Before Sat 26th June - Getting Ready to D Day.

Our fiver usually lives on our front lawn, see photo below. We have also added a new Telecommunications Hub for this trip, well actually, our last trip but seeming that it only lasted 2.25 days due Dad's accident, this is its debut trip.

Over the last couple of days, Marg and I have slowly been packing the fiver. There is no point rushing, because Marg has a teaching gig for this week (Tuesday to Friday), teaching the little cherubs music. She is very versatile. Unlike me.

Wednesday 23rd, I pumped up all the tyres above their towing pressure, so I can let then down to their correct towing pressure on Saturday. The Evacool Fridge/Freezer is ready for the food from the kitchen.

Thursday 24th, Not much happened today, Marg was feeling a bit second rate so she didn't go to school. I also had a headache for most of today, I think that is all the excitement about leaving on Saturday is getting to us.

Today, Friday 25th, We both felt better, no headaches. We had morning tea with Mum and Dad at Southland this morning and said our goodbyes. Dad did say if anything happens this time, we will not be told. He was only joking. We hope and pray that everything goes smoothly for us and Mum and Dad.
Dad is very happy at the moment, he is physically Ok and next week, the foundations are being poured on their townhouses. So all is good with the world at present.

Marg and I are now fully packed, the mighty Navara is in the carport ready to go, filled to the brim with diesel. We will sleep in the fiver tonight, just to check that everything is working correctly. In the morning, I only have to load my bike and check tyres and wheel nuts as usual.

Then we are off heading North to the warmth. I have just checked the forecast for the next few days:
  • Narrandera for tomorrow 6 - 12° with a chance of a shower.
  • Peak Hill - Sunday 3 - 13° Fine. Getting Better. I can taste Pauline's scones already. They are yumma.
  • Moree - Monday 2 - 16° Fine. Still better than Melbourne.

This is home base.

Our new Telecommunications Hub.

Our new Telecommunications Hub in its position under the table.

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