Some of my riding photos while staying at Beechworth, Vic in 2010.

Location Bike Date Distance
Beechworth Merida Dakar 660 Fri 12th Mar 2010 17.56km Beechworth - Rail Trail to Diffey Rd Bridge and back - 25deg 8kph SSE.
Total kms ridden: 17.56kms

During the afternoon while Marg read her book, using our latest toys (we both have recently bought Amazon Kindles), I went cycling along the Beechworth Rail Trail. I planned to ride to Everton about 15kms away. I met a couple who were returning from their ride, so after a brief chat (about 10 minutes), I decided to ride to Diffey Rd Bridge, due to the return trip being mostly uphill. In the end, I rode to the Diffey Rd bridge and back, the trail away from Beechworth was mainly downhill, the scenery was beautiful and green, the cattle were grazing on the hillsides. It was very peaceful. Apart from the couple, I passed one other rider. Back at camp, I had a couple of chilled refreshers and had an early night, while Marg watched her TV serials.

Views from the Rail Trail.

Only 73kms to Bright. I didn't go.

Beechworth Station.

Lake Sambell CP.