Wednesday 7th April 2010
Day 1 - Melbourne to Swan Hill, Vic - 372 kms.

We left home at approx 9am and went via Nepean Hwy to South Rd to Beach Rd over West Gate Bridge and then onto the Western Ring Rd.
Stopped at Service Centre for a drink and quick check of the rig. Turned left onto Calder Hwy then headed towards Bendigo, stopped for another rest on the bendigo alternate road, then finally stopped at kerang and decided not to have lunch until Swan Hill. We arrived at Swan Hill Riverside CP, which I had previously booked, about 2:30pm. We were shown to the 5th Wheeler area, it is great having a small 5th wheeler, because they put you in a special area which has a bit of room.

We setup camp and I even setup the Sat dish as I wanted to watch Foxtel. It is working brilliantly, tonight I am recording Lost for Marg on 7Two.
During the afternoon, I cleaned all the locust carcasses off the front of the Navara and windscreen. Marg and I then walked along the Murray, which is very low at present. We watched all the kids fishing and but were only catching snags, no fish. It was so relaxing just sitting on the riverbank watching the water flow.

Tomorrow, we head for Kingston on Murray CP.

Sign of things to come.

The view from our camp.

Swan Hill - Riverside CP.

Swan Hill - Riverside CP.

Little Murray meets Big Murray.

Island in the stream.

Thursday 8th April 2010
Day 2 - Swan Hill to Kingston on-Murray, SA - 404 kms.
Forever will be known as Locust Day.

We left Swan Hill at approx 8:30am, went to the local BP and filled up with diesel.
Stopped at Robinvale for a smoko and break. Somewhere in NSW between Robinvale and Mildura, we were stopped at the quarantine station and inspected. All Cleared.
Our next stop was at Lake Cullulleraine, the last time that we were here was in 1976. We were a part of a group of approx 30 guys and girls from the Black Rock Yacht Club who went there for Easter, we actually sailed a bit and also sank a few chilled refreshers, if I remember correctly.

About 20kms east of Renmark, we were stopped at the SA quarantine and searched again. All cleared again.
We also cleaned the millions of locusts of the front of the car. You should have heard what the truckies thought about the locust plagues. They weren't happy to say the least. We filled up with diesel in Renmark.
Gone to Kingston on-Murray about 2:30pm and set up camp, washed the front of the Navara again, then later, we walked to the Murray about 200m away. I setup the Sat Dish again, all worked well.
Another early night, bed about 8:30pm.

Tomorrow, we head for Port Augusta - Big 4 CP.

Rest Area at Robinvale.

Lake Cullulleraine Yacht Club.

Ahhhh, it bought back memories.

You want locusts.

We cleaned the windscreen twice.

That is a plague.

Kingston on-Murray.

The Mighty Murray.

The Mighty Murray.

Friday 9th April 2010
Day 3 - Kingston on-Murray, SA to Sea Lake, Vic via Morgan, SA - 525 kms.

We left Kingston on-Murray about 8am and headed to Morgan via Waikerie. It was drizzling all the way, as we drove through Waikerie, a car towing a trailer was definitely travelling quicker than the 60kph, coming towards us, did a nice slide but caught it, thank God.
As was drove through Cadell, a small town, we past a left turn to Morgan, but we keep on the highway and as we went over the hill, we came to the ferry, completely unexpected. As we waited for the ferry to return, my mobile rang, it was Mum who told me that Dad fell yesterday at DFO South Wharf and is in hospital with a broken hip and a broken arm.
Marg and I drove the 5kms to Morgan and then rang Mum back and decided that we would abandoned our trip and head home to help Mum and Dad.

So our WA trip is now on hold until further notice.

We drove from Morgan to Renmark and then all the way to Mildura, it bucketed down, I sat on 80kph and lucky the traffic was light. The rain lightened as we left Mildura and quickly stopped. We drove to Sea Lake and are staying at the Sea Lake CP, it has about 8 powered sites and an honour box. It costs $18 for 2 per night.

I rang Mum and got the latest on Dad. His surgeon is seeing him tonight.

Tomorrow, we should be home by mid afternoon.

This is where we were when Mum rang us.

It was a 6 car ferry.

Nice cliffs.

Nearly there.

SA Quarantine station.

SA Quarantine station.

Saturday 10th April 2010
Day 4 - Sea Lake, Vic to Home - 388 kms.

We left Sea Lake at 8am and drove through the rain for most of the way home.
Stopped at Charlton for diesel and also stopped on the outskirts of Melbourne, got home approx 2pm.
All safe and sound.

Spoke to Dad, he sounded bright. Marg and I will take Mum with us tomorrow to see him.

That is the end of this saga, hopefully we will be back on the road soon.

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