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This year's sojourn was to visit our boys on the Gold Coast, which we have done yearly since 2008.
We were away from 16th March until 25th September.
Travelled to the Gold Coast, then along the coast to Townsville, making our way
over to Quilpie to Yowah, over to Dicky Beach, back to the Gold Coast then home.
This year we saw our boys twice on the Gold Coast. Which was magic. We miss them heaps.

We are still living our Dream.


It's 7:45pm Fri 26th September 2014.

Marg and I arrived home at 11:55am on Thursday 25th Sept - all safe and sound.


Summary of this trip:
  • Left home on 16th March 2014 and arrived home on 25th September 2014.
  • We were on the road for 194 days in total.
  • Towed the fiver 8,253 kms and drove another 7,423 kms sightseeing, making a total of 15,676 kms.
  • Used 1,454 litres of diesel and averaged 17.65 litres per 100 kms when towing the fiver.
  • Used 744 litres of diesel and averaged 10 litres per 100 kms when NOT towing the fiver.
  • The price of diesel varied from a low of $1.509 per litre in Shepparton to a high of $2.059 at Belyando Crossing, Qld.
  • The total cost for diesel was $3,585.95 at an average price of $1.63 per litre.

  • Stayed in Caravan Parks: 164 nights plus 30 nights at Lukey's shack.
  • Free camped: zero, zilch.
  • Total cost was $6,162.41 at an average of $37.58 per night.
  • Cheapest CP (in price) was $20.00 per night at Artesian CP, Yowah,Qld. (Same price as last year)
  • Dearest CP was $44.20 per night for our 5 night stay at Broadwater(9th May), our 50 night stay at Broadwater(3rd Aug) was $37.26 per night after various discounts.
    The next couple of dearest were Dicky Beach ($43.43 per night) and Scarness CP in Hervey Bay was $43 per night.

    Day 194 - Thu 25th Sep 2014 - Shepparton to Home - 214kms.

    Our 2014 trip's Summary.
    2014 Trip Weather details.


    Frosty's Fossicking Frolics.
    Our 2011 lap of Oz with all details.
    List of ALL of our Adventures.
    Mum and Dad's house burnt down on Sat 9th Aug.



    4th July 2014 - Beautiful Sunrise at St George. It was cold at 1.9°.

    Our 2014 sojourn with our completed itinerary.
    We visited some coastal tourist spots and did a spot of fossicking.
    Left home 16th March and arrived home on 25th September.


  • Sun 16th Mar - Overnighter at Finley.
  • Mon 17th Mar - Overnighter at Peak Hill.
  • Tue 18th Mar - Overnighter at Moree.
  • Wed 19th Mar - Overnighter at Warwick.
  • Thu 20th Mar - Tues 8th Apr - Broadwater Tourist Park.
  • Wed 9th Apr - Sat 10th May - Housesitting at Lukey's shack.
  • Sun 11th Apr - Tue 13th May - Setting up the van at Broadwater Tourist Park.
  • Wed 14th May - Sun 18th May - Hervey Bay.
  • Sun 18th May - Wed 21st May - Agnes Water.
  • Wed 21st May - Overnighter at Tannum Sands.
  • Thu 22nd May - Overnighter at Marlborough - Fossicking in creek.
  • Fri 23rd May - Overnighter at Mackay.
  • Sat 24th May - Wed 28th May - Airlie Beach.
  • Wed 28th May - Wed 11th Jun - Townsville.
  • Wed 11th Jun - Clermont.
  • Thu 12th Jun - Thu 19th Jun - Sapphire - Fossicking.
  • Thu 19th Jun - Overnighter at Blackall.
  • Fri 20th Jun - Overnighter at Charleville.
  • Sat 21st Jun - Wed 25th Jun - Quilpie - Fossicking.
  • Wed 25th Jun - Fri 27th Jun - Toompine - Fossicking.
  • Fri 27th Jun - Thu 3rd Jul - Yowah - Fossicking.
  • Thu 3rd Jul - Overnighter at St George.
  • Fri 4th Jul - Overnighter at Lake Coolmunda.
  • Sat 5th Jul - Overnighter at Willowbank.
  • Sun 6th Jul - Sun 3rd Aug - Dicky Beach.
  • Sun 3rd Aug - Mon 22nd Sep - Broadwater Tourist Park.
  • Mon 22th Sep - Overnighter at Moree.
  • Tue 23rd Sep - Overnighter at Peak Hill.
  • Wed 24th Sep - Overnighter at Shepparton.
  • Thu 25th Sep - Arrive Home.

  • Our completed route for 2014.


      Georges - Frontpage
    Georges wanted to make my front page. Can you pick out the smartarse.
    There is always one in every group.
    I think this is my best photo of George and his mates.

    Broadwater - Frontpage
    And you wonder why we love staying at the Broadwater Tourist Park, Southport
    Another beautiful morning in Paradise - Monday 13th August 2012 at 7:15am.



    Dedicated to Lazza.


    Our beautiful Lazza
    (16-5-1996 to 29-4-2008).

    Cyril - Frontpage
    Cyril the croc
    Marg gave up trying to stop Cyril from biting.

    Our Rig - Frontpage
    Our Rig
    2007 Nissan Navara STX 6spd man TD
    towing 2007 Trailblazers RV 24ft 5th Wheeler.

    George and Cyril - Frontpage
    First time that Cyril met George,
    it didn't go that well for George.







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