Before Saturday 9th April 2016 - Packing the fiver.

Our fiver usually lives on our front lawn. The fiver spent some time at Phil's Trailblazers RV having its yearly service and a bigger cupboard in the bathroom and a new washing machine. Our old washer (Lemair) lasted 8 years before it started leaking. Anyway, the fiver is all rectified and back home, being used as my 'mancave'.

  • First thing I did was check the fridge by starting it on gas and then ran it on 240v, it worked beautifully.
  • Turned on the gas HWS and hotplates plus griller, again all worked correctly.
  • Next was to check my VAST satellite TV, it took about 30 minutes to get its act together, but eventually, it was working correctly after updating.
  • In summary, all the fiver is working correctly and ready to head North.
Upto and including Friday 8th April I will be using the fiver as my 'mancave', and watching TV and connecting to the internet. I have to have a chilled refresher or two, just to make sure that the fridge is working correctly. Update: It is.

Saturday 2nd April,

As we are not fossicking this year, I don't have to pack any of our fossicking gear. Now that we have 5 while vinyl solid 'walls' (2 end walls, 1 long side wall, 1 wind break skirt and Marg's naughty room under the bedroom), I do not need to bring a number of tarps or the long side shadecloth.
  • I flushed and refilled the fresh water tank.
  • As we are staying at caravan parks, I don't think that we need to bring the generator.
  • I have packed the 5 white vinyl panels in an outside cupboard, just fits in.
  • I have repacked the water and sewer hoses.
I have re-organised all the contents in the outside compartments, as usual, we took more stuff than we used.

Wednesday 6th April,

With 3 days to departure, we are under control.
  • Marg and I both had our 6 monthly dental and medical checkups.
  • Mowed the lawns.
  • Had the mighty Navara serviced (160k) yesterday. Had to replace worn front lower control arm ball joints plus wiperblades.
  • Started packing the ute of the mighty Navara with Tote-Tank and ladder.
  • Left our scripts at the Chemist on Monday, picked up 6 months worth today. There is now a drug shortage in Melbourne, we have them.
  • Marg's clothes packed.
  • Fridge and Pantry packed.

Friday 8th April,

With 1 day to departure, we are BACK under control.
There was a car parked in the street out the front of our house. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem BUT this car was parked in front of where the fiver enters the road over our nature strip. It has been parked there since Wednesday. I asked the neighbours BUT no one knew who owned it, SO I rang the local police and he said that if it is registered and parked legally, there is nothing that they could do. I stressed that we are leaving tomorrow on a 6 month trip. He said that he would try and contact the owner. Eventually, he did and the owner came and drove it away. I have not noticed the car in our neighbourhood, SO why does this PRICK who doesn't live within 100 meters of us, park his BLOODY car out the front and STRESS ME TO THE MAX.
  • We met Mum and Dad for our morning coffee and chat.
  • We spent most of today just rechecking that we have everything.
  • I packed my bike and attached it to the front of the fiver./li>
  • Vacuumed the house, washed sheets, towels etc.
  • Finished packing the fiver.
We spent some of the afternoon in the fiver, Marg was testing out the bed. It passed. I was buggering about on my laptop. The VAST and Foxtel are finally working properly, I connected the Foxtel cables to the wrong input connections. We will be sleeping in the fiver tonight to make sure that everything is working as it should.

2014 model of the Telecommunication Hub
Top left: Netgear Route for phone
Top middle: Humax VAST STB
Top Row right: 4 way switch.
Bottom: Foxtel.