Day 60 - Wednesday 14th May 2014.

Southport to Hervey Bay, Qld - 366 kms.

Our life has returned to normal.
We slept well and I awoke and got up about 6:00am, Marg was awake so we watched Ch7 Sunrise. I showered and had brekky and slowly started to pack up between the drizzle. As we were watcching Sunrise, their segment of Cash Cow money came on and Marg said that they were over the road. I naturally said "Bullshit", but as usual she was right. I opened our door and sure enough the Sunrise satelite van was in the park where the circus had been, so we grabbed our brollies and camera and walked over to them. We spoke to the winner, a female who had just won $40,000 that's right 40 grand, naturally, she was a tad happy. There were waiting to cross 'live' to Sunrise and asked Marg and I, if we wanted to appear on TV in the background. Now bear in mind that I am packing up the fiver and not really suitable to be appearing on national TV, so we graciously declined. After a few minutes, we walked back to our fiver, to continue packing.

While packing up, I got caught in a couple of light showers. We didn't want to leave before 9:30am to try and miss the peak hour traffic, as it turned out, we left spot on 9:30am and headed down Smith St to the Freeway. The traffic flowed the whole way upto and over the Gateway Bridge. Our first planned stop was at the BP Burpengary SC, we arrived there at 10:55am. While driving I noticed that our reversing camera wasn't working properly, so I sprayed WD40 on the connects and after a couple of minutes, it came back to life. Good ole, WD40. Our next stop was at the Matilda Fuel Service, Kybong (12:16pm), where we stopped for lunch. We had sandwiches and soft drink, the sandwiches were very YUMMA. As we were walking out of the Food court, I notcied Matilda. Our next 2 unscheduled stops were for roadworks, we were stationary at roadworks one for 5 minutes and roadworks two for 3 minutes, finally arriving at Scarness Beachfront CP at 2:53pm.

We spent a few hours setting up, as we are staying for 4 nights, we didn't do a full awning setup, I only rolled the awning out halfway, with its antiflap bar ends, plus the satelite and Marg's room.

Marg made egg and bacon sangas for dinner and they were YUMMA.

Tomorrow, it is rest time, Marg will try and relax around camp, while I will go for a ride.

Our route from Southport to Hervey Bay - 366 kms.

The Ch7 Sunrise satelite van.

Michelle Tapper, Happy Winner, Cash Cow and cameraman.

Michelle Tapper, Happy Winner, Cash Cow and cameraman.

Matilda from the 1982 Brissy Commonwealth Games.

Matilda info.

The 13m Matilda.

Marg heading to our fiver (in the distance).

Getting closer.

We are ready to roll.

At Roadworks One, we also encountered a wideload.

The view from the front of our fiver.

The view from the front of our fiver.

Day 61 - Thursday 15th May 2014.

Relaxing in Hervey Bay - Day 1.

We slept very well and woke about 6:00am and turn ed on Ch7 Sunrise. It had rained frequently overnight and in the morning, so it was very relaxing laying in bed watching TV and listening to the rain on the fiver's roof. About 9:30am, there appeared to be a break in the clouds with large chunks of blue sky, so I bite the bullet and went for a ride. I wanted to do a lap of the beach shared path, so I left camp and headed west to Gatakers Bay about 8kms (this is my western turnaround point), then retraced my path back past our camp heading towards the Hervey Bay marina about 8kms from camp the other way (my other turnaround point). On the way, I rode out along the Urangan Pier, the entire 868 meters. At the end, I stopped and watched the 6 fishermen and a lone "George". It was blowing a bloody gale at the end of the pier, George was sitting on the railing about 2 meters from a fisherman and struggling to stay there. He would fly off and then land back near the fisherman, so I was in heaven, taking photos as he took off and landed. I managed a couple of good ones. Each day, weather permitting, I will go out on the pier and see if there are any Georges about. I continued riding to Hervey Bay marina, checked out the boats moored in the marina. Some nice boats, including a catamaran that has sailed up from Brighton in Melbourne.

