leaving port.

Another long shot.

Taken from Elwood.