Day 13 - Friday 28th March 2014.

Visiting Marg's sister in Hospital.

Due to the cyclonic conditions, well my thoughts anyway, between 6pm and 6am, the wind ranged from 24 to 61kph and we had 90mm of rain. I didn't sleep well, because I should have rolled up the awning, but I didn't, so with every gust I awoke etc, then the sound of the rain pounding on the roof, didn't help. I got up about 6:30am and as the rain had temporarily stopped, I rolled up the awning, as the forecast was for more wind and rain and also we are visiting Marg's sister Liz in Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brissy.
We left home about 9:00am to pick up one of Marg's brother and sister, who flew in last night. We drove to Victoria Point, had coffee with the rels and then headed off to Hossy. Marg, sister and brother visited Liz, while I was in the hospital lounge on my laptop. I don't do hospitals, as in I faint, and that isn't a pleasant sight.
Due to the seriousness of Liz's condition, Marg is staying in an apartment in Brisbane with 3 of her siblings, to be close at call. I left them at 4:30pm to drive back to the Gold Coast, unexpectedly, the traffic flowed well and I was back camp about 6pm, after stopping for Maccas for dinner. Well Marg is away for the night.

Tomorrow, I will probably go for a ride and Marg is ringing me with an update around lunchtime.

Day 14 - Saturday 29th March 2014.

Marg is at Liz's bedside.

Marg stayed in Brisbane last night with some of her siblings, they had flown here from Melbourne, to kept a bedside vigil with Liz, who was on life support. That life support was turned off this morning, Liz is still hanging in there. I was back at camp, waiting for any news. I did ride this morning.

Tomorrow, it is 'play it by ear' depending on what Marg tells me.

Day 15 - Sunday 30th March 2014.

Marg is still at Liz's bedside.

Marg has stayed in Princess Alexandra's Hospital beside Liz's bed since Friday with her 3 siblings. Marg rang me, so I drove in to Hossy and picked her up at 8pm and brought her back to camp for a good night's sleep and a shower. Liz is still alive, but is not expected to last very long, but who knows as she is putting up a decent fight, so far.

Liz's condition has engulfed our life at present, which is only normal.

Tomorrow, it is 'play it by ear' depending on what Marg tells me.

Day 16 - Monday 31st March 2014.

Marg returns to Liz's bedside.

No change from Liz, her life support is off and she is breathing on her own.

Marg had a very good night's sleep and a beautiful shower, she is still tired but feels human again.
While she slept in, I did meet Dad and we went riding together, which was great.
After lunch, I drove Marg back to Liz's hospital, she will stay beside her again tonight. We arrived at 3:20pm, I dropped her off, headed back to the Gold Coast. Guess what, the traffic leaving Brisbane at 3:20pm, is not that bad, it took me 10 minutes longer than Tom estimated.

Marg will ring me tomorrow morning with an update on Liz.

Tomorrow, it is 'play it by ear' depending on what Marg tells me.

Day 17 - Tuesday 1st April 2014.

Marg leaves Liz's bedside.

No change from Liz, her life support is off and she is breathing on her own.

As Marg stayed at Liz's bedside overnight, I awoke at 6am and went riding. It was very pleasant. Marg rang about 8:30am and asked me to pick her up from the hossy at 11:00am. Marg will now stay back at camp and start preparing for Lukey's wedding on Sunday. She has a lot of sleep to catch up with. Today she did have a long sleep.

Tomorrow, it is 'play it by ear'.

Day 18 - Wednesday 2nd April 2014.

Marg catches up on her sleep.

Marg slept well overnight and this morning, while Dad and I rode. It was very pleasant.
Later in the day, we drove to Helensvale to book a hair appointment for Marg for Sunday morning. Luke rang me and said that he needed me and my truck on Friday to take the various bits and pieces to the reception centre. We are getting organised for Sunday's wedding.

Tomorrow, it is still 'play it by ear'.

Day 19 - Thursday 3rd April 2014.

Bec's birthday.

Marg slept well overnight and this morning, while Dad and I rode again. It was very pleasant.
Later in the day, we drove to Aus Fair and had lunch at the Cafe Mocchacino, the omelette was YUMMA and Marg's toasted sanga looked yumma. It was Bec's birthday, so we met at Pacific Pines Tavern for dinner, my chicken parma was YUMMA and so was Marg's Lamb cutlets.

Tomorrow, I am Luke's chaffeur.

