Day 1 - Saturday 22nd April 2017.

Home to Finley, NSW - 338 kms.

We left home at 7:11am, Marg was up and into it early, hence our early departure. We headed off along Lower Dandy Rd towards Dandenong to Eastlink, then Monash, Bolte Bridge to Western Ring Rd to Hume Freeway. First stop is now a regular for us, we stop at the public weighbridge at the BP Cooper St, Epping(77kms), our weight was 5,720kgs (85kgs under the limit for the mighty Navara). It took us 68 minutes to get there, a very easy drive with bugger all traffic lights, that's why we no longer go along Beach Rd (too many traffic lights). We have used this weighbridge in 2014, 2015, so now we know exactly where the weighbridge is and the procedure. I drove onto the bridge and stopped when the green light came on, stopped and went over to pay. Kerry who I met in 2014 & 2015 wasn't there. I went and stood beside our rig and the guy hit the button. 5,720kgs and $17 lighter, we started our sojourn North. That includes fresh water tank full (150 litres), Navara fuel tank full (80 litres), Evacool fridge/freezer Full, fridge/freezer in fiver FULL, and all our shit on board.

Thank God, Maccas have sausage and egg mcmuffins all day, so there was no rush to get to Maccas at Wallan(32kms) before the breakfast menu was turned off. We arrived at 8:49am and I had 2 sausage and egg mcmuffins, hash browns and an orange juice, Marg had a bacon and egg mcmuffin, hash brown and a lemonade.
After brekky, we took our time and arrived at Nagambie(73kms) at 10:02am, the lake is beautiful. Our final rest stop was at Wunghnu(78kms) at 11:17am. We arrived at Finley's Lakeside CP(75kms), stayed on 2015 site #6, at 12:25pm.

While I set up camp, Marg made turkey, cheese and cranberry sauce rolls. They were YUMMA.
As we now have both VAST and Foxtel, it means that I will erect the Dish for each night's stop. I watched the V8s down in Phillip Island. Go Lowndesy.

We are both physically tired and we both had a nanna nap during the arvo. Upon waking, I watched Lowndesy and Marg managed to 'sleep on'. If you ask me, she was 'dead to the world'.

Dinner was just a scratch meal, I had cheese and bikkies, while Marg had pikelets with jam. They were YUMMA.

Tomorrow, we head for Peak Hill.

Our route from Melbourne to Finley, NSW - 338 kms.

Day 2 - Sunday 23rd April 2017.

Finley to Peak Hill, NSW - 463 kms.

It was a 2 blanket cool night, I awoke a few times and slept through to 6:30am. After the 6:30am news, I got up and wandered over and had a shower. Water pressure was fair. Marg got up about 7:00am, and I started packing up and were on the road at 7:55am.

We had 34kms to Jerilderie, arrived at 8:18am, where we filled up the mighty Navara. Next stop was Narrandera (107kms from Jerilderie) arrived at 9:43am, where I changed into shorts as the sun was out and warm. A further 81kms up the road (Beckom Rest Area) we stopped at 10:49am. We planned to buy pies etc at Jerilderie Bakery, but the buggers were closed when we arrived, so as we drove through West Wyalong (11:35am), we spotted the bakery and it was open, with enough parking for us, so we stopped and bought pies and cream buns for lunch. 35kms out of West Wyalong, we stopped at Marsden Rest Area (12:07pm) and had our pies and cream buns. We pulled into the rest area and as we were the only people there, we decided to sit and eat our lunch at the provided seats and table. The pies had cooled to a beautiful temperature and were absolutely YUMMA. After lunch we continued a further 69kms into Forbes where we stopped for fuel (1:12pm). We now had all our stops out of the way and had a non-stop run to Peak Hill a pleasant 82kms away, arriving at 2:18pm.

When I rang on Friday to book our site, Pauline told me that Leighton wouldn't be here as he is in Melbourne. Leighton, I can take the hint.
Anyway, I disgressed, I paid Pauline the $27 while she said as you are a regular here, you can select you own site. We did. Site 22. As Marg rested in her chair, I setup camp (water, power and satellite), then relax inside watching the V8 Supercars. Lowndes was coming 4th, when his tyre blew and finished towards the tail end of the field.
Pauline brought the scones around at 4pm. They were YUMMA as usual. It was sad that Leighton wasn't here. I miss our chats.

About 4:30pm, Marg and I walked over to the Peak Hill Ex Services & Citizens Club, for Marg's fix on the pokies, my fix on a few chilled refreshers and both our fixes on the beautiful meal. Marg had fish and chips, while I had a combination omelette. It was YUMMA.
We caught up with Cec. We met him back in Easter 2009, he was the local barber. Well, he is now 97yrs 4mths and looks as fit as a bull and sharp as a tack. He remembered Marg and I, because every time we stop at Peak Hill, we see Cec or ask about him. He is always in the Ex Serviceman's Club between 5 and 6pm.

Back at camp, Marg watched My Kitchen Rules, while I did this.

Tomorrow we driving to Moree for an overnighter and a dip in their artesian spa pools.

Our route from Finley to Peak Hill, NSW - 463 kms.

Day 3 - Monday 24th April 2017.

Peak Hill to Moree, NSW - 445 kms.

