Some of my photos while riding my Jells Park loop in 2014.

I usually met up with Matty (my former workmate) at North Rd, Brighton around 7;15am and continue upto Spuntino at Station Pier for brekky (Egg and Bacon sanga washed down with a coffee). After brekky, Matty peels off to work at Queensbridge St just near the Crown Casino, while I continue onto the Gardiners Creek trail(GCT). I cross over the Monash Freeway at the East Malvern station. I continue along the GCT to Warrigal Rd and ride over the overpass to join the Scotchmans Creek Trail(SCT). Continuing along the SCT and turning right at Forster Rd and head along the bike path near Legana St, making my way to Whites Lane. From Whites Lane to Jells Park there are some bloody awful hills. My body is definitely not built for hills. At Jells Park, I usually stop for a banana and drink. I then follow the shared paths and turn onto the Dandy Creek trail and head through Dandenong. Crossing over the Princes Hwy in Dandy then continue along the Dandenong Creek Trail the whole way to the mouth of the Patterson River in Carrum, where I stop and eat another banana, then rode along the shared path (Long Beach Trail) that runs along behind the houses all the way back to home.
My ride is just over 103kms.

A beautiful morning at Elwood.

The Yarra river ducklings are now nearly fully grown.

Crossing the freeway near MacRobbo bridge.

My old school(St Kevins). Back in the distant past (1971)
I had my cadet passing out parade on that oval.

As I rode over the East Malvern station overpass,
the golfers were out in force.

The view from the Warrigal Rd overpass.

Entering Jells Park.

Near the Dandy Ck and Eastlink trails, I saw Bugs.

Near the Dandy Basketball stadium.

Dandy Ck trail near Clow St, Dandy.

Along the Dandy Ck trail near the sewerage farm.

Approaching the National Water Sport centre.

Am I back on the Gold Coast? I don't think so.

It was good to see that George came to say "Hi".
He appears to be a tad smaller than his Gold Coast brothers.

Dredging the mouth of the Patterson river.

The shared path bridge crossing the Patterson river at Carrum.

The view riding along the north side of the Patterson river.

The Long Beach trail which runs along the Wetlands to Mordy Creek.