Tuesday 14th April 2009
Day 8 - Peak Hill to Cobar CP - 313kms.

The weather was again mild with drizzly rain, but as we got closer to Cobar the clouds parted and it was beautiful and sunny at Cobar.
We packed up in light drizzle and said goodbye to Leighton and Pauline about 9:30 after emptying the 'shitter'.
The drive today was excellent not much traffic and we sat on about 90 kph. Stopped at a rest area for a smoko and then stopped again about 80kms east of Cobar for lunch. We found the Caravan park and setup camp, the site is concrete with plenty of grass surrounding all sites.
Before we sat down and relaxed we drove into downtown Cobar, I went to the NAB to deposit a cheque. We drove upto the Info Centre and took some photos, then proceeded to a cafe and had a coffee and a 'snot block' (Vanilla Slice). Yumma. Filled up with diesel and then back to camp for the day. We both had showers, separately naturally, and the amenities were very good, the water was hot and strong pressure.
Just before dinner, we had a talk with both our neighbours, and learnt more places to go. They both had just come from Broken Hill City CP, with good reports, which is good as we are staying there tomorrow.

4pm came and went with no scones, Pauline where are you?

Tomorrow, Marg and I plan to leave Cobar CP and goto Broken Hill City CP about 450kms.

Lunch at Hermidale.

Cobar main street.

Where are we? Cobar - great bank!!

Peek a boo at Cobar.

Cobar Heritage Centre.

Our site at Cobar CP.

Wednesday 15th April 2009
Day 9 - Cobar to Broken Hill City CP - 456kms.

The weather was magic blue skies and no clouds.
We left Cobar CP about 9am and headed west to Bulla Bulla Rest Area about 119kms from Cobar for morning tea. Next stop was Wilcannia for diesel it was 20 cents dearer than Cobar at 149.9per litre. We drove another 18kms to Netallie Rest Area for lunch and what a magnificent view. Our next port of call was Little Topar Roadhouse, I would love to see Big Topar because Little Topar only had a Roadhouse. Our excitement along this road was watching all the feral goats, kangaroos and emus. Marg wanted to photo some emus, I don't know if she captured any yet on film or digital. We will see.
We arrived about 3pm at Broken Hill City CP, our site is very large, I backed the fiver into site 133 and the mighty Navara parks beside us. The site has wood chips instead of grass. Our first gas bottle is empty, tomorrow I will go to the local Shell servo and get it filled. No major drama, as we have two 9 kgs bottles on our fiver. After we setup camp, we drove down to the Info Centre and then to the local shopping plaza, did some shopping, and just happen to buy a man size slab of VB (30 cans for $50.)
Dinner today was beer and nachos. The nachos were yummy and the chilled refreshers did not hit the sides.

Tomorrow, Marg and I plan to sleep in and then drive to Silverton about 20kms away, get the gas refilled. And then play it by ear.
We are at Broken Hill for 3 nights.

On the way to Broken Hill.

Where are we?

Mac Cullochs Range Rest Area.

Nearly got you, Old Man Emu!!

End of the world - Lunch Stop - just West of Wilcannia.

Lunch is yummy. Check out the scenery.

Broken Hill, here we come.

Nearly at Broken Hill, that isn't us, our rig is bigger.

We have made it.

Thursday 16th April 2009
Day 10 - Driving around Broken Hill.

Happy Birthday, Luke. Our youngest son.

We are getting used to this weather, blue skies and no clouds about 25.

Busy day, started off, I filled up with diesel, then found a gas filler and got the gas bottle refilled. Swap n Go was $32 or $19 to refill my bottle. I wonder what I did.
Went back to camp and Marg was ready, so off to the Caravan shop, I needed some silicon spray for our sunshade awning, they didn't have any but put us onto Big W. On our way to Big W, we cleaned the car at the car wash, in Melbourne it is $2 for 3 minutes, here you get 4 minutes for $2. Across the road to the BH plaza, into Big W and found Selleys Ezi Guide, it worked well, sunshade is now up. Next stop was the Geocentre for Marg to check out gems etc. We had coffee at the cafe which is very new, built on top of the Mullock heap( a big hill of surplus rock from the mines), the view is stunning. Drove around BH up and down the main streets then off to another lookout, not as good as the mullock heap. Finally, onto White's Mineral Art Living and Mining Museum, a big, big mistake. It cost $5 each to view the museum, this was brilliant you sat for a 16 minute video on the history of BH, then a personal tour of his replica mine, it was well worth the tour. Now for the big, big mistake, it cost us $230 extra, we bought a painting that he makes using the minerals, which he crushes into a fine powder, and when you shine a light on it, it glitters, plus we bought a few gems. But well worth the expense.

Finally, back at camp for a chilled refresher or two, then dinner (Gordon Blue(sp) and vegies. Yumma. After dinner I taped Law and Order, and Life on Mars on my laptop.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to the outskirts of BH to take photos that we missed coming in, then off to Silverton.

The Silver Tree at Geocentre in Broken Hill.

The Cafe on top of the Mullock.

A view from the top.

The Miners' Memorial.

Broken Hill Mine.

From Memorial to Cafe.

Friday 17th April 2009
Day 11 - Driving around Broken Hill and Silverton.

We are getting used to this weather, blue skies and no clouds about 25 again, BUT it was 4 when I woke up.

Sort of a busy day, we went to Silverton, about 20kms from BH. Magnificent views along the way.
We parked out the front of the Silverton Hotel, where MadMax's XC Falcon (rego Max 079) is parked and covered in dust. We walked to the The Coin Carvery, where a guy cuts the 'guts' out of Australian pennies. Next was the church, but it was being renovated, so you couldn't go inside. Peter Browne's gallery was next, and his paintings were beautiful, but as we bought a painting yesterday, we didn't buy one today, they were $195 and I would have loved one. Oh well, maybe next time. Then onto the Cafe, this was as expected, an old wind blown and dusty building. We ordered coffees with scones, jam and cream (nowhere as good as Paulines). We were the only 2 guests, then about 15 people arrived, it was lucky that we have already ordered, because the place was jumping.
We left Silverton and headed North about 5 kms to Mundi Mundi lookout, more brilliant views then another 5kms North to the Umberumberka Reservior, more views. On our way back to BH, we stopped a few times for more photos, including a kangaroo about 30m away.

We stopped back at camp to hang the washing out in the sunshine, then drove through BH to take more photos, that we couldn't take on our way in. There was a wide load coming as we pulled up, so that was a bonus. Then back into town, we finally found a pick for Marg for her rock collecting. Finally got back to camp about 3:30pm and then settled down for a quiet arvo. After the sun went down, I packed up the sunshades, ready for tomorrow departure.

Tomorrow, we leave Broken Hill and have booked 2 nights at Port Augusta Big 4 CP.

Mad Max is in the Pub.

Downtown Silverton.

Main street of Silverton - watch out for the cars.


Peter Browne's Gallery.

The cafe is busy.

PreHistoric bones.

Mundi Mundi lookout - 5kms North of Silverton.

The wild life.

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