Back at camp, after my ride, another rain squall came through. At least while riding I managed to have a 2 hour dry period. Marg and I had lunch, and as the rainsqualls appeared to be more frequent, we held a meeting to discuss whether to drive upto the Shopping Centre or walk across the road and check out the local shopping strip. Now this is the sort of stress that us retirees have to face daily. I don't understand that the 'workers' think we have an easy life.
As we had a nice blue patch of sky, we voted to walk across the road and check out our local shops, but it was minuted that if it rained, it was not my fault. There were quite a few food take away shops of different ethnic variety, most open from 5pm onwards. After walking the 100 meters of shops, we returned to the coffee shop and sat out the front under their veranda and had a coffee and cake. You guessed it, just as we got up to walk the 150 meters back to camp, it rained, we did a quick detour into Foodworks and by the time we re-emerged, the rain had slowed to a light drizzle.
For the remainder of the afternoon, the rainsqualls came through quite frequently.

Dinner was just a scratch meal, I had cereal and Marg had toast.

Tomorrow, will be very similar to today.

One of the beautiful views from the shared path.

The entrance to our Caravan Park.

At the start of the pier.

A great photo of George catching a fish.

Who are you looking at, Kid?

George in flight.

Hervey Bay Boat Club.

Hervey Bay marina.

This is what Marg does, while I ride. - Site 12.

Day 62 - Friday 16th May 2014.

Relaxing in Hervey Bay - Day 2.

We slept well, but we both woke at 5am. Marg got up and I laid in bed listening to the radio, finally getting up about 6am. It was dry, so I walked along the beach to take some sunrise photos. The water was smooth with no breeze. About 7am, I changed into 'cycleman' and Marg went back to bed.

I followed the same route as yesterday, but coming back from the Hervey Bay marina, I turn left into Elizabeth at Vic Hislop's Shark shop, then head towards Boat Harbour Road and ride along the shared path, which ends at Big W in Pialba. It was 37kms.

Back at camp, after my ride, I showered and about 10:30am, we drove up to Bay Plaza at Pialba, to do some food shopping at Woollies, also checked out the Reject shop, and had a coffee at the local coffee shop. Marg made beautiful salad wraps for lunch, which we ate sitting in the shade out the front of the fiver, overlooking the water. It was very relaxing. We sat there for over 2 hours, it was dry, warm and in the shade, it was heaven. About 3;30pm, the tide was close to fully out, which was a good 100 meters from the high water mark, so Marg and I walked along and through the shallows and took some photos. After that it was Beer o'clock, so we again sat out the front, while I had a chilled refresher or two. Liquid gold.

It did stay dry for most of the day.

The whole Caravan Park appreciated our dinner, Marg cooked a curry and it wafted through the air. It was Roothy's curried sausages and it was magnificent. Absolutley YUMMA

Tomorrow, will be very similar to today.

Hervey Bay sunrise.

Hervey Bay sunrise.

Hervey Bay sunrise.

Hervey Bay sunrise.

A busy day at the end of the Urangan Pier.

George on the narrowest pole I have seen.

George is very talented.

Scarness Beachfront CP.

We are on the right - Site 12.

Marg walking in the shallows.

Our shady tree, came in very handy.

'Alpha' seagull was boss of the fish head.

This pier is a tad too short.

Marg in front of our Caravan Park.

Day 63 - Saturday 17th May 2014.

Relaxing in Hervey Bay - Day 3.

We slept very well, waking about 6:30am. Marg stayed in bed and at 7am watched Weekend Sunrise on Ch 7. As the clouds had parted, I went for a ride along my normal route (CP to Gatkers Bay to Urangan Pier to Hervey Bay marina to CP about 30kms). Back at camp, Marg was up and after we got ourselves organised, we drove off to fill up the mighty Navara, ready for tomorrow's trip to Agnes Water (260kms). After filling up, we went to the other shopping Centre (Big W and Coles), over the road from yesterday's Pialba Plaza. We found a Flash Harry shop(similar to The Reject Shop) and marg was in heaven, as they had wool for $2 a ball, she 'topped up' her wool supply by buying another 15 balls. She would hate to run out of wool, before we hit Townsville.
As we have been here in Hervey Bay, doing heaps of relaxing, we went for a drive (if you can call it a drive) down Boat harbour Road to the Marina and then along the Esplanade back to our camp. As we were driving through Torquay, past the Pirates Cave (a very large souvenir shop), there was a parking spot, right out the front, so we stopped. We walked a few shops up and had a coffee, while we sat and watched the world go bye. After coffee, we went into the Pirates Cave, we were last there on Sat 24th July 2010, when we bought Humphrey the Humpback whale and a set of Georges. Today we bought the 2 Georges which are stuffed. We were happy with our purchases and drove back to camp for lunch. While Marg was making lunch, I packed my trusty steed (Blue Bike) on the fiver, in readiness for our departure tomorrow. I will pack up the remainder tomorrow, just hope it doesn't rain. For the rest of the arvo, I watched Lowndesy in Perth and Marg managed to have a nanna nap.

