Some of my riding photos while staying at Southport, Qld in 2014.

We stay at Broadwater Tourist Park, Southport, where Marg and I have a permanent booking for August and September.
I headed out the park, and turned north along the shared path, which took me the whole way to Lands End, which is my Northern turnaround point. Back along the shared path past Charis Seafoods(Labrador) that is where George and ALL his mates hang out. Around 1:30pm an employee comes out and feeds them, all their fish scraps. Sometimes I manage to be there at feeding time, and are amazed by the 100 odd Georges (Pelicans). I love it. It is a BIG tourist attraction, there would have been over 100 Asian tourists plus ME. I continue on the shared path, back past my Caravan Park and past the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, where this year's Pan Pacs Swimming championships were held on August 21st for 4 days, Marg and I got tickets for the first 2 days 'Heats'. Continued on past the Cafe Rockpool, past Australia Fair Shopping Centre over the Nerang river and past the Southport Yacht Club, where I crossed over Seaworld Drive and continue along the shared path, past the Southport SLSC. Onto Main Beach parade until The Narrows where the shared path starts again. Follow it the whole way past the highrises of Surfer to Laycock St. This is where the shared path ends and I turnaround and retrace my route back to the Southport SLSC and then follow the coastal track (Federation Walk) to the Gold Coast Seaway aka The Spit. Here I stop and look for whales or just take in the magic vistas. Depending what mood I am in, I either ride back along the Federation Walk which is the gravel coastal track or I ride along the bitumen Seaworld Drive, back to Marina Mirage where I retrace my route back past the Southport YC, over the excellent (new) shared path bridge over the Nerang River, stopping at Cafe Rockpool for a coffee and choccy Mudcake before doing a lap of our Caravan park to check out the number of vacant sites and whose there etc.
This is my normal route approx 36kms and I love it.

My normal route from our Park to Lands End back down to Surfers out to The Spit and back to Camp.

Looking towards Southport - taken from #4 on above map.

The beach at Surfers - taken from #8 on above map.

At Surfers looking North - taken from #8 on above map.

Some of Surfers' Highrises - taken from #8 on above map.

The countdown clock to the 2018 Commonwealth games - taken near Cavill Mall.

The view at The Narrows looking towards Surfers - taken from #9 on above map.

My view while relaxing at the end of The Spit - taken from #10 on above map.

Still some spray around - taken from #10 on above map.

The Seaworld boat going out looking for Whales.

I wish I had a fishing line - taken near #11 on above map.

The heliport at the Marina - taken from #11 on above map.

Sassafras moored at the end of the Marina Mirage. - taken from #11 on above map.

This is where the Pan Pacs will be held in 2 weeks time. Marg and I will be there - taken from #5 on above map.

I just had to add George and his mates - taken from #2 on above map.

Maybe another one. Sorry. I do love my Georges - taken from #2 on above map.

The view from Land's End towards Labrador, Southport and in the far distant, Surfers.

A flock of Georges about 200 meters offshore.

The 'real old fart' aka Dad arrives at our meeting spot.

Views from the shared path heading towards Surfers.

At Cavill Mall in Surfers.

A view from the gravel shared path.

The concrete shared path behind the Sheraton Mirage Resort.

During a ride I came across the Police training their newbies how to handle their Quads.

At The Narrows - construction of the grandstands for the Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercars.

I became very friendly with the Griffith Uni students that were counting the whales as they past The Spit.

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre where Marg and I watched 2 days of the Pan Pacs swimming.

On very rare occasions, I had a coffee and maybe a choccy mudcake at Cafe Rockpool in the Broadwater Parklands.

Sometimes in Paradise, it did rain. Actually, it rained more than last year. That is the new shared path over the Nerang river.

Some days it did cut up rough.

The new Gold Coast tram.

The day the Premier came to visit.

Another day it cut up rough, we did have plenty of wind during our stay.

I do love my Georges (named after Cardinal George Pell(ican)... Get it).