Sandown Leisurefest - 2008-2011.
My 4 years of towing our Fiver over 500 laps of the
Sandown International Motor Raceway.

Mid September 2008, Phil (owner of Trailblazers RV) rang me and asked if I wanted to take our rig to Sandown and do laps of the motor racing circuit, taking prospective customers with me. Being a petrolhead from way back, I immediately agreed. When would I ever get another chance for 'Joe Public' to drive around the Sandown racetrack, probably never.
This was the routine for each of the 4 years that I did it.

Wednesday afternoon, I took our rig to Sandown and left it overnight at the rear of the pits.
Thursday morning at 8am, I arrived at the track, showed my exhibitor's pass to the security guard and I was allowed to drive into the back of the pit area. Parked the mighty Navara at the back of the pits and walked up to the front of the pits to speak to whoever was running the show. The 'testing of caravans, motorhomes and 5th Wheelers' section of the show was run by the Tow-ed company (
There were motorhomes, caravans of differing sizes and Fifth wheelers. The caravans and tugs were supplied by various Caravan manufacturers, tugs supplied by Jeep, Ford, Nissan and Toyota.

The format of the my 4 days was:
8:00am - Arrive at track and hitch up my rig, as I drove our tug home each night.
10:30am - Drivers briefing - max speed on track was 90kph, in pit area 40kph with hazard lights on etc.
11:00 to 4:00pm - Drive laps of the track, taking various customers with me.
4:45pm - walk over to the Trailblazers RV stand and inform Phil about my day, tell him what a great salesman I am.
5:15pm - Leave Sandown for home.

During the 4 Sandown Leisurefest shows, I had an absolute ball and drove approx 500 laps of the racetrack in total.

2008 - Sandown Leisurefest - 2nd to 5th October.
2009 - Sandown Leisurefest - 1st to 4th October.
2010 - Sandown Leisurefest - 30th Sept to 3rd Oct.
2011 - Sandown Leisurefest - 6th to 9th October.

Videos of the 2011 weekend.

Lap of Sandown - side view - Highlights - 1 min 25 sec.
Lap of Sandown - side view - Full version - 4 min 05 sec.
Lap of Sandown - front view - Highlights - 2 min 38 sec.
Lap of Sandown - front view - Full version - 9 min 21 sec.
Coming through the Esses at Sandown - 1 min 37 sec.