It did stay dry for most of the day.

Dinner is Woollies frozen Argus pies.

Tomorrow, we shift camp to Agnes Water about 260kms.

There is always a George nearby. To say 'Hi'.

Today's photo of Urangan pier, it is always busy.

Our new Georges. They are stuffed and beautiful.

Day 64 - Sunday 18th May 2014.

Hervey Bay to Agnes Water, Qld - 246 kms.

We slept well and I awoke and got up about 6:00am, Marg was awake so we watched Ch7 Weekend Sunrise. I showered and had brekky and quickly packed up as it was threatening to rain. We left at 8:38am, said our goodbyes to Marilyn (The Manager) in the Office and then headed towards Agnes Water. Our first planned stop was at Childers (9:33am), our reversing camera is still a bit flaky, it must have a loose connection, similar to our drive it came back to life. Our next stop was at the Bundaberg(10:11am) just opposite the runaway of the airport. We drove along the Rosedale Rd(Bundaberg-Lowmead Rd), which is still a bloody awful road, rough and bumpy. Our last stop was at the turnoff to Berajondo(11:10am), before arriving at Agnes Water at 12:01pm.
We paid for 3 nights ($120) and were allocated site 9, we setup power and water, half the awning, the satelite and Marg's room. After setting up, Marg and I did a walk around the park and down to the beach. This park has its own cafe, we will check it out tomorrow. The rest of the arvo was spent watching the V8s, Lowndesy won yesterday and finished 2nd this arvo.

Marg cooked chico rolls, they were YUMMA.

Tomorrow, we will check out Agnes Water and 1770.

Our route from Hervey Bay to Agnes Water - 246 kms.

Our rest stop at Bundy airport.

Our rest stop at Bundy airport.

Our rest stop at Berajondo.

'Kooka' came to welcome us.

'Kooka' came to welcome us.

'Kooka' came to welcome us.

Day 65 - Monday 19th May 2014.

Relaxing in Agnes Water.

I slept like a log not awaking until 6:45am, Marg also slept well. With nothing on the agenda, we laid in bed and watched Ch7 Sunrise. Eventually, I had to get up, walked over to the showers, I was the only one in them. The water pressure is good and warm. Mid morning, after we got our act together, we went for a drive to 1770, to check out what's there. Well, in 2 words. Not Much.
I thought that there would be a 'town', well there isn't. There are 2 caravan parks and a couple of millionaires holiday shacks (I was told this by the local Gem shop owner). Agnes Water is the main town, for a small town it has everything, a Gem Shop, 2 supermarkets (IGA and Foodworks) plus 2 taverns, a Patholgy collection point(see I told you it had everything), a large service station, Bakery, 3 real estate agents (I don't know why) and more.
We stopped at downtown Agnes Water Shopping Centre, we walked from one end to the other, before coming back to Madonna's cafe for a coffee and cake. We hope to return there tomorrow night for dinner, their menu looks very inviting. The Gem shop has only been open for 6 weeks, the owner is a tiler by trade and this is his retirement plan, I wished him luck, he may need it. After checking out most shop in Agnes Water, we went back to camp for lunch.

