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The Queensland Corvette Club - Show and Shine
Sunday 20th September 2015


Back in the dim, dark ages of 1974. I was in a position to buy a 1969 L71 427 Corvette Convertible, identical to the Yellow Convertible below. Hence why there are a 'million' photos. It was for sale in September 1974 at Brents on the corner of Warrigal and Dandenong Rds, Oakleigh for the princely sum of $7,000 BUT due to circumstances at the time, I ended up buying a new XB GT Coupe for $8,300 (See 2nd last photo below). I have always had a soft spot for the 1969 Vette ever since.

Below are a couple of photos that I took yesterday at the Broadwater Parklands. The Queensland Corvette Club usually has a 'show and shine' each August/September. I was lucky enough to come across it yesterday.

Vet05 This was very similar to 'my' Vette I wanted to buy in 1974.

Vet06 Photo 2.

Vet07 Photo 3.

Vet08 Photo 4.

Vet09 Photo 5.

Vet10 Photo 6.

Vet11 This guy is the owner. He was very helpful.

Vet12 Photo 8.

Vet13 Photo 9.

Vet14 Photo 10.

Vet15 Photo 11.

Vet16 Photo 12.

Vet17 This is a 1969 ZL1 replica.

Vet18 There were only 2 1969 ZL1 optioned cars ever made.

Vet19 I think that there is only one left.
That's why it currently valued at $1.8m.

Vet20 The base Coupe cost $4,781 and the ZL1 option was an EXTRA $4,718.
That's why there were only 2 ever made.

Vet21 A blue on blue 69 427 Coupe.

Vet22 A blue on blue 69 427 Coupe.

Vet23 A blue on blue 69 427 Coupe.

Vet24 A blue on blue 69 427 Coupe.

Vet25 A 1971 LT1 Coupe.

Vet26 A 1971 LT1 Coupe.

Vet27 A beautifully modified 73.

Vet28 It stands out in a crowd. I wonder why.

Vet29 Nice wide tyres filling the guards. Similar to my XB Coupe.

Vet30 A very neat back.

Vet01 1968 Corvette.

Vet02 1968 Corvette.

Vet03 1968 Corvette. (Didn't have the word Stingray above the vents - 1969 did)

Vet04 1968 Corvette.

Vet32 Scenery photo.

Vet33 Scenery photo.

XB01 I found a very old photo of my XB Coupe.
Notice my numberplate WF-666, Mum and Dad gave it to me for Xmas 1972.

XB02 Taken approx 1978 - Towing my Lightweight Sharpie.