Before Wednesday 24th April 2013 - Packing the fiver.

Our fiver usually lives on our front lawn, see photo below. Since our last trip, I dropped the van into Phil's (Trailblazers RV) to have the carpet between the slideouts removed and replaced with vinyl, plus the Air Cond fan wasn't working and have the bearings and brakes serviced. This was all completed by late March. The brake pads were showing signs of wear, so they were replaced with new ones, the old ones had done 55,000kms, so I wasn't upset. The Dometic serviceman came out to check the Air Cond, he found that a wire had worn through the covering and had been 'shorting' against the metal, that's what had caused the problem. Anyway, the fiver is all rectified and back home, being used as my 'mancave'.

  • First thing I did was check the fridge by starting it on gas and then ran it on 240v, it worked beautifully.
  • Turned on the gas HWS and hotplates plus griller, again all worked correctly.
  • Next was to check my VAST satellite TV, after renewing my 6 months licence, it was working correctly.
  • In summary, all the fiver is working correctly and ready to head North.
Until 24th April, I will be using the fiver as my 'mancave' by going into the fiver everyday about 4pm and watching various TV shows and connecting to the internet, only coming in when Marg calls me for dinner or to help her prepare dinner. I have to have a chilled refresher or two,just tomake sure that the fridge is working correctly.

Over the past month or so, I have had a 'skirt' made for our fiver. It covers the area under the bed area. I usually chain my bike there and put the chairs there when the awning is not open. Now that area will be dry, I am very pleased with the end result, I will take photos of it, probably when we are at Mildura, so stay tuned. The skirt was made by my friend Peter who owns Selby Tarps.

Marg and I have been slowly packing the fiver.

Saturday 20th April,

  • I have finished fitting the new skirt, it looks great and should be very useful.
  • I flushed and refilled the fresh water tank.
  • Packed the generator into its spot.
  • Marg has started hanging her clothes.
I have re-organised all the contents in the outside compartments, as usual, we took more stuff than we used, so I packed the surplus in the shed.

Monday 22nd April,

Well, we are ready to go a full day early. Our housesitter has arrived and made herself at home.
  • All clothes packed.
  • Fridge and Pantry packed.
Tomorrow night is our last night at home and we will sleep in the fiver, to check that everything is operating as it should.

Wednesday 24th April,

We slept in the fiver last night, all working correctly. This morning I have to pack my bike, pack up the water and power cords and hitch up. We will wait until after 'peak' traffic has died down and plan to leave about 9:30am and hope to arrive at Swan Hill around 2:30pm. We are in no hurry, I will relax, once we get onto the Calder Hwy after leaving Melbourne. Our housesitter has taken over the spare bedroom and will have a ball.

Our 2013 Proposed Fossicking itinerary.

  • Broken Hill - Fossicking at Radium Hill, Corona Station, White’s Tank and Sillimanite Quarry, Thackaringa Station.
  • White Cliffs - Fossick for Boulder Opal.
  • Cobar - Fossicking at CSA mine
  • Yowah - Fossick for Yowah nuts.
  • Winton - Fossick at Opalton for more Boulder Opal.
  • Cloncurry - Fossicking at Amethyst Castle, Mary Kathleen, Mount Philp Iolite
  • Georgetown - Visit the Ted Elliot collection and Agate creek
  • Mount Surprise - Visit Lava Plains fossicking site, O'Brien's Creek tag-along with Mt Surprise gems and visit O'Briens creek by ourselves
  • Innot Hot Springs - Fossicking at Mount Gibson and maybe Mount Garnet.
  • Atherton - visit The Crystal cave
  • Sapphire - Fossicking at Willy's Wash and coffee at Gunter's Muggacino.
  • Rockhampton - visit Mt Hay Thunder eggs.
  • Dicky Beach - visit Cloyna fossicking.
  • Casino - fossick for Labradorite
  • Stanthorpe - fossick at Swipers Gully, Broadwater Creek, Quart Pot Creek, Spring Creek Fossicker's Reserve
  • Glen Innes - Fossicking and go on John the Baptist's Wednesday tag along tour.
  • Grenfell - fossick for Black Tourmaline

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And we are a GOER. YIPPEE....