Day 120 - Sunday 13th July 2014.

Enjoying ourselves in Dicky Beach - Day7.

This morning was a cold, (2.4°), cloudless, blue sky. We didn't wake until 7:30am and laid in bed watching Weekend Sunrise. When we did eventually get up and organised, we went for a walk along the beach. We headed north past what's left of the SS Dicky, it is quickly rusting away. I have posted 3 photos that I took in 2008, 2012 and today. We continued along the beach upto the dog area, all dogs that we saw were very well behaved, unlike our beautiful Lazza when he was alive. At the end of our walk, we just happen to stop in our little shopping strip at 'Reelax in Dicky' cafe for a coffee and cake.
Back at camp for lunch, while Marg continued doing her crochetting, I rode to Point Cartwright Lighthouse ( my normal route), it was windy and a bit chilly, but I coped.
Riding details: Today 33kms, Dicky Beach total for 7 rides: 232kms.
The rest of the arvo was spent just buggering about.

We walked over to 'Reelax in Dicky' for fish n chips, they were YUMMA.

Tomorrow we are back to our 'norm' (Go somewhere in the morning, lunch at camp, in the arvo, I will ride and Marg will do her thing).

A typical morning at Dicky Beach.

Today's beach report.

Marg posing.

A very beautiful beach.

SS Dicky.

Ian came to say "Hi" to us.

Our little shopping strip at Dicky Beach.

On my ride today, the surfers were at Point Cartwright.

On my ride today, the surfers were at Point Cartwright.

On my ride today, the surfers were at Point Cartwright.

Day 121 - Monday 14th July 2014.

Enjoying ourselves in Dicky Beach - Day8.

This morning was cool, (12.6°) and cloudy with rain threatening. We didn't wake until 7:00am and laid in bed watching Sunrise. Marg mentioned about 8:30am that I should go riding this morning, so after checking the radar, I headed off on my normal ride, I did stop and put on my wet weather jacket, not for rain, but to combat the wind chill.
Riding details: Today 33kms, Dicky Beach total for 8 rides: 265kms.
After my ride, I showered and we walked over the road and had a coffee and bought some schnitzels from the butchers for dinner tonight. As we walked to camp, we were tooted and as I looked around, we were very surprised to see that our friends Bob and Val had just arrived at our Caravan Park. During the arvo, I helped Bob set up his new annex, it looks great with its extra little room for his bikes and fridge. Around 4pm, I managed a nanna nap.

Marg cooked the schnitzel with vegies, they were very YUMMA.

Tomorrow we are off to the medical centre to have a 'whooping cough' injection, as our DIL is expecting.

A change arrived overnight.

Today's beach report - choppy and windy and cool.

There were 4 surfers out today. Keen.

It looks cool and it was.

Some people have to work anyway.

A rough day with gusts upto 44kph onshore breeze.

Day 122 - Tuesday 15th July 2014.

Enjoying ourselves in Dicky Beach - Day9.

Last night was warmish with a minimum of 13.8°, cloudy with rain threatening. We didn't wake until 7:15am and laid in bed watching Sunrise. We had a doctor's appointment at 10am at the Kawana Waters medical centre for our 'whooping cough' injection. We got there about 20 minutes early, filled out our medical history, read our books for nearly an hour before seeing the doctor, who wrote a script for each of us and then we walked next door to Terry White Chemist to have the script filled and then back to the 'treatment room' to be jabbed. The nurse who jabbed us, asked us to come back in 20 minutes to see if there were any problems, so we had a coffee at Michels and then saw the nurse. All good. We did some food shopping and then back to camp where we had lunch.
After lunch, I went riding and left Marg at camp. When I returned, the fiver was locked up like 'fort knox' and no keys anywhere. Mine were hanging up inside, so I took a punt and went over to 'our club', hoping that Marg was playing the pokies. Picture this, you are seated, enjoying yourself playing the pokies, when a tall, lycra clad old fart walks through the pokies area, up to a woman who gives him a set of keys and then he leaves. That's enough to put you off playing the pokies for life.

Back at camp with the keys, I showered and Marg wandered back a little later. She lost, back to normal. Later in the arvo, Bob and Val called in, so we had a chat and a drink, before they left and we had dinner.

Dinner was McCains frozen pizza. It was yumma.

Tomorrow is BINGO at 'our club', Val will be joining us.

Today's weather photo.

Another dude heading out to work.

I didn't know that it was a holiday. The surfers were out in force.

Day 123 - Wednesday 16th July 2014.

Bingo Day - Dicky Beach - Day10.

We awoke at 7:20am to a cool, (9.6°) to an overcast sky, we stayed in bed watching Sunrise, before getting up about 7:45am.
Today is Bingo Day at our 'Club', so we buggered about camp until 8:45am, when we walked next door to the Dicky Beach SLSC through light drizzle. I paid $56 for 2 full sets and an extra $2 for a bowl of chips served at interval. Today Val joined us and will be joining us for the next 2 Bingos. Marg went very well, she had 2 wins ($37), I got close but no cigar. Val won the last game $25, so she lost $4 for the day, while we lost $21, so for our 2 weeks of bingos we have lost $32.

