Day 162 - Sunday 24th August 2014.

Mont's family birthday lunch - Southport - Day 22.

Between last night's website update and tonight, we have had a further 9mm of rain, but since 9am, it hasn't rained, but the wind stayed between 19 and 40 kph with gusts to 52.
It has rained intermittently overnight.

We slept very well until 7:00am, when we both got up and watched 'Weekend Sunrise' and as usual buggered about on the Internet. We had nothing planned until 11:30am, when Lukey and Jodi picked us up and drove over to Mont's other nanna's apartment in Surfers, where we walked along the Esplanade to the 'Surfers Sandbar' cafe for lunch. I had a parma while Marg had nachos, they were both yumma. Lunch was very pleasant, then we walked back to the 17 floor apartment where we sang 'Happy Birthday' and ate the beautiful birthday cake. After an hour or so, we said goodbye and Lukey dropped us back at camp.
Due to the inclement weather, I have not ridden since last Wednesday.

As we had a good lunch, dinner was a scratch meal.

Tomorrow, nothing is planned, I hope to ride.

After 2 days of severe wind - the surf is up.

After 2 days of severe wind - the surf is up.

After 2 days of severe wind - the surf is up.

Day 163 - Monday 25th August 2014.

Happy Birthday, Dad - 84 today - Southport - Day 23.

It has still been blowing like buggery.

We slept very well until 7:00am, while Marg watched 'Sunrise', I went for a ride.
I hadn't ridden since last Wednesday (2 days of the Pan Pacs swimming, the other days it just rained), so I jumped at this morning opportunity to ride, even though it is still blowing like buggery from the South. The waves are at least 2 meters and completely blown out, so no surfers in my region. My riding highlight was while riding around a bend there was a fallen tree, which I managed to stop and lift my bike over, but I did see a broken rear light so at least one bike had crashed into it.

Back at camp, we drove to Helensvale Shops and bought Mont 2 new tyres for her bike. Since May when Marg and I left Mont, she had a puncture and it hadn't been fixed. So good ole Grandpa drove to Lukey's and fixed it. For the remainder of the arvo, we buggered about at camp and also checked out David and Di's new annex, it looks bloody awesome.

Sara Lee made dinner tonight, it was a very yumma Quiche Lorraine.

Tomorrow is Bingo.

Today's weather photo from Surfers - very windy FEW people.

Surfs up.

I tried to move it BUT it was stuck fast.

The waves were big.

I wasn't game to ride to the end. The spray was everywhere.

This spray was about 50 meters from the end of The Spit.

Day 164 - Tuesday 26th August 2014.

Call me Mr Bingo - Southport - Day 24.

It has still been blowing like buggery.

We slept very well until 6:30am, when I got up and went on the internet, while Marg watched 'Sunrise'. We had brekky and got ourselves organised for Bingo and left at 8:30am. Arrived at the Sharks about 10 minutes later, there was an abnormal amount of traffic, but we still were one of the first to arrive. But a lady sat at 'OUR' table JUST as we walked into the room, so we sat at our friend Jenny's table, she hasn't been here for a few weeks. I paid our $46 for 2 FULL sets, Marg went and ordered coffee and cake, then we prepared for bingo. At 9:30am it started, there were a few new faces, including a very attractive blonde young woman, probably in her 20s, she stood out as 99% are old farts like Marg. I ended up winning 3 games totalling $70, so our winnings at the Sharks so far this trip is now $33. We have 3 more bingos to go. Marg is letting the team down.

Back at camp at lunchtime, I went riding while Marg did her thing in my absence. My usual route, the highlight was seeing and talking to the Jet Man near the Nerang river bridge. He said that this area is now their new base. My Gold Coast riding summary is: - today's ride 35kms - Total to date: after my 16th ride is 586kms.

We had a beautiful 'happy hour' with David and Di in their Trailblazer 5th Wheeler (Our twin) BUT in their new enclosed annex, as I said yesterday, it is bloody great.

'Marty' McCain made my pizza slices for dinner, while Marg had toast. It was yumma.

Tomorrow nothing is planned, maybe I will ride BUT the forecast is for a storm.

Today's weather photo from Surfers - still very windy.

The Seaworld Whale watching boat coming through the seaway.

It would have been a rough day out whale watching.

I waited for some of the BIG sets to come through.

I waited for some of the BIG sets to come through.

I waited for some of the BIG sets to come through.

Day 165 - Wednesday 27th August 2014.

I was Lukey's chauffeur today - Southport - Day 25.