It was a 1 blanket cool night, I awoke a few times and slept through to 6:30am. After the 6:30am news, I got up and wandered over and had a shower. Marg got up about 7:00am, and I started packing up and were on the road at 8:05am.

We had 68kms to Dubbo (8:52am) for a quick rest stop. Next stop was Gilgandra (9:41am) after 64kms and stopped for fuel. Stopped on the big downhill road into Coonabrabran (10:57am) after 95kms. Stopped at the Caltex Narrabri (12:20pm) after 116kms and bought pies and sangas for lunch. They were YUMMA. The drive from Narrabri to Moree was beautiful. Flat and you could see to the horizon. Eg: We saw the silos at Moree from 12 kms away. We arrived in Moree at 1:54pm after 102kms from our stop at Narrabri and filled up with fuel, then drove to our camp site.

While driving over the past 2 days, I had noticed a lot of Motorbike Trikes. There were 3 in our camp, I managed to stop one and chat to the guy. The National Trike Association held their AGM at this CP over the weekend, there were 67 Trikes in attendance.

Marg is feeling a bit crook, so she is taking it easy.

I had turkey rolls and Marg had vita weats with vege. It was YUMMA.

Tomorrow we driving to Warwick for an overnighter.

Our route from Peak Hill to Moree, NSW - 445 kms.

Day 4 - Tuesday 25th April 2017.

Moree, NSW to Warwick, Qld - 326 kms.

It was a very mild night, I started without a blanket and pulled on a blanket early morning and slept beautifully until 6:30am.

We packed up and hit the road at 8:11am. It is purely coincidential that we leave about the same time each morning.

We did 85kms until we stopped at North Star Rest Area(9:19am), followed by 89kms until we stopped in the township of Yelarbon(10:14am) don't blink or you will miss this metropolis.
As we were Resting at North Star RA, Dicky Johnson's Supercar B Double transpoter went past. I saw it at Shell Boggabilla and decided to wait for it at Yelarbon. We stayed probably 10 minutes but the beautiful B Double didn't front, so we continued all the way to the Rose City CP arriving at 12:18pm and a further 152kms. I felt good, so I did the 152kms non stop.

The Rose City CP is a very basic CP, but no probs for an overnighter $30 on their big grassed site.

Michelle and Darren run it, they have been here for 3 months. A small world moment Michelle lived in Noble Park and went to primary school just around the corner from us. She was 4 years ahead of Jay our eldest son. For a moment, we thought that Marg may have taught her. She didn't.

The traffic mainly the number of trucks had increased, I let a number of trucks pass us by using our UHF radio. The UHF radio should be compulsory for all caravanners and they should have them turned on when on the highways.

After we did a quick setup (power, water and Satellite). It didn't matter what I did today, I couldn't find the Satellite, we were also surrounded by trees. So no Sat Tv tonight. We will live. Just.

During the afternoon, Marg had a nanna nap and so did I.

Dinner was Marg's poached eggs and bacon on toast. Don't tell her, but it wasn't as good as mine. It was still yumma.

Tomorrow we driving to our destination of Broadwater Tourist park, Southport.

Our route from Moree, NSW to Warwick, Qld - 326 kms.

Day 5 - Wednesday 26th April 2017.

Warwick to Southport, Qld - 205 kms.

It was a mild night, I started with a blanket and pulled on my 2nd blanket early morning and slept beautifully until 6:30am.

We packed up and hit the road at 8:08am. It rained during the pack up.

We left Warwick and the rain increased until we got to Cunningham's Gap and the whole way down, it rained. I sat behind a B double semi and was in 2nd gear, going slowly down the range. After 65kms, we stopped at Aratula for a pitstop and the rain was decreasing as well. With only a 140kms to go, we drove it non stop. Arriving at Broadwater Tourist Park as 10:58am.

We were given site 86 until 27th May when we move to 'our' site (#88). We are currently surrounded by family groups and their kids. It is great to see families getting away together. It rained off and on all during setting up, so I was ducking into the fiver during the heavy falls.
I didn't finish setting up until 3:30pm, as it was a FULL setup (water, Caterpillar(sullage pipe), power, Sat Dish (it works), Marg's naughty room, awning with both walls and side). We were absolutely knackered by the time that we had finished. Bed is looking real good.

After finishing setting up, I walked over to the amenities and had a shower. I choose my usual shower and was very pleased to see that the pressure was still the same.(bloody powerful). I stayed in there for a while, as no one else was showering at that time. My shower cubicle is one of 12 and only two have real powerful water pressure. I was in heaven.
Afterward, I walked over to the beach and the first creature to welcome me was George the pelican.
As I was checking out the skyline, I saw a building crane over in Labrador, I thought that it could be 'our' crane, building 'our' apartment. So Marg and I drove over to check it out and sure enough, the crane is on our block. The builders are currently erecting the underground parking. My riding route takes me past our apartmnent, so you will get updates when something happens. Aren't the builders lucky to have me monitoring their every movement.

Marg really excelled herself tonight, we had Campbell's pumpkin soap with roll. Naturally, it was YUMMA.

Tomorrow, I have to sign forms at Storage King, I may even go for a short ride.

Our route from Warwick to Southport, Qld - 205 kms.

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Heading to Broadwater TP.