Before Sunday 16th March 2014 - Packing the fiver.

Our fiver usually lives on our front lawn. Currently the fiver is at Phil's (Trailblazers RV) having its yearly service and also 2 sailtracks attached to the side of the fiver, directly below the awning. I am having two solid vinyl walls made to replace the shade cloth ones. Anyway, the fiver is all rectified and back home, being used as my 'mancave'.

  • First thing I did was check the fridge by starting it on gas and then ran it on 240v, it worked beautifully.
  • Turned on the gas HWS and hotplates plus griller, again all worked correctly.
  • Next was to check my VAST satellite TV, it took about 30 minutes to get its act together, but eventually, it was working correctly after updating.
  • In summary, all the fiver is working correctly and ready to head North.
Until 16th March, I will be using the fiver as my 'mancave', and watching TV and connecting to the internet. I have to have a chilled refresher or two, just to make sure that the fridge is working correctly. Update: It is.

Thursday 13th March,

I had ordered a number of canvas bags, so I could pack various items (Clothesline, Awning Side & Walls, Fossicking spades, picks etc). I can now pack them a lot neater than last year.
  • I flushed and refilled the fresh water tank.
  • Packed the generator into its spot.
  • Marg has started hanging her clothes.
I have re-organised all the contents in the outside compartments, as usual, we took more stuff than we used, so I packed the folding lounge away in the shed.

Friday 14th March,

With 2 days to departure, we are under control.
  • Marg and I both had hair cuts for the wedding in 3 weeks, mine cost $17, Marg's $150.
  • Mowed the lawns.
  • Packed the ute of the mighty Navara with Tote-Tank, ladder, Satellite dish and stand, fossicking shades etc and sausage bag filled with our fossicking gear.
  • Filled our scripts at the Chemist, there is now a drug shortage in Melbourne, we have them.
  • Marg's clothes packed.
  • Fridge and Pantry packed.
Tomorrow night is our last night at home and we will sleep in the fiver, to check that everything is operating as it should.

Update: I am in my mancave watching the F1s practice while testing the chilled refreshers for 'chilliness'. They pass.

Saturday 15th March,

Our last day before we head North. Yippee...
Our housesitter has arrived and made herself at home.
  • We haved finished packing nearly everything.
  • Huey sent down 20mm of rain to test for leaks on our fiver. All Good no leaks.
Tonight we are sleeping in our fiver on the front lawn, to check that we have everything, it appears that we do. In the morning, I have to pack my bike and then away we go. We plan to call into the BP Epping self serve weighbridge to check our weigh.

Our 2014 Proposed Touristy itinerary.

  • Hervey Bay.
  • Agnes Waters.
  • Airlie Beach.
  • Townsville.

Our 2014 Proposed Fossicking itinerary.

  • Sapphire - Fossicking at Willy's Wash and coffee at Gunter's Muggacino.
  • Quilpie.
  • Duck Creek.
  • Yowah - Fossick for Yowah nuts.
  • Thane Creek.
  • Hogarth Range.
  • Glen Innes.
  • Broken Hill - Gem Show and Tag-alongs.

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And we are a GOER. YIPPEE....