After Bingo, we were back at camp by 12:00pm ish and had lunch, I then went riding (same route as yesterday), while Marg buggered about at camp. I arrived back a little after 2:30pm and watched the rain clouds approach us. Riding details: Today 33kms, Dicky Beach total for 10 rides: 330kms. The rain hit just after 3pm and lasted a few minutes and dumped about 7mm on us. There was water flowing everywhere, but we were high and dry ish. Marg's front room had some water flow through but the fridge and electricials were high and dry.

Dinner was spag bolognese, it was yumma.

Tomorrow Marg has a hair appointment.

Today's weather photo.

The old man of the sea returns to port.

No surfers were sighted today.

A nice view.

George and his mate were there to see me ride past.

Yes, it did rain today.

Day 124 - Thursday 17th July 2014.

Enjoying ourselves in Dicky Beach - Day11.

Shock horror, I slept in until 7:45am (Unbelieveable), Marg got up before me, a first. Marg had a hair appointment at 10am, so as the weather was sunny and warm ish, I went riding. My usual route to the Point Cartwright Lighthouse, left about 9:15am and got back a bit after 11am. Riding details: Today 33kms, Dicky Beach total for 11 rides: 363kms.

When I arrived back from riding, Marg was still over the road at the hairdressers, so I quickly showered and walked over to her, she was just finishing, so I waited and then we had a coffee at Reelax at Dicky and bought pies for lunch. We spent most of the arvo sitting outside, I am reading John Grisham's Sycramore Row, as usual a brilliant read, while Marg had her 'dentist drill' out doing some skin polishing on a boulder opal specimen. I did get caught up talking to some neighbours and they talk more than me, so it took awhile to get away from them. I then went and laid on the bed reading, but fell asleep.

Dinner was Fish n chips from Reelax at Dicky. The fish is fresh daily and absolutely YUMMA.

Tomorrow we are back to our 'norm' (Go somewhere in the morning, lunch at camp, in the arvo, I will ride and Marg will do her thing).

After yesterday's quick rain squall, the 'channel' was carved through the sandbank.

Today's weather photo.

A beautiful wave, so clear.

This dude paddled past me at the mouth of the Mooloolah river.

And joined his mates.

When the weather is good, it is Paradise.

Compare this photo to yesterdays (above), just a tad better.

Day 125 - Friday 18th July 2014.

Enjoying ourselves in Dicky Beach - Day12.

Back to normal at night, I awoke about 6:45am and Marg slept until after 7am. We watched Sunrise and heard about the plane being blown up. After getting ourselves organised we drove to Kawana Waters SC for a coffee and some food supplies. The forecast was for Huey to blow like buggery. Coming back to camp, it was a tad windy and when we got back, I decided to drop the awning and sides. It was a good decision, as the awning had just started to part company with the antiflap bars, so with Marg's help we did it without any damage. More than I can say about out neighbour 4 vans away, his awning is ripped and buggered, he wasn't there and someone tried to save it but it was too late. During this period, there were some very strong gusts (72kph).

After lunch, the wind had moderated to gusts of 59kph, I decided to go for a ride. It wasn't dangerous, the paths had debris everywhere, but I rode to the conditions (slowly). On the beach, the sand was blowing everywhere, the waves were held up by the very strong offshore breeze. It was a real bugger riding home from Point Cartwright Lighthouse as it was into the gale.

Dinner was nachos. YUMMA.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Eumundi Markets in the morning.

Today's weather photo.

This shows the strength of the wind.

This guy surprised me by going out with a strong offshore wind.

Hopefully, he returned safely.

Check the spray.

The paths had plenty of wind blown debris.

Day 126 - Saturday 19th July 2014.

Visited Eumundi Markets - Dicky Beach - Day13.

We both awoke just after 6am and laid in bed listening to the radio(Weekend Sunrise starts at 7am). We got up and had brekky, got organised and left camp about 7:45am and headed to Eumundi Markets about 50kms away. We arrived at the Markets about 8:30am, paid the $5 for car parking and walked around every stall and took a mental note of the Fudge shop. Two years ago, we bought 2 photographs from Adam Gromley photography, so when I saw him in his stall, we stopped and chatted for a few minutes, before continuing on our walk. We stopped at the egg and bacon sanga shop and had 2 plus a coffee, before checking out the rest of the stalls. On our way back to the mighty Navara, we just happen to arrive at the Fudge shop, $20 lighter we left the Fudge shop and the Eumundi Markets.

Back at camp, the wind had died down, so we set up our awning with the ends again. After lunch, I went riding, my usual route to Point Cartwright Lighthouse. The highlight of today's ride was seeing the 2m python in the tree less than 1 meter from the bike path. It had eaten something recently and was just 'resting' in the tree. It was amazing, I will see if it is nearby tomorrow.
We had happy hour with Val and Bob, it was a good time, as usual.

Dinner was wraps and very yumma.

Tomorrow we are back to our 'norm' (Go somewhere in the morning, lunch at camp, in the arvo, I will ride and Marg will do her thing).

Today's weather photo.

The waves were good.

Some surfers were having fun.

Not the biggest waves.

This surprised me. Check its belly.

This surprised me. Check its belly.

The 'new' Marg (haircut).

It pays to get there early.

As we were leaving the crowds were building.

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