Day 148 - Sunday 27th September 2015.

Southport to Moree - 534kms.

I woke at 5:30am and got up and went on the Internet, I woke Marg at 6am, we had brekky, finished packing up and left camp at 6:56am.
We headed along Smith St to the M1, turned north and drove about 35kms to the Logan motorway. Along the Logan Motorway listening to our eTags beeping under the Tolls.
Our first stop was opposite the BP Purga (8:07am) and off to the Caltex Warwick (9:28am) for a top up then a stop at Oman Ana (10:44am). We stopped at BP Goondiwindi (12:13pm) for a fuel top up and lunch and finally arrived at Gwydir CP, Moree at 2:10pm. We were assigned site 4, which is a drive thru, so I connected the power, water and put the Dish up. The traffic for the whole day was very light, even the M1 BUT it was Sunday.

Dinner was one of Marg's frozen casseroles, todays was curry. It was YUMMA.

Tomorrow we drive from Moree to Leighton's Peak Hill CP about 450kms.

Today's route from Southport to Moree - 534kms.

Site 4 at Gwydir CP at Moree.

Day 149 - Monday 28th September 2015.

Moree to Peak Hill - 448kms.

As we head south the overnight temperature is dropping, last night it reached 8.0° and tonight, I will break out my sleepingbag.
Same as yesterday, I woke at 5:30am and got up and went on the Internet, I woke Marg at 6am, we had brekky, finished packing up and left camp at 7:20am. It was my fault that we left late. Tom said we should arrive at 1:19pm without stopping, we arrived at 1:23pm with stops listed below.
We turned onto the Newell Hwy and headed south to Peak Hill about 448kms away, another long day. Our first planned stop was at the Shell Roadhouse (8:35am) just south of Narrabri for a diesel top up, next stop was at Coonabrabran (10:04am) just near their Dump Point, last year, that's where we saw a tortoise/turtle in the river. Next stop was a fuel top up at the Caltex Roadhouse (11:28) just south of Gilgandra. We only had 113kms to Peak Hill. Along here we had 1 roadwork which stopped us for about a minute and one other stop for "blasting", it was blast time at the Tomingley Gold Mine about 20kms north of Peak Hill. The mine stops the Newell Hwy both ways while they blast. We just missed the actual blast but saw the dust. Got to Leighton's at 1:23pm, except leighton and Pauline are on a 10 week vacation, spending 10 days in the UK visiting family. Robyn and Dean are minding the park and doing a good job. Robyn said the scones will arrive between 4 and 4:30pm, I thanked her for carrying on Pauline's tradition. While waiting for the scones, we had a nanna nap.

At 4:20pm, Dean arrived with Robyn's scones and jam, they were yumma, as usual. I spoke to Robyn, they have been here for 9 weeks, so far, and Robyn has only missed one day's scones and that was because she was crook. After devouring the scones, Marg and I walked over to the Peak Hill ex Servicemens' Club for pokies, beer and dinner.
Great News: Cec the barber, is still alive and exceptionally bright and active. He walked into the Club and I spoke to him, he is 95y 9mths old and if anything, I reckon that he is getting sharper of mind. I met Cec back in 2008, when we originally stayed at Leighton's park and every year since, I have asked about Cec when visiting the Club. It was great to see him, his wife is now in a home and unfortunately is not too well.

While Marg played the pokies, I was on my laptop, Marg won $40 and paid for dinner. I had chicken schnitzel and chips, while Marg had fish and chips. It was YUMMA.

Tomorrow we drive from Leighton's Peak Hill CP to Big4 Parklands at Shepparton about 560kms.

Today's route from Moree to Peak Hill - 448kms.

Leighton's Peak Hill CP.

Our site 20.

Marg is very quick to relax.

Day 150 - Tuesday 29th September 2015.

Peak Hill to Shepparton - 574kms.

Same as yesterday, I woke at 5:30am and got up and went on the Internet, I woke Marg at 6am, we had brekky, finished packing up and left camp at 6:47am.
We turned onto the Newell Hwy and headed south to Shepparton about 574kms away, our longest day of this trip. Our first planned stop was at Maccas Parkes (7:27am) for brekky, we had sausage and egg muffins and hash browns. It was nice. While in Parkes we topped up with fuel at the BP Parkes (7:43am), next stop was at Bundaburrah Rest Stop (8:32am). Next stop was at West Wyalong (9:35am) for a rest then off to the Caltex Narrandera (11:16am) for a fuel top up. Our lunch stop at always going to be at Jerilderie Bakery (12:37pm), Marg had a pie and a jam donut while I managed 2 homemade pies (steak and onions) absolutely YUMMA plus a soft drink each. After a good 20minute lunch break, we headed towards Shepp, stopping at Strathmerton (1:55pm) before stopping for another diesel top up at BP Shepparton (2:53pm) and arrived at Big4 Park Lane (3:04pm) for our last night of this year's sojourn.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Shepp with a light breeze.

Dinner was Marg's famous chicken sangas, as I couldn't be bothered to wash up.

Tomorrow we hopefully should arrive home about lunchtime.

Today's route from Peak Hill to Shepparton - 574kms.

Bundaburrah Rest Area.

My trusted treadley atttached to the fiver.

Strathmerton Rest Stop.

Site 44a at Big4 Park Lane Shepparton.

Day 151 - Wednesday 30th September 2015.

Shepparton to Home - 226kms.

It was a cool night.
We woke about 6:00am. We can't leave until 7:30am ish so we miss the peak traffic. We watched Kochie's Sunrise and on the internet and packed up and left at 7:56am. Our first stop was at the Seymour Service Centre (8:57am) where I bought a bag of ice for the 'shitter' (the ice cleans the crap off the tank), our next and final stop was the BP Cooper Rd, Epping (9:55am) which had a public weighbridge, so I weighed ourselves 5,600kgs compared to when we left we weighed 5,600kgs, so I was happy. We headed along the Western Ring Rd, before going down the Tulla Hwy then along the Monash fwy onto Eastlink off at Cheltenham Rd and arrived home at 11:08am.

Home all safe and sound.
We spent most of the arvo unpacking and will finish in the next couple of days.

The highlight of the day was that Mum and Dad arrived home today from the Gold Coast, even though they left 2 days before us, they took their time.

Today's route from Shepparton to Home - 226kms.