Day 20 - Friday 4th April 2014.

Wedding preparations are on schedule.

No change from Liz.

Marg slept well overnight, we got up about 7am. No riding today, as I am too busy.
I was at Luke's at 9:00am to load the mighty Navara up with all their wedding bits and pieces. We had to call in at Mermaid Waters to pick up a bike, don't ask me why, I don't know. I will see it on Sunday. We arrived at Boomerang Farm about 10:45am and met the wedding organiser and unpacked the mighty Navara. Jodi met us there and Lukey and Jodi drove home together, while I tried to make some driving instructions for Dad, so he and mum won't get lost on Sunday. I arrived back at camp about 1pm, made lunch and then had a quick nanna nap, until Lukey awoke me with a phone call. He needed a lift to one of his mates hotel in Surfers. SO good ole dad, picked him up in 20 minutes and then left him at Crowne Plaza in Surfers with a slab of beer.
Luke isn't having a 'bucks night' as such, all his mates and partners are meeting at the Casino in Broadbeach to have a get together, so the partners can meet each other.

Shortly, I have to pick up Jay and Bec at 8pm and drive them to the Casino, where I will stay for ONE beer.

The Casino scene is no longer my idea of a good night, I am TOO OLD. I had one Premium Light stubby, while catching up with my boys' mates and partners. It was great to meet them again as some I haven't seen for 7 years, they hadn't really changed. After my beer, I said goodbye and headed back to camp, Lukey was now drinking water. They caught a taxi home.

Tomorrow is currently a rest day for me.

Day 21 - Saturday 5th April 2014.

Last day before the Wedding.

No change from Liz.

We slept well overnight, and were woken by a phone call, Paul and JJ were stanmding outside our fiver. They are here for Lukey's wedding. Paul and I walked over to the beach, where Paul took some photos of the scenery, the Broadwater was a 'mill pond'. It was at its best. After sitting on the bench seat gazing out over the Broadwater, sipping coffee, I drove the four of us in the mighty Navara to Cafe Moccachinos for brekky. I had my usual 3 egg omelette with ham and tomato (absolutely YUMMA), while the others all had scrambled eggs on toast. It was yumma too.

After brekky, Paul and JJ visited liz, while Marg and I stayed back at camp. Around lunchtime, I drove down to Miami to give Dad directions on how to get to his Grandsson's wedding. The normal 20 minute trip took 45 minutes, the traffic on the Gold Coast SUCKS BIG TIME.
The rest of the arvo was spent relaxing at camp, until we took Paul and JJ to our club (CSi - Club Southport Inc) for dinner. I had the mixed grill (last trip we had 6 dinners there and I had the mixed grill 6 times, at least I am not a creature of habit), Paul had the rib steak andd thee girls had garlic prawns. Everyone loved their meal, mine was YUMMA. After dinner we dropped Paul and JJ back to their apartment, which is very nice and just over the road from our Caravan Park.

We went to bed around 9:30pm, as tomorrow is the BIG WEDDING DAY.

Day 22 - Sunday 6th April 2014.

The WEDDING DAY has arrived.

We slept just OK overnight, it must be nerves or excitement or both. Lukey and Jodi have done 99% of the wedding arrangements and preparations. Marg and I leave camp at 9am.
  • 9:30am - Pick up cake.
  • 10:00am - Pick up Luke from his home
  • 10:15am - Drop Marg at Helensvale Westfield for Hair and Make-up appointments. (Paul and JJ will pick up Marg)
  • 10:30am - Pick up Jay from his home.
  • Drop off cake at Boomerang Farm (wedding venue).
  • the three of us are getting ready at the groomsman's apartment.
  • Drive the four of us (incl groomsman) to Boomerang Farm arrive by 2:15pm.
Mixed emotions today - Liz passed away about 9:15am - but Life must go on.

The Big Day has finally arrived.

We both didn't slept well. I don't think that we had brekky. We were at the Cheeseshop at 9:30am to pick up a part of the wedding cake (as the original cake maker's mum died earlier in the week) and the groomsman's grandmother also died during the week. Just unbelieveable. Three including Liz.

