Some of my riding photos while staying at Hervey Bay in 2014.

We stayed at the Scarness Beachfront CP.
I headed west along the shared path to the end (approx 8kms) to my turnaround point at Gatakers Bay, then retraced the path back past out Caravan Park heading towards Hervey Bay Marina (my other turnaround point) and then back to camp. A total of 31kms.

My western turnaround point at Gatakers Bay. (top of the map).

A section of the shared path near Point Vernon.

One of the beautiful views.

These markers are placed every 500 meters and each one is sponsored.

Another part of the path.

The entrance to our Caravan park.

Are we there yet? Nearly.

Urangan Pier's info sign.

A lucky photo of George the Pelican catching a fish.
(or am I just a brilliant photographer?)

George in flight.

Who are you looking at, kid.

Another brilliant shot. (but I am biased).
I love Georges or have you already come to that conclusion.

My turnaround around point at Hervey Bay marina.

This is what Marg does while I am riding. She looks happy and relaxed.