Day 95 - Tuesday 25th July 2017.

Lukey and family arrived at Dicky Beach - Dicky Beach Day 7.

I have been sleeping like a log, and woke about 7:15am, and laid in bed listening to radio, while Marg slept on. About 8:00am, we watched "Sunrise" then slowly got ourselves organised.
Marg ran out of wool, so back to Spotlight again, then over to Muffin Break for a coffee and then back to camp and wait for Lukey to arrive. I organised to get the cabin key and boomgate code, Peter gave it to me. They arrive about 11:00am. During the day, we all drove over to Caloundra shopping centre and then back to camp, walked along the beach. Mase and Mont played on the sand before we walked out on the rocks. The tide was going out.

Dinner was hamburgers and fish n chips from Clancys over the road. They were yumma.

Tomorrow, we are all off to Australia Zoo. A big day.

Jo took this photo. She asked Mase to pack his bag and this is what he packed. Just beautiful.

Day 96 - Wednesday 26th July 2017.

A day at Australia Zoo - Dicky Beach Day 8.

Today, we all visited the Australian Zoo.

We are sleeping better, but today, we were woken by the alarm at 6;30am. We got ourselves organised and drove over to Lukey's cabin as we were leaving at 8:10am. We arrived at Oz Zoo at 8:50am and were one of the first to enter, when the gates opened at 9:00am. We walked all over the zoo and saw nearly the complete zoo. Marg and I left the zoo about 2:00pm, as we were absolutlely knackered.

It was cool in the morning and a lot of animals were still in sleep mode.

Dinner was the leftover chicken sangas that we had for lunch. They were yumma.

Tomorrow, we are off to Strawberry Fields, Bellingham maze, Montville, Maleny cheese and Mary CairnCross cafe. Another BIG day.

It helps to get there before it opens.

The Irwins with Mase.

Mase and Lukey with the Macaws.

Fijian crested iguana.

Rhino Iguana (only his mum would love him).

Sleeping beauty?? No, a Tasmanian Devil.

This guy was very active.

Check out the baby koala.

Albino Burmese python.

Story time - Lukey loved it.

Marg showing Mase how to feed roos.

He tries with help.

"I wasn't really scared to feed him".

They are 'eyeballing' each other.

Eat it! "stop eyeballing me".

Shock, horror.. this dude was asleep.



Ian flew in to see his cousin.

Guineafowl and Ian's cousin "Glossy".

Green python.

My favourite snake.

A fierce snake.. I love them.

His mate. There were 2 on display.

The Croc show.

The Croc show.

The Croc show plus the 'ringin'.

The Croc show.

The Croc show.

You wouldn't look happy either, if Marg sat on your nose.

Tiger Island.

Tiger Island.

A nice Boa Constrictor.

Day 97 - Thursday 27th July 2017.

Touring the Sunshine Coast Hinterland - Dicky Beach Day 9.

Today, we all visited Strawberry Fields, Bellingham maze, Montville, Maleny cheese, Mary CairnCross lookout.

At least we could sleep in a bit this morning, as we weren't leaving Lukey's cabin until 9:00am. We slept well until 7:30am, then got up, had brekky and got ourselves organised. We drove over to Lukey's cabin and left a little after 9:00am.

As I had loaded all locations into my GPS, Lukey followed me. We arrived at Strawberry Fields about 18kms away, while Lukey and family picked strawberries, Marg and I sat under the balcony overlooking the strawberry fields. They picked 2 kilos, while Marg and I had coffee and I bought a kilo of straws. It was easier on my back. Mase and Mont loved picking straws.

Next port of call was Bellingham Maze about 13kms away.
Here we played mini golf and walked through the mazes. Mase with help from Lukey was beating me for most of the 18 holes. Mont plaed very well. The mazes were great fun, BUT they were about 6feet high, so Lukey and I could see over the top, which we did, BUT it was still good fun.

Next port of call was Montville about 22kms away.
Jo wanted to take a photo of Mont in front of the "Welcome to Montville", the only problem was, that we couldn't find the sign. I don't think there is one, we drove from one end of town to the other.

Next port of call was Maleny cheese about 10kms away.
We pulled up to the factory, just as the workers had finished production for today, so we didn't see any of the workers actually working. Bugger. SO we bought some cheese and continued onto our lunch spot.

Next port of call was Mary CairnCross cafe about 3kms away.
We arrived here about 2pm for a latee lunch, we were starving. We had lunch, which consisted of Burgers, steak sanga, pies and fish n chips. They were yumma. The cafe had just opened this week after being renovated. It looks very nice and the view of the Glasshouse mountains is still stunning. After lunch and a few photos of the Glasshouse mountains, we headed homeward about 31kms away.

It was another excellent day, but tiring for these 2 old farts.

Dinner was strawberries, ice cream and the last of the leftover chicken sangas. They were yumma.

Tomorrow, it is a day of rest, probably take the grandkids to the beach etc.

At Strawberry Fields.

At Strawberry Fields.

At Strawberry Fields.

At Strawberry Fields.

Bellingham Maze & Mini golf.

Bellingham Maze & Mini golf.

Glasshouse Mountains.

Mount Beerwah.

Great view at Mary Cairncross reserve.

Day 98 - Friday 28th July 2017.

Minding the Grandkids - Dicky Beach Day 10.

Today, Lukey took Jo out for brekky in Noosa, SO Marg and I minded the grandkids.

We slept well and got up at 7:00am and after getting dressed and having brekky, we walked over to Lukey's cabin to mind the grandkids. Lukey and Jo left just after we arrived and we entertained Mont and Mase. We started off playing around their cabin and then walked over to 'Reelax at Dicky' for a coffee. Mase had toasted raisin bread and water, Mont, Marg and I had a small choccy mud cake. It was yumma.

After 'pigging out' we walked back to their cabin, where Mont and Marg are into painting rocks and Mase and I walked over to the caravan park's playground. It would be the BEST playground that I have seen and Mase absolutely loved it. So much that we spent nearly 3 hours there, Mase had a few slides and swings BUT spent most of his time playing in the HUGE sand pit. We were there so long, that Lukey arrived back at camp and surprised Mase.

During the arvo, we retreated back to the safety of our fiver, when about 4pm, Mase walked into the fiver with Jo and we joined them back at their cabin, before walking next door to the Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving club for dinner. We had a few chilled refreshers before ordering dinner just after 5pm. br>
Dinner was salmon, parmas and steak. All meals were very yumma.

Tomorrow, Lukey and Jo head back home and Marg and I will sleep.

No photos OR riding today.

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