We then drove over to Lukes and picked him up with same last minute bits and pieces. Dropped Marg off at Helensvale Westfield for her hair appointment then an hour later a makeup appointment. Jenny pickeed Marg up and she got ready at her apartment and then jenny and Paul drove Marg to the Boomerang Farm Golf Club. After dropping Marg off at Helensvale, Lukey and I picked up his brother Jay(Bestman), then delivered the cake to Boomerang. We are all getting dressed at Stuie's (Groomsman) apartment, also a photographer was there taking photos of the boys getting ready.
After getting dressed, photographed and a few beers (not me, I am the chaffeuer) and watch the approaching storm, we got in the mighty Navara, just as the storm started to dump, we had no choice but to drive to the venue. Lukey watching the BOM radar, saying it will clear. As we drove past Pacific Fair, Huey dumped it on us, the roads were awash and the wipers could just manage, but at least the traffic was well behaved. We got 16mm in 14 minutes, by the time, we arrived at Boomerang Farm, it had stopped raining and it didn't rain again during the wedding. Even with the downburst, the ground absorbed it and really it was a problem, thankfully. As we drove into the reception carpark, Marg was already there, my sister and family had arrived, my only concern was Mum and Dad, but they arrived with Dad only doing ONE U turn upto the wrong road. SO I was happy as all my family had arrived safely. It was a 3pm wedding, the boys arrived at 2:15pm and the bride was fashionally late arriving at 3:20pm, but the traffic was the problem, Sure Jodi, we all believe that.

Jodi arrived in a '57' Chevy, bloody nice. The bridal party looked beautiful, well the girls and the pageboy did. I don't know about the boys. The Boomerang Farm is surrounded by rainforest, it is a very beautiful, peaceful venue. The ceremony was over the 1st fairway with a garden setting amongst the trees overlooking a flowing brook. In normal circumstances, Marg and I would be in the creek with our sieves, fossicking, but we thought we better not today. We all sat around on seats and benches watching the celebrant do her thing. After the ceremony, while the bridal party had photos taken, the guests stood, sat, drank, talked and some played games (skittles, croquet, bocce etc). After all this frivolity, we walked over to the barn where the rest of the wedding took place. The barn was built in 1902 and is a barn, it was magic (but I am probably a tad biased). The food was excellent, I even danced which is not my norm, everyone mingled which was great. The speeches given by Jay and Luke went for over 15 minutes and were very entertaining. I always think of our 2 sons as our 'little boys', but seeing them standing there giving their speeches, just shows that we have produced 2 lovely men.

In summary, the wedding was brilliant, due to the small numbers (59 adults, 3 children and 3 babies), the location was just magnificent, the food was a buffet which made people leave their seats, SO everyone mingled. Marg and I and my Mum and Dad could not be happier.

At approx 10:30pm, Marg and I drove the newlyweds back to Soul Apartments in Surfers, Mum and Dad drove Jay and Bec and after dropping off the newlyweds we drove jay and Bec home, while Mum and Dad drove back to their apartment in Miami. Marg and I finally got to bed about midnight, after a great day.
Some Wedding Photos.

Day 23 - Monday 7th April 2014.

Cleaning up after the wedding.

We slept into about 8am, well I did, but Marg appeared to be a tad 'unwell', so she stayed in bed and slept. I was due at Boomerang to collect the decorations etc, but Luke rang about 10am and wanted to come with me, so I collected everything. No Prob, I picked the newlyweds up and off to Boomerang we went. It looked a little different compared to last night. We collected our gear except for 2 golf umbrellas and a window frame. We drove back to theeir apartment and off loaded their gear. I dropped them back at Soul and returned to our camp, where I started to pack up the awning and walls and side. About 5:15pm, we drove over to Soul to see their 30th floor apartment, it was beautiful.

We were to meet the in laws for dinner at Surfers Sandbar, which we did and dinner was YUMMA.

When we got back to camp, I rang Mum and Dad and talked about the wedding, they loved it. It was their first grandchild's wedding. (We aren't expecting a second for awhile).

Day 24 - Tuesday 8th April 2014.

The Honeymooners leave Oz.

I set the alarm for 4:15am, I think we slept. We picked the newlyweds up at 5:00am from Soul in Surfers and drove them to Brisbane International Airport. As our boys work in Brissy and drive there daily, they suggested that we allow at least 2 hours, to cover any crashes etc. Typically and thank God, there were no holdups and the traffic flowed beautifully, so we arrived at 6:30am. We unpacked the newlyweds (they arrived safe and sound and are currently staying with our rels in San Diego for a week, before visiting New York(1 week), Vegas(1 week) and LA(1 week) before arriving back in Oz on Sunday 11th May).

