Day 21 - Friday 29th April 2016.

Ti Tree to Wycliffe Well, NT - 181kms.

I slept well and woke about 6:00am, laid in bed and watched Kochie until 7am then went on the internet until 8am then started packing up. It was only 180kms today and no internet at Wycliffe Well, so we were definitely not in any hurry to get there.

We left camp at 9:06am and drove 74kms before we came across some road works(10:04am), then drove 11kms before we stopped for some scenery shots, then 4kms later we arrived at Barrow Creek(10;20am). We went inside the roadhouse and took some photos, before realising that I took the identical photos back in May 2009. Finally arriving at Wycliffe Well(11:46am), paid the $35 for a powered site, connected power and water and put up the Sat dish.
Most the arvo was spent sitting outside in the shade of the fiver and read our Kindles, I am reading the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child. I am currently reading the 16th book in the series and love them. As I said somewhere before, how dare Tom Cruise play a 6'5" 250lb hero in the Jack Reacher movie.

Today, was my last cold meat and salads. It is still very YUMMA.

Over the next few days we plan to stay at:

  • Sat 30th April - Barkly Homestead RH - 1 night
  • Sun 1st May - Camooweal - 1 night
  • Mon 2nd May - Mount Isa - 5 nights
So we may not have Internet access for a couple of days.

Tomorrow, we have about 340kms to Barkly Homestead Roadhouse. A big day for us.

Our route from Ti Tree to Wycliffe Well - 182kms.

The road works.

Scenery near Barrow Creek.

Typical, bugger all traffic. I no complain.

Taken 12th May 2009.

Looks familair.

Barrow Creek roadhouse.

People scribble on the walls and attach photos.

Taken 12th May 2009.

Deja Vu feeling.

Barrow Creek roadhouse.

Us at Barrow Creek.

A battle of wits.

Wycliffe Well's friendly emu.

I never told him that we killed his brother Eddie.

There was also roaming cattle. We kept clear.

Site 6 at Wycliffe Well CP.

Day 22 - Saturday 30th April 2016.

Wycliffe Well to Barkly Homestead RH - 344kms.

I slept well and woke about 6:00am, and got up and cleaned the bird shit off the mighty Navara. Woke Marg about 7:00am and we started packing up.

As we had 344kms today, we left camp at 7:56am and drove 157km to Three Ways(9:47am), we would have stopped earlier but couldn't find a rest area when we looked, so stopped at Three Ways. Walked into the shop and bought some soft drink before heading East along the Barkly Hwy. Stopped at a rest stop(11:01am) after 70kms and then drove the final 116kms to Barkly RH arriving at 12:24pm.
Paid the $35 for a powered site, by tonight, the place is jumping with at least 25 vans here. As it was so hot this arvo, Marg and I did a first for this trip, we went for a dip in their swimming pool, it was absolutely magnificient.
Over the pass week or so, I have had trouble connecting our Sat dish to Foxtel. VAST works as it should, but Foxtel shows "no satellite connected". After some intensive investigation, I have found that the connecting points on the wall, is defective, so by running the cables through an outside small door and connect directly to the STB, everything works as it should. I am happy again, but when we get to Southport, I will buy some new connectors.
After swimming, we walked over to the Bar for happy hour. Now believe this or not, I asked for 2 Crownies and the backpacker barmaid said "What". I repeated my order and sure enough, they do not carry Crownies, I saw their fridge and no Crownies. So we had XXXX Gold.

Today, dinner was a scratch meal, Marg had some cheese and bikkies, while I had my 2 sangas that I bought for lunch but never got around to eating them. They were nice.

Over the next few days we plan to stay at:

  • Sun 1st May - Camooweal - 1 night
  • Mon 2nd May - Mount Isa - 5 nights
We should now be back on the Internet until we leave Mount Isa.

Tomorrow, we have about 260kms to Camooweal, Qld.

Our route from Wycliffe Well to Barkly Homestead RH - 344kms.

Glad that we weren't heading North.

Marg at Three Ways.

One of the rooms at Three Ways.

Which way to go? Left.

Barkly Homestead RH Bar.

A sign at the entrance to the shop.

Barkly Homestead Roadhouse was surprisingly empty. Apart from the Road Train.

At Barkly.

Marg after Happy Hour.

School kids from Tamworth - overnighter.

Barkly Homestead Roadhouse early morning.

Barkly Homestead Roadhouse early morning.

Barkly Homestead Roadhouse early morning.

Barkly Homestead Roadhouse early morning.

Day 23 - Sunday 1st May 2016.

Barkly Homestead RH to Camooweal, Qld - 260kms.

I slept well and woke about 6:15am, and got up and went on the internet. Woke Marg about 7:00am and we started packing up.

We had 260kms today, so we left camp at 8;11am and drove 93km to a Rest Stop(9:16am), then after 97kms, we stopped at the Rest Area(10.29am) opposite the Avon Downs Police station, giving us only 70kms to Camooweal Post Office Hotel and CP arriving at 11:37am. As usual, there is bugger all traffic.
Paid the $32 for a powered site, and we were the 5th van there. We setup with power, water and sat dish. After locking onto the satellite, I connected the 3 cables (Foxtel x2, VAST x 1) and both VAST and Foxtel worked beautifully. I was rapt.
After setup, I checked out my emails and received one from Pat Robbo, who wanted some photos of the Camooweal Billabong, which is about 1 kilometer from here. SO while Marg decided to grab a nanna nap, I drove to the Billabong and snapped some photos. Pat was happy with the result. During the arvo, as the temperature stayed at 38°, we went into the pool, it was beautiful. The Air Cond is going in the fiver and it is quite pleasant, until you walk outside. Shit,it is so HOT.

As I paid today, I had to pay at the Bar, so I asked if there were meals available tonight and there are. While I was at the Billabong, snapping everything, I spoke to a guy there who had lunch at the Bar and said the 2 main meals either Roast Pork or Meatloaf were 11 out of 10. SO we are having dinner at the Pub.

Well, we are back from dinner. There don't carry Crownies, SO we had XXXX Gold stubbies.
Marg had the meatloaf, while I had the roast pork. we wouldn't give then an 11 but it was very YUMMA.

Over the next few days we plan to stay at:

  • Mon 2nd May - Mount Isa - 5 nights
  • Sat 7th May - Boulia - 1 night
  • Sun 8th May - Bedourie - Leave Fiver there for 5 nights
  • Mon 9th May - Birdsville - 2 nights - drive there without fiver.
  • Wed 11th May - Bedourie - last 2 nights
  • Fri 13th May - Boulia - 2 nights
  • Sat 15th May - Winton - 1 night
Tomorrow, we have about 190kms to Mount Isa, Qld.

Our route from Barkly Homestead RH to Camooweal - 260kms.

Stopped opposite the Avon Downs Police Station - in the middle of nowhere.

Crossed from the Northern Territory.

Into Queensland.

Camooweal Billabong - Beautiful water lilies.

plus 3 Brolgas.

A few more water lilies.

Camooweal Billabong - Just magnificent.

Camooweal Post Office Hotel and Caravan Park.

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Heading to Mount Isa.