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Day 1 & 2 - Tuesday/Wednesday 13th/14th July 2021.

Taking our Fiver from Storage to Broadwater Tourist Park - for packing.

We picked up our Fiver about 9:00am and took it back to Broadwater Tourist Park. We did about 3 trips back and forth to our Apartment.
Our only downside of living in an apartment is that you haven't got a front yard to store and pack/unpack it. Hence our 2 days at our local CP. By Tuesday night, my old mountain bike was tied onto its frame on the Fiver.

Wednesday we did more trips and we slept the night in our Fiver.

Tomorrow, we leave for Chinchilla Tourist Park.

Day 3 - Thursday 15th July 2021.

Broadwater TP to Chinchilla Tourist Park.

At 4:05am Thursday morning, we heard a loud noise outside. I got up and walked outside in my nightshirt (what a sight).
I thought that someone was trying to steal Marg's chair but it was chained to the Fiver. I didn't look at the bike, as it is well and truly connected to its frame plus the top bar is 7 feet or more above ground. So I went back to bed, got up about 7am, went outside and my F.....G bike was gone.

I was in a state of shock and still can't believe it.

We left Broadwater at 9:16am.

We headed along the M1 towards Brisbane, before turning left onto the Logan motorway and headed West. The Toowoomba range is probably longer than Cunningham Gap, it appears to go on forever. Stopped a couple of times for a pitstop.

We arrived at Chinchilla Tourist Park at 3:17pm.

Tomorrow, we head for Rolleston Caravan Park.

Views of the Toowoomba bypass.

Views of the Toowoomba bypass.

Marg relaxing at Chinchilla TP.

Our route from Labrador to Chinchilla - 343 kms.

Day 4 - Friday 16th July 2021.

Chinchilla TP to Rolleston Caravan Park.

  • Daily distance travelled with fiver: 502kms
We left Chinchilla at 8:55am.

We headed along the Warrego Hwy until Miles , when we turned right onto the Leichhardt Hwy, stopping at Banana (yes it is a real town) for fuel and had lunch. Before heading along the Dawson Hwy to Rolleston.
We sort of got lost, did a U turn and continued on the correct route. (I told you that this trip was our shakedown trip).

We finally arrived at Rolleston CP and both relaxed. We had many rest stops, so it wasn't that tiring.

We arrived at Rolleston Caravan Park at 4:29pm.

Tomorrow, we head for Blue Gem Tourist Park.

Rest stop at Guluguba.
Not much there.

Marg relaxing at Rolleston CP.
I see a pattern forming.

Our route from Chinchilla to Rolleston - 499 kms.

Day 5 - Saturday 17th July 2021.

Rolleston CP to Blue Gem Tourist Park.

  • Daily distance travelled with fiver: 192kms
We left Rolleston at 8:48am.

We headed along the Dawson Hwy to Springsure, before heading North along the Gregory Hwy to Emerald, then turn West along the Capricorn Hwy for approx 50kms before turning right onto Anakie-Sapphire Rd to Blue Gem TP.

We didn't stop along the way.
We setup the Fiver with power, water, half the awning and the Satellite Dish, connected Foxtel and VAST. We can't rough it too much.

We arrived at Blue Gem Tourist Park at 11:56am.

We are now at Sapphire for a week. Leaving Saturday 24th July.

The Hills near Springsure.

Our setup at Blue Gem.

How alert are you guys???
Notice the Numberplate.
After I re-registered the mighty Navara in Qld. I couldn't get my old plate WF-666.

Our route from Rolleston to Sapphire - 192 kms.

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