After we left the Airport, we stopped at Victoria Point, to pick up one of Marg's sister (Rae) that had been with Liz since Fri 28th Mar. The three of us headed back to Luke's home where we unpacked and then we drove over to our CP to start transferring our clothes and other items that we need while house sitting, before putting our fiver in storage for 5 weeks. We did one load and then I went back and then completely packed up the fiver. there is more work involved in partilly emptying the fiver, because at home, we load it and then unload it completely, here we unloaded it, packed the mighty Navara and then drove 20kms to Luke's place, unloaded and then repeat the process. By the end of the day, the fiver was ready to go and I was absolutely stuffed. It had been a LONG day.

Marg cooked macaroni cheese for dinner. It was YUMMA.

Tomorrow, we take the fiver to Mr Caravan Storage and then pick up Marg's other sister.

Day 25 - Wednesday 9th April 2014.

Our fiver goes into storage.

Liz's funeral will be this Friday.

We slept well last night, I managed to sleep in until about 7am, while Marg and Rae managed a bit longer. After brekky, we drove back to our CP to pick up the fiver. At the park, we said our goodbyes to Ted and Sue, our neighbours, and will see them when we return on 3rd August for our yearly 7 week stay. Ted and Sue usually stay from Feb to Sep.
We left the CP and headed North along the Gold Coast Freeway turning off at Exit 49 and arriving at Mr Caravan Storage, where we spoke to Ben who showed us our spot. We were lucky to get a spot under screencloth. We paid the minumum amount of $180 for 5 weeks, which I was happy with. After we stowed the fiver, we headed back to Victoria Point to pick up Marg's other sister Fran, who also has been with Liz since Fri 28th March. We have invited both Marg's sisters to stay with us, until after Liz's funeral, to give them a bit of a break, after spending many, many hours at Liz's bedside.
We had lunch at the local bakery at Victoria Point, then the 3 'girls' wanted to go to Lincraft to buy some crochetting stuff, I have a feeling for the next few days, I will be well and truly out voted.

Back at Lukey's place, the girls made themselves at home and during the afternoon, while I was on the internet, the girls had the pool to themselves. Marg cooked roast lamb and vegies in our Turbo Oven. Needless to say, it was YUMMA. While I had a few chilled refreshers, the girls had bubbly and beer. It was a good night.

Tomorrow, we are back at Boomerang Farm to pick up the missing items (window frame and 2 umbrellas) then I am letting the girls loose at Robina Shopping Centre for some well deserved retail therapy.

Day 27 - Friday 11 April 2014.

Liz's Funeral.

We slept very well last night, I managed to sleep in until about 6am, while the girls got up about 6:30am, as we were leaving at 8:00am for Redland Bay for Liz's service and burial. You never know how long it will take due to the unpredictablility of the Gold Coast Freeway.
We arrived at 9:00am, the traffic flowed without any hassles. We were first to arrive at the Great Southern Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium. The viewing was at 9:30am with the Service to be held at 10:00am and the burial after that at Redland Bay Cemetery.
Marg and I and some of Marg's siblings viewed Liz's body. It was my first time that I have seen a deceased. After the viewing, we had a small family service, Marg's older brother Paul was MC, Marg read a prayer and one of her sisters Therese read one of Liz's poem. After the service, we drove to Redland Bay Cemetery, where the five males in attendance acted as pall bearers, another first for me.

Overall, it was a beautiful and casual funeral, caused by the small attendance and the casual clothing that we wore. When Marg and I saw Liz 2 weeks ago, Liz commented how she loved my shirt, so I thought that I would wear it at her funeral.

The wake was held at Liz's daughter's house in Victoria Point and it was great. After the funeral, Marg and I and Fran and Therese (Rae) all drove back to Lukey's shack and about 5pm, Marg and I drove Fran and Rae to the Gold Coast airport for their flight home. The two of them have been here for exactly 2 weeks, spending most of their time at Liz's bedside. They need to get home for a well deserved rest.

Marg and I can now start this trip, as the wedding is now over and so is Liz's funeral. We can finally relax and we will.

Tomorrow morning I am riding with Crusty who used to work with me but now lives in Brisbane, while Marg will just take it easy.

We drove Lukey's car and were first there.

Great Southern Memorial park.

Marg read a prayer.

Paul doing his thing.

Therese reading one of Liz's poems.

The very casual pall bearers.

Taking Liz to her final resting place.

We were very casual and it was great.

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