Saturday 18th April 2009
Day 12 - Broken Hill to Port Augusta - 412kms.

This is now the norm, blue skies and no clouds about 25, it was 9 when I woke up.

I reckon that the scenery between Broken Hill and Port Augusta, has to be the best scenery that I have seen, the plains and hills are just beautiful.
We left Broken Hill about 9am and headed west to Olary, SA about 114kms for our first stop of the day. Next stop was unscheduled as it was the Fruit Fly search and destroy stop at Oodla Wirra. We were in the clear as we emptied all the fruit and vegies out at Broken Hill. Our lunch stop was just north of Peterborough at Black Rock South Rest Area. More magic views.

We pulled into Wilmington to get diesel, this usually isn't a problem, but being Saturday afternoon and in a country that closes at midday, then getting diesel is a major problem. Problem was averted by reading the note on the petrol station door. Ring such and such phone number and we will come and fill your tank for an extra $5. So I rang and the guy filled our tank, so all is good.
Lesson learnt, fill up when you can especially on weekends, when SA comes to a halt.

Arrived at Port Augusta Big 4 CP about 3pm, and were directed to our site. After setting up camp, I settled down to an afternoon of watching race 1 of the V8 supercars in NZ, Whincup won, so that was good.

We had one drama on the road today, the freezer door opened before our first Rest stop, so Marg is having a thawed pie and I am having thawed pizzas for dinner. I won't put the blame anywhere, but if I was pushed then it was Marg's fault.

Tomorrow, Marg and I are doing bugger all, we have some shopping to do. We leave Port Augusta on Monday.

Olary in its entirety - big town.

West of Olary.

Only 145kms to go.

Lunch stop.

More scenery.

Giant Red Gum (I've seen bigger).

We came over those hills.

More beautiful scenery.

More beautiful scenery.

More beautiful scenery.

More beautiful scenery.

Our Port Augusta camp.

Sunday 19th April 2009
Day 13 - Just chillin' at Port Augusta.

This is now the norm, blue skies and no clouds about 25, it was 12 when I woke up.

Today is our blob day, we are doing nothing, just some shopping and then I HAVE to watch the V8s on TV.
We wandered down to town about 9:30am and everything was shut, we did realise that it was Sunday, but it didn't twig that the shops open at 10am. doh... Went to Woollies and got some supplies, we plan to make the 'Black Stump casserole' on the Cobb cooker for tea. Back at camp. I washed the windows of the Navara, as there was the odd bug or two. I setup the satellite TV, so I could watch the V8s and also check that it is all working correctly, it was.
I spoke to Alan and Robyn who have the 5th Wheeler beside us, they have sold up everything and are on the road full time, started last Feb. I don't think that we could sell our house.

Prepared the Cobb cooker and the casserole cooked as it was expected too and tasted beautifully. During the afternoon, I updated our website with photos and watched TV, pity about Lowndes' weekend, but good that Jamie won. And did I tell you that my mighty Demons won, they beat Richmond by 8 points. I have come out of the closet again supporting the Demons. One win and I can die a happy person.
Marg and I have decided to change our internet plan while we are away, so I followed all the screens and we hope to be on the 5Gb plan, Bigpond say that it can take upto 3 days to change, so I am waiting patiently, we are currently on 1Gb plan and it is not enough, so I hope that everything is approved.
We are not seeing much of SA on purpose , as we will do this state separately in the next couple of years.

Tomorrow, Marg and I leave for Coober Pedy, but we plan to stay at a Rest Area about 200kms south for the night, then have a easy drive into Coober Pedy the next morning.

Monday 20th April 2009
Day 14 - Port Augusta to Glendambo - 285kms.

What has happened to the norm, there were clouds this morning, NOT HAPPY JAN.

Anyway, after being absolutely devastated by the sight of clouds, we left Port Augusta closer to 10am, as I had to empty the 'shitter'. We stopped at a Rest Stop just near Pimba, then stopped at Lake Hart for lunch, we had vegemite rolls with flies. We were going to stay at a Rest Area about 200kms south of Coober Pedy.

We stopped at Glendambo for diesel and decided to stay the night out the back of the Pub. By staying at Glendambo, instead of free camping, we are helping the local economy. Thats my excuse for staying at the CP tonight. After we setup camp and went to the Pub about 4pm, so Marg could play the pokies and I could have a quiet chilled refresher. We stayed until 6pm for the counter meal, Marg had a parma and I had the roast Lamb. We met Les and Jeanette from Newcastle, and may meet them again at Coober Pedy.

Tomorrow, we plan for an easy drive into Coober Pedy.

Just North of Port Augusta.

Lake Gardiner.

Lake Hart.

Glendambo welcomes you. ( and they didn't lie about the flies.)

Glendambo CP.

Glendambo Pub.

Marg in heaven.

Glendambo Bar. the chilled refreshers didn't touch the sides.

Front of the Pub.

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