During the afternoon, Marg had a nanna nap, while I walked back into the shopping mecca of Agnes Water, probably 500 meters from camp, I walked past the shops and over the road to the remainder, which included a large surf shop, which had heaps of backpackers, just about to go over to the beach for some surfing lessons. On my way back to camp, I followed the path to the beach, which runs beside the Caravan park and spoke to the Lifeguard on duty, he is a contracted lifeguard who works 6 days a week 9am to 5pm. The 7th day is covered by a volunteer lifeguard. Today has been a 'quiet' day, so far.
The weather this afternoon has been sunny but with a very cool onshore breeze. It is jumper weather when outside.

Marg made toasted ham and cheese sangas. They were YUMMA.

Tomorrow, we will check out Agnes Water and 1770 again, hopefully, find something that we missed today. If sunny, we will take photos.

View from front of the cabins to the beach.

The beach out the front of our park.

Tony the lifeguard on duty.

The surfers were out in force.

View from the beach.

The front of the cabins.

The back of the cabins.

Our on site cafe.

Breakers Chalets - $160 p/n off peak.

Breakers Chalets - $160 p/n off peak.

Tree Tops Chalets - $120 p/n off peak.

Our part of the park.

Site 9 on the bend.

Our site - No 9.

Day 66 - Tuesday 20th May 2014.

Sightseeing in Agnes Water/1770.

Today's weather was mostly sunny and hadn't rain since 6am.
Again I slept like a log but woke about 5:15am, then again I go to bed early, so I can't expect to sleep too late, Marg also slept well. With only sightseeing on the agenda if the weather is alright, we had an easy morning. I went on my laptop about 6am, while Marg managed to sleep until 8am. When I got back from my shower, we watched a taped Ch7 Sunrise. About 10am, with plenty of blue sky and sunshine, we went sightseeing. We retraced our steps from yesterday, which we did in overcast conditions.

We drove back to the Round Hill head Lookout past 1770 and parked in the caraprk, where we walked to both lookouts, 90 meters and 300 meters from the carpark. The views were stunning, especially with the sun shining brightly. As we approached the carpark, I noticed the abundance of butterflies and as we walked they were everywhere, that's how I managed to photograph a couple. My disclaimer is being colourblind, I am not sure of their markings.
After leaving Round Hill Head, we drove to where the Volunteer Marine Rescue tower is and managed to take photos across the water to Agnes Water. On the way back to Agnes Water, we drove past the Agnes Water SLSC, no stunning views, so continued on our sightseeing tour along Springs Rd to Bicentennial Drive back to Round Hill Rd taking us back into Agnes Water. I wanted to visit the water tank, high on the hill, so we went there but there was nowhere to take panaromic photos, so we finished our sightseeing drive and filled up diesel, ready for tomorrows departure to Tannum Sands (106kms). We stopped at Madonna's Cafe again for a coffee before heading back to camp for lunch and a relaxing arvo. While Marg managed a nanna nap, I walked over to our cafe in the park, to sample their coffee, it was good with great views. I then walked down to the beach for more photos before ambling back to camp, to write this.

About 6pm, Marg and I went back to Madonna's Cafe for dinner. I had fish and chips (Red Emperor), while Marg had a steak sanga. Both were very YUMMA.

Tomorrow, we drive the big distance of 106kms to Tannum Sands CP, so we can check out Gladstone in the arvo.

Our sightseeing drive around Agnes Water & 1770.

Under the lee of this point - Lieutenant James Cook, RN landed on 24th May 1770.

Lt James Cook monument Cairn.

The path to the lookout went through rainforest vegetation.

Marg - admiring Mother Nature at its best.

Round Hill Head.

The lookout at Round Hill Head.

Red and Yellow butterfly (remember I am colourblind).

Black and Blue butterfly (same disclaimer.)

Looking out over Bustard Bay.

1770 to Agnes Water.

Agnes Water to 1770 (using new camera with a good zoom).

Agnes Water to 1770 without zoom.

Lunchtime at cafe de Frosty - a pretty relaxed scene.

Our camp. (Note only half awning).

View from inside Agnes Water Cafe.

My coffee with a 'crap' view.

Another view from inside the cafe.

The Breakers Chalets - not far from the cafe.

Scotty our neighbour riding a small wave.

Surfs Up (not really).

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Heading to Tannum Sands.