Day 1 - Sunday 3rd May 2015.

Home to Finley, NSW - 339 kms.

We left home at 8:11am, Marg was up and into it early, hence our early departure. We headed off along Lower Dandy Rd towards Dandenong to Eastlink, then Monash, Bolte Bridge to Western Ring Rd to Hume Freeway. First stop is now a regular for us, we stop at the public weighbridge at the BP Cooper St, Epping, our GCM was exactly 5,600kgs (205kgs under the limit for the mighty Navara). It took us 63 minutes to get there, a very easy drive with bugger all traffic lights, that's why we no longer go along Beach Rd (too many traffic lights). We first used the weighbridge last year, so now we know exactly where the weighbridge is and the procedure. I drove onto the bridge and stopped when the green light came on, stopped and went over to Kerry who I met last year, we chatted for a few minutes, I went and stood beside our rig and Kerry hit the button. 5,600kgs and $17 lighter, we started our sojourn North. That includes fresh water tank full (150 litres), Navara fuel tank full (80 litres), Evacool fridge/freezer Full, fridge/freezer in fiver FULL, and all our shit on board.

Last year, we just made it to Maccas at Wallan before the breakfast menu was turned off. We arrived at 9:44am and easier made it before their 10:30am deadline. I had 2 sausage and egg muffins, hash browns and an orange juice, Marg had a bacon and egg muffin, hash brown and a lemonade. On leaving I spoke to a caravanner and a truckie.
After brekky we could relax and take it easy as there was no more deadlines to meet. Our next rest stop was Nagambie at 10:58am, the lake is beautiful. Last year, as we drove off I noticed the new Black Caviar stature, I was going to do a U turn, but couldn't be stuffed. SO this year I stopped and photograph the stature and there was also a new statue of 'George'. Our final rest stop was at Wunghnu at 12:15pm. We arrived at Finley's Lakeside CP, stayed on last year's site 34, at 1:30pm.

While I set up camp, Marg made her special chicken sangas with her secret ingredients. They were YUMMA.
As we now have VAST and a PAY TV STB, it means that I will erect the Dish for each night's stop. I watched the V8s over in Perth. Go Lowndesy.

As I am writing this, I am watching Lowndesy and Marg is having a 'powernap'. If you ask me, she is 'dead to the world'.

Bye for now. The race is about to start. Go Lowndesy. Ohh sorry, I already said that.

Tomorrow, we head for Peak Hill.

Our route from Melbourne to Finley, NSW - 338 kms.

The truckie I spoke to at Wallan Maccas.

Maccas at Wallan for Brekky.

This year I photographed Black Caviar.

Nice Statue.

One of the plaques.

Us at Nagambie. Nice weather just cool.

George in Bronze.. well metal anyway.

George at Nagambie.

Cardinal George Pell(ican) aka George the Pelican.

Black Caviar statue on the left and us, way over on the right.

Nagambie Lake, just beautiful.

At Wunghnu Rest Area.

Marg just chillin'.

Lakeside CP, Finley site 34. Dish setup.

Marg outside and I am inside watching Lowndesy.

Day 2 - Monday 4th May 2015.

Finley to Peak Hill, NSW - 466 kms.

It was a cool night with only my sleepingbag as a blanket, I awoke a few times and slept through to 6am, I listened to my radio through my headphones. After the 6:30am news, I got up and wandered over and had a shower. Water pressure was fair. I woke Marg about 7:20am, and I started packing up and were on the road at 8:44am.

We had 34kms to Jerilderie, arrived at 9:09am, where we filled the mighty Navara. Next stop was Narrandera (109kms from Jerilderie) arrived at 10:36am, where I changed into shorts as the sun was out and warm. A further 79kms up the road (Beckom Rest Area) we stopped at 11:50am and photographed Leigh Gray's memorial, Leigh must have been a truckie, followed by another 92kms to our lunch stop, which was at Marsden Rest Area arriving at 12:59pm. We pulled into the rest area and as we were the only people there, we decided to sit and eat our lunch at the provided seats and table. The sangas were Marg's world famous chicken sangas with her secret ingredients. We watched the 2 magpies eat Marg's crusts. I think the magpies thought the crusts were YUMMA. After lunch we continued a further 69kms into Forbes where we stopped for petrol (2:08pm). We now had all our stops out of the way and had a non-stop run to Peak Hill a pleasant 82kms away arriving at 3:21pm.

Paid Pauline the $27 while Leighton directed us into our site (20). As Marg rested in her chair and I setup camp (water, power and satellite), Leighton came over and we chatted before he was interrupted by new customers. The scones arrived just after 4pm. They were YUMMA as usual. It was great to catchup with Leighton.

About 4:30pm, Marg and I walked over to the Peak Hill Ex Services & Citizens Club, for Marg's fix on the pokies, my fix on a few chilled refreshers and both our fixes on the beautiful meal. Marg had fish and chips, while I had chicken parma. It was YUMMA.
Back at camp, Marg watched My Kitchen Rules, while I did this.

Tomorrow we driving to Moree for an overnighter and a dip in their artesian spa pools.

Our route from Finley to Peak Hill, NSW - 466 kms.

The Caltex Service Centre at Narrandera.

The Murrumbidgee River is in the background.

Stopped at Narrandera.

The traffic was light.

The traffic was very light.

OK.. There wasn't any traffic.

The memorial of Leigh Gray at Beckom Rest Area.

Beckom Rest area.

Lunch at Marsden Rest Area.

The Shire of Bland in the background.

Day 3 - Tuesday 5th May 2015.

Peak Hill to Moree, NSW - 449 kms.

It was another mild night, I slept a lot better. Too warm for my sleepingbag, so pulled on 2 blankets and slept through to 6:00am, when I got up. We turned on Kochie and Marg got up about 7:00am. We didn't have much to pack up and were on the road at 8:11am.

We had 68kms to Dubbo (8:58am) for a break, another 82kms to a Rest Area (10:04am) for the next break, then 80kms to Coonabarabran (11:20am) for a fuel refill, next stop 71kms down the road, was lunch at the Yarraman RA (12:23pm). We pulled into the rest area and pushed out a slideout, while Marg made lunch. Beautiful chicken sangas, they were YUMMA. Then a non stop of 146kms to Gwydir CP, Moree arriving at 2:33pm. Today there were plenty of trucks on the road, I pulled over about 3 or 4 times to let the trucks pass, they were very appreciative, they thanked me on ch40.

Paid $28.80 for drive thru site 3. The CP had us on site 16, so I asked for a site between 1 and 14 as there were no trees to obstruct my satelite dish. I setup camp (power, water and satellite), while Marg had a nanna nap. We were both a tad tired, so we didn't venture to the thermal pools. No big deal.

Dinner was angus beef meat pies. They were YUMMA. Followed by a bit of TV. I had to tape House Rules and Reno Rumble as Marg wants to watch these. Obviously, Marg has got no taste in TV shows.

Tomorrow we driving to Warwick for an overnighter.

Our route from Peak Hill to Moree, NSW - 449 kms.

There was traffic today.

Actually plenty of trucks.

Our first rest area after Gilgandra.

This was our morning tea spot.

Marg took some scenery shots. Very nice.

Marg took some scenery shots.

We followed this truck up a hill.

Lunch at the Yarraman Rest Area.

At Yarraman Rest Area.

Our rig ready to continue on our sojourn.

The Yarraman Rest Area wasn't really chockers.

Our first Wideload - approaching Narrabri.

Site 3 at Gwydir Carapark Thermal Pools.

We were plenty stressed to the max.... NOT.

Day 4 - Wednesday 6th May 2015.

Moree, NSW to Warwick, Qld - 329 kms.

It was a mild night, I started with one blanket and pulled on my 2nd early morning and slept beautifully until 6:30am. We we haven't increased our internet plan until we get to Southport, we are only using the internet very scarcely.

We packed up and hit the road at 8:25am. It is purely coincidential that we leave about the same time each morning.

We did 86kms until we stopped at North Star Rest Area(9:28am), followed by 30kms until we stopped for a refuel at the Shell Boggabilla (9:58am), then another 59kms until we stopped in the township of Yeralbon(10:49am) don't blink or you will miss this metropolis. A further 85kms onwards, we drove into the rest area at the Gore Food and Fuel stop (11:59pm). After a further 67kms, we arrived at Rose City CP (12:56pm) on the northern side of Warwick, a very basic CP, but no probs for an overnighter $30 on their big grassed site.

The traffic mainly the number of trucks had increased, I let a number of trucks pass us by using our UHF radio. The UHF radio should be compulsory for all caravanners and they should have them turned on when on the highways.

After we did a quick setup (power, water and Satellite). I am getting quite good at setting up the Satellite dish, it takes about 5 minutes from taking all equipment out until we watch it on TV.

During the afternoon, Marg had a nanna nap and so did I.

Dinner was quiche lorraine and it was yumma.

Tomorrow we driving to our destination of Broadwater Tourist park, Southport.

Our route from Moree to Warwick, Qld - 329 kms.

Gore Rest area selling food and fuel.

It is a small metropolis.

But a very nice rest stop.

Rose City CP, The grass was so soft.

Day 5 - Thursday 7th May 2015.

Warwick to Southport - 204 kms.

It was a cool night, at 7:00am the outside temp was 3.0° (Bloody Cold). Woke about 6:00am, got showered and started packing up and hit the road at 8:12am.

It was another pearler of a day, beautiful sunshine with no clouds, our 5th day in a row. I followed a B Double down Cunningham's Gap, and we both went very slow and had no dramas at all. After 64kms we stopped at Aratula (9:05am) then drove non stop along the motorways to Southport arriving at 11:01am. We did a full setup which took hours, it included power, water, our 4 new white vinyl sides (2 x wall ends, 1 long side and a windbreak under the fiver), setup the room under our bedroom which will now house my bike. We bought a portable wardrobe for in the annex, I also put our 12v Evacool fridge in the annex as well and finally erected the Dish.

Early arvo, we visited Vodaphone at Australia Fair to buy their internet plan. Will (2nd in charge) was very knowledgeable and friendly, the difference between dealing with Telstra and Vodaphone was light years apart. Anyway, Will fixed us up with a 4G wifi modem and 25Gb ($90 monthly - no contract). Back at camp, it works excellently.
On the way back from Aus Fair, I booked a trailer and a stair climbing trolley.

Lukey called in later in the day to borrow my ladder. Ahh children.

Our new vinyl walls work very well. I am happy with them. After a lovely shower late afternoon, we had a relaxing night, as tomorrow is WORK DAY. I am helping Lukey move house.
Dinner was a frozen pizza and washed down with a few chilled refreshers.

Tomorrow will be FULL ON.

Our route from Warwick to Southport - 204 kms.