Friday 17th September 2010
Day 84 - Visiting the Q1 Observation Deck.

Today, I rode out to the Gold Coast Seaway, as normal, the weather was overcast, dry and warm with no breeze. There was a yacht in the Broadwater under full sail and going nowhere, when I came back it was anchored, it may have been easier if they just started the engine.
Later in the morning, Marg and I went to Q1 observation deck. We parked in Clifford St in a 2 hour zone for $3.80, and walked the 100 meters of so to the ticket box. It was $29 each, but I showed my national Seniors Australia and Amy the 'checkout chick' said it was $27, so I said $2 savings was better than nothing and she said $27 for both of you. So we saved $31, not bad. We caught the lift up to floor 77 in 43 seconds, only our ears popped in the lift, you couldn't feel anything else. The view from the observation floor was spectacular, I took some photos, even saw the boys' house in Bundall and the beacon on the seaway that i ride around on most days.

Early afternoon, I rang Holden HSV Surfers to see if the parts for Luke have come in, they had. Thanks Holden for ringing me. I ordered them on Wednesday and they guaranteed that it will be here on Thursday and that they will ring me. Typically, I rang them on Friday, as they forgot to ring me. Typical crap service, if you say you will ring, you bloody well ring. Anyway, Luke is rapt as I managed to get the parts that he wanted.

As it is the start of the school holidays, our caravan park is under half full, as a lot of grey nomads have left this week and the families are arriving.

Going nowhere.

Q1 - that's where we were later in the morning.

Q1 - bloody high.

My rounding beacon on the seaway.

The boys' house is just over there.

Luke's car at our camp.

Saturday 18th September 2010
Day 85 - Back to taking it easy in Paradise.

Today, I rode out to the Gold Coast Seaway, as normal, the weather was overcast, dry and warm with a light breeze. As the weather conditions were ideal, the surf was bigger with the Bombara running. The jetskis were in their element, having a ball.

As it is the start of the school holidays, the caravan park has been transformed from full of grey nomads in caravans, it is now, families with kids in camper trailers. It is great seeing families still getting away for a holiday. It was quite entertaining, sitting outside watching the camper trailers being erected everywhere. They are a great invention.

During the afternoon, I had organise to meet up with my mate Johnno for drinks and a chat. My boys were busy, so they couldn't drive me, so I had to drive myself and consequently, I drank coffee and water. Johnno lives close to Jupiters, so I dropped Marg at the casino, while I went onto Johnnos and picked Marg up on the way home. Good news, Marg won on the pokies, a very rare event.

The waves are increasing.

A beautiful view.

The camper trailer brigade arrive.

Sunday 19th September 2010
Day 86 - Back to taking it easy in Paradise.

Today, I rode out to the Gold Coast Seaway, via the upcoming V8 Supercar location, so I checked out how it is going. It is slowly coming together. The weather was overcast, dry and warm with a light breeze, but with a forecast of rain. The surf was bigger than yesterday with the Bombara still running. The jetskis were out again, having a ball.

The camper trailers were still coming into our caravan park. Last night there was guitar playing and a bit of extra noise, but about 9PM, it all stopped. During the day, the showers were intermittent and very light, with only 2mm recorded in 10 hours, currently it is raining.

While I was riding, Keith and Lucy rang and asked if we are free during the afternoon, which we were, so they are coming over. We drove over to South Park to buy some food supplies. Keith and Lucy came over and we chatted for awhile, they are taking their van to Sydney leaving on Tuesday. For the rest of the day, we sat outside under the awning and read. My current book is Cadel Evans.

Pit Straight.

Pit Straight.

Pit Straight.

We saw that show.

Someone actually catch a fish from the seawall.

We are surrounded.

Check the size of that camper trailer.

A touring group from Victoria.

Our latest neighbours.

Monday 20th September 2010
Day 87 - Back to taking it easy in Paradise.

Today, I hummed and haahed as to whether I ride or not, but the rain stopped, so I rode out to the Gold Coast Seaway. The surf was biggest since we have been here. It was my last ride on this trip until I get home. Since 3rd August I have ridden on 40 occassions totalling 810.29kms averaging 20.26kms per ride. My route was always interesting, the water, boats, birds, and a myriad of other things that took my interest. I can't wait to get back here next year, we have booked our camp site for next August and September.

Luke had a day in lieu owed to him, so we organised to have lunch with Luke and Jodi at Oz Fair, lunch was yumma. After lunch I took the Black Chariot back to the shop where we hired it from, the only problem was that the guy who was relieving there, he couldn't operate their computer, so I have to go back again tomorrow. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the laptop and watching Seinfeld.

It rained most of the day and currently, it has set in for the night.

My last view of Surfers for this trip.

It was the roughest day of our trip.

Another whale watching tour. Good luck, it was rough.

Tuesday 21st September 2010
Day 88 - Our last day at Broadwater Tourist Park.

Today, I didn't ride but I did drive over to help Keith get his caravan off his front lawn, with all the rain, his 2WD ute couldn't get any traction, so the mighty Navara in 4WD low did it with ease. On the way back to camp, I called in and paid for the hire of the "Black Chariot", they finally worked out how their computer works.

The rest of the day was spent, slowly packing up and tonight we are going over to the boys's house to say goodbye.

We hope to leave about 7:30am ish in the morning, we have booked in at Gwydir CP, Moree for an overnighter tomorrow.

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Heading to Moree.