Some of my riding photos while staying at Dicky Beach.

We stay at Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park, where Marg and I have a permanent booking for July.
I ride out of the CP, and head North along a shared path then a few back streets, more shared paths and back streets and after 16kms I arrived at Point Cartwright. This is a bluff probably 50 meters high with the Lighthouse built on the point. I usually ride down the hill to the end of the seawall at the mouth of the Mooloolah river, where I sit on the steps of the beacon and take photos and take in the beautiful vistas. On the way back to camp, I usually stop at Coco's Beach Cafe, located about 100 meters from the beach at Currimundi Lake, for a coffee and sometimes their magnificent Rum and Raisin ice cream. If I don't stop here, Marg and I have been known to walk across the road from our Caravan Park to the 'world famous' Dicky Beach shopping strip and have a coffee there.
The weather during our stay usually has a temp range from 10° to 30° with maximum wind gusts ranging from 15kph to 72kph.
My ride consists of 2 distances; the short ride of 32kms or the longer ride of approx 46kms.
My highlight of this ride was while sitting at the beacon at the mouth of the Mooloolah river, I noticed 2 whales about 150 meters away. I rode back to the Lighthouse where I could look 'down' on them. They got about 50 meters from shore before slowly heading out to sea.

This is a breakdown of my normal bike route from Dicky Beach to Point Cartwright Lighthouse/The Spit and return.

  • Sector 1 - 8.7kms - Dicky Beach to Oceanside
  • Sector 2 - 7.0kms - Oceanside to Lighthouse carpark
  • Sector 3 - 7.0kms - Lighthouse carpark back to Oceanside
  • Sector 4 - 7.1kms - Oceanside back to Lighthouse
  • Sector 5 - 8.3kms - Lighthouse back to Oceanside via The Spit/Mouth of the Mooloolaba river.
  • Sector 6 - 8.7kms - Oceanside to Dicky Beach

A total of 46.8kms.

Your typical sunny morning.

Georges are always nearby to welcome me.

At Point Cartwright looking towards Caloundra.

At Point Cartwright looking towards Caloundra.

Looking towards Alexandra Headland.

Thursday must be a surfers holiday.

The highlight of my Dicky Beach riding, was spotting the whales.

The whales, first noticed while at the Beacon.

Taken from the Lighthouse bluff.

Taken from the Lighthouse bluff, about 50 meters offshore.

The Birdman of Point Cartwright.

Just about to get airborne.

He flew up and back many times.

How nice are these waves.

The Pilot boat leaves Mooloolaba.

Another beautiful morning in 'sunny' QLD.

My turnaround beacon at the end of the Mooloolah river at Mooloolaba.

The wind was blowing offshore, holding up the waves. Very pretty.

Pandanus trees are very common along the coastal paths.

2 ships about to crash headon. Maybe not.

From the mouth of the Mooloolah river looking at Point Cartwright.

Looking towards Mooloolaba.

My trusty treadley at the mouth of the Mooloolah river.

I saw this sign on the shared paths.

The whale watchers are off into the 'wild' blue yonder.

This dude never got past the mouth, he turned around. Smart decision.

Just another magic shot, looking towards Noosa.

A plane arriving on the Sunshine Coast.

I had to stop for this dude.

Kawana SLSC.

A pandanus tree with heaps of fruit.

Part of the shared path.

Shared path in 2012. (no concrete just dirt).

Same path in 2014 - concrete was laid when I was here this time last year. Very smooth to ride on.

I was nearly 'killed' by this Attack Blue Tongue lizard that brought me to a stop.

My stress has left me. Coco'c Beach cafe is ready for me.

I had to 'fight' for a table. Maybe not.

Nearly home, another 'pearler' of a day.

The sand is blowing everywhere, the waves are being held up by the strong offshore breeze.

Our camp at Dicky Beach.

A Pictorial of my ride on Friday 17th July 2015.

Photo 1
The start - Our van is on the right.

Photo 2
The shared path through our Caravan Park.

Photo 3
Left is the CP and turn over the bridge and away.

Photo 4
Through Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

Photo 5
This bridge features in a lot of my photos.

Photo 6
Through the shared path, nearly overgrown.

Photo 7
Heading towards Currimundi lake.

Photo 8
The sandbank at low tide in Currimundi lake.

Photo 9
Past Coco's cafe on the left at Currimundi Lake.

Photo 10
It pays to stay on the shared path OR Kaboom.

Photo 11
Currimundi Lake from the Nicklin Way bridge.

Photo 13
The shared path beside the north edge of the Lake.

Photo 14
Heading North beside the Conservation Park.

Photo 15
Heading East beside the Conservation Park.

Photo 16
This path was sealed last year.

Photo 17
Heading North along Oceanic Dve South.

Photo 18
Heading West to Nicklin Way.

Photo 19
Heading North on the shared path beside Nicklin Way.

Photo 20
Heading East along Beach Dve.

Photo 21
Heading North along Oceanic Dve North.

Photo 22
Approaching Kawana SLSC.

Photo 23
Heading North along Pacific Blvd.

Photo 24
Heading for those High Rise in the distance.

Photo 25
This is the Lighthouse carpark.

Photo 26
This is the Lighthouse area where I take my photos.

Photo 27
Down the hill and around to the Spit.

Photo 28
The Beacon at the Spit.