Mount Isa, Qld - 11th June 2009
My riding adventures.

Sorry - no photos.

Location Bike Date Distance
Mount Isa Merida Dakar 660 Thu 11th June 2009 7.80km 22.0kph Mt Isa - to Pickerings Nissan and back.
Total kms ridden: 7.80kms

I set the alarm for 7am today, as I had to take the mighty Navara to the Nissan dealer for its 40,000kms service. I got there at 7:15 and by the time I had untied my bike from the back, a lady had beaten me to the service reception, so I was second. As Pickerings Nissan had done the right thing for me by fitting the car in for its service, the least I could do was have it ready for them first thing in the morning. I rode my bike back to camp all 1.4km away, that's why we are staying at Copper City CP, it is so close to the Nissan dealer.
I arrived back at camp about 7:35am and naturally, Marg was still asleep. While we are carless today, I plan to try and update our website with photos, because I am getting behind. Marg noticed that there is a courtesy bus to the clubs, so she is at the Irish Club, playing the Pokies. Update: Marg lost.
About 3:30pm, I received a text from the dealer, the car is ready, cost $863, I was very happy with the cost. I rode my bike down to the dealers and picked up the mighty Navara.