The wind has subsided a little.

I slept very well until 5:30am, when I laid in bed and tried to design our new annex side wall, Marg slept like a baby until 7:45am, then she watched 'Sunrise'. I left at 7:45am and drove to Lukey's mechanic, to pick him up as he dropped off his car for a service. I dropped him back at his shack, as he was working from home today and then I headed back to camp, right in the middle of the school dropoff time. Eventually, I made it back to camp, changed into 'cycleman' and headed off on my usual route. The highlight was taking a photo of the Qld premier's motorcade. My Gold Coast riding summary is: - today's ride 40kms - Total to date: after my 17th ride is 626kms.

After my shower, Marg and I drove over to South Park for lunch at Michel's and did some food shopping, Marg also booked a hair appointment for tomorrow. Lukey rang me around 3pm (School pickup time) to pick him up as his car was ready. He was very happy with his car and their price.
If you saw the news they were raving about the storms in SE Qld, well at Southport, we have had a few drops of rain and that's it.

Marg cooked her 'world famous' omelettes, they were absolutely magnificently YUMMA (I liked them).

Tomorrow Marg has a hair appointment at South Park.

The Gold Coast Tram.

Today's weather photo from Surfers - still very windy.

A whale watching boat returning to port.

There are still BIG sets coming through.

The Qld premier's motorcade passing Australia Fair in Southport.

The portable grandstands are coming down.

Day 166 - Thursday 28th August 2014.

David and Di joined us for dinner - Southport - Day 26.

The wind was back in force - maximum gust was 74kph Southerly. I have had a gutful of the wind.

Marg woke and got up about 5:30am, she didn't sleep well, I laid in bed and dozed listening to Richard, Bridge and Spida on 92.5 Gold FM, before getting up about 6:45am. We tape 'Sunrise' on our VAST STB each day, so we watched today's tape of 'Sunrise'. Marg had a hair appointment at 11am at South Park, so we were in no hurry. We got ourselves organised and left camp about 10:40am and drove along High St/Ferry Rd to South Park. Marg walked into the hairdressers at 10:55am, I did a complete lap of South Park, where to my amazement, I saw a barber, so in I went for a #4 crew cut. Naturally, I was finished before Marg and went and had a coffee at Michels, where we plannned to meet. Just as I was starting my coffee, Marg walked in and said that her hairdresser could fit me in for a haircut, then realised that I had had one. My hair had got to a stage that I wanted a haircut and last week at Helensvale, I checked out the barber, they were full, so I couldn't be stuffed waiting, so I gave it a miss. That's why as I walked past Rob's Hairdressing and saw that it was empty, I went in and Steve cut my hair. Moses and Steve operate it and they are both characters. Steve lives in a highrise just near Charis Seafoods in Labrador, over the road from where George and his mates gather for lunch.

Back at camp for lunch, I decided not to ride, mainly to keep an eye on our annex as the bloody wind is still gusting to over 70kph. I spent most of the arvo on my laptop, designing our new side wall for the annex. Marg went and laid on the bed to read, Bad mistake, she nodded off. I followed a little later, so we both had a nanna nap.
About 3:45pm, we drove over to our club (CSi Club Southport) for our Thursday pokies, drinking and dining. Today is different, as David and Di joined us about 5pm ish.

Dinner was the $10 pizza and schooner of beer. The pizzas were that good, that in future, we will be having the $10 pizza and beer instead of my Mixed Grill and Marg's Garlic Prawns. A saving of $30 for dinner. By the way, dinner was YUMMA.

Tomorrow it is the Gold Coast Public holiday (Show Day), we plan to take Mont on a tram ride.

Day 167 - Friday 29th August 2014.

We took Mont on the GC Tram - Southport - Day 27.

The wind was still here but it has dropped a little.

We both slept well. I was up at 6:30am and put on a load of washing. Marg awoke about an hour later, we got ourselves organised and left home about 9;40am and drove over to Lukey's shack and picked up Mont for the day. We drove to the carpark over the road from the Broadwaters Parkland station and walked the 100 meters to the station. My drama was buying the tickets, I had to buy 2 concession and 1 child, each ticket was a separate transaction, we missed a tram while buying our tickets, but the trams come every 7.5 minutes. We rode the tram from Broadwaters Parkland to Broadbeach and return. It was very good, we all really enjoyed it.
Back at Broadwater Parklands, we walked back to the mighty Navara, it was the only car in the carpark. We then drove next door to Australia Fair, the carpark was deserted, except that everyone was at McDonalds, where we went for lunch, Mont wanted Maccas.

Back at camp, we built sand castles on the beach, found shells and had fun, then walked around to see the Georges, when we got back to camp, Jodi was there. Marg taught Mont some crochetting stuff and both Jodi and Mont left about 3:30pm. Marg and I had a great day with Mont, it was great fun and tiring, but we are old farts.

Dinner was Marg's meatloaf and mash with vegies. It was yumma.

Tomorrow has nothing planned.

Mont and Grandma waiting for the tram.

Here comes our tram.

Looking to the front.

Looking to the rear.

Grandma and Mont.

Passing through Surfers.

Passing Cavill Ave.

Surfers tram station.

Are we there yet? Nearly, only 7mins to go.

Northcliffe tram station.

Mont and Grandma.

Saying 'Goodbye' to our tram.

The Cops waiting to cross the Gold Coast hwy.

Their chariot has broken down.

Now what do we do.

Our carpark was chockers. Ok, we were the only one.

Grandma and Mont.

Mont gave Grandma a leaf.

Day 168 - Saturday 30th August 2014.

Quiet Day plus I rode - Southport - Day 28.

The wind has dropped a little bit more.

We both slept well. I was up at 6:30am and on the internet while Marg slept like a baby until 7:45am ish. She laid in bed and watched today's taped 'Weekend Sunrise', while I changed into 'cycleman'. I am in a cycling competition where I am trying to ride 750kms per month, I have 2 days left to ride and are 90kms short of my target. Tomorrow is the last day in August and is Mont's birthday party, so it is not looking good.
Anyway back to today, I left camp about 8:15am and headed off on my normal route, down to Surfers, out to the end of the Spit, coffee at Cafe Rockpool, upto Lands End, back to the Nerang River bridge and then back to camp, a total of 40.2kms. My Gold Coast riding summary is: - today's ride 40kms - Total to date: after my 18th ride is 666kms.
Today's riding highlight was meeting Trevor. I didn't realise as I past Trevor that he had fallen off his bike, 2 ladies criss crossed in front of him and his front wheel caught the edge of the footpath and down he went. I stopped to watch the Jeetman again and Trevor rode past me. I caught and spoke to him as we were ridding over the new Nerang River shared path. We chatted the whole way to cafe Rockpool and Trevor offered to buy me a coffee, as we sat and talked about bikes and everything else. Trevor has just started riding again after many years. I had a very enjoyable time with Trevor and hope that our paths cross again before I leave the Gold Coast. While having our coffee there were 6 Air Force personnel having acoffee, the next thing they were inflating their balloon.
I have ridden 700kms in August and if you ride 750kms you receive an internet award, which I would like, but tomorrow is the last day and I am 50kms away and have Mont's birthday, so it will be touch and go, whether I get my extra 50kms.

Marg and I had a very relaxing afternoon, just buggering about at camp. I needed 3 additional tent poles for my 'new annex' that I am designing, after looking at David and Di's new annex. As it turned out David and Di were going back to the camping shop and bought me my poles. Thank you David for cutting the tips off the poles and drilling the holes where needed. He even drilled an extra hole.
I love my egg sangas, but recently I have been having trouble shelling them, so last week at a low moment, I ordered Eggies from a TV ad, which is a top and bottom plastic egg shaped container. They arrived and this is what you do:
  • smear margarine on the top and bottom container
  • break egg into bottom and secure the top.
  • put Eggies in pot of water deep enough to float
  • bring to boil then slow boil for 17 minutes
  • allow to cool for 7 minutes.
I did this for 4 eggs to try it. The shape of the hard boiled eggs do not fit in the egg slicer properly, it rips a chunk of egg off.
So summing up, YOU CAN STICK YOUR EGGIES. I will go back to the old way, I will still swear and cuss, but nowhere as much as I did with Eggies.

Dinner was Sargents Angus meat pies. they were yumma.

Tomorrow is Mont's 8yo birthday party.

This dude just cruised past our site.

Today's weather photo from Surfers.

As the wind drops, the waves are getting back to normal.

These 2 surfers about to paddle across the seaway.

Nearly got hit by the Whale Watching boat.

Looking towards Surfers from The Spit.

This guy was a paying customer. He loved it.

The RAAF came and inflated their balloon.

I think it was a publicity stunt, as it didn't fly anywhere.

Today's photo of the dismantling of the portable grandstands.

At Lands End looking towards Southport.

This must be the water version of 